Hipster Beards

Real hipsters with beards look much more manly and solid than without them. It is especially true when the beard is neat and individually chosen to fit the face shape. Nowadays clean-shaven looks are part of the past. Men are choosing beards and are looking back at what the hipsters were wearing more than half a century ago. A beard is a compulsory part of a hipster image. Being a hipster means being fashionable. Nowadays “hipster” term is being used left and right. However, not everyone knows what it really means, even the hipsters themselves. Let’s take a look at some history. Hipsters appeared in the end if 1940’s – beginning of the 1950’s in New York. Back then anyone who was making a statement against the traditional behavior and being “hip” was called a hipster. In other words, hipsters were against the traditions and were creating modern trends. Once the time has passed, hipsters became popular and wide-spread, which made the whole idea of being a hipster absurd. However, as styles and art directions changed over the years, the beard stayed the same and hasn’t lost a bit of its popularity.

How do you grow a hipster beard? A real hipster beards start with a full beard. So, at first you must read some tips on how to grow a full beard. Get ready to be patient. Beards don’t appear overnight, so you might need to wait one or two months until the beard stops looking like stray hairs over a stubble. Don’t be afraid of appearing little unkempt. It is a compulsory part of growing and all owners of wonderful and stylish beard went through these rounds. While you are growing a beard, try to keep your look as neat as possible. Make sure to shave the hair on your neck until the beard grows long enough to cover it. Keep the mustache neat as well. Trim your beard carefully to give it the neatest look possible. While a full beard might look a little messy, a hipster beard should be cared for. Don’t skip weekly trimming sessions and your beard is sure to look amazing. Make sure to wash your beard on a regular basis. There are some special beard care products, but you can easily use the same ones you buy for your hair.