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15 Ways to Style Brown Hair with Red Beard

Brown hair and red beard is a rare combo and some may find it dreadful! But, the good news is that ginger beard and hair are in trend now! In fact, these are amongst the biggest fashion rage at the moment.

Guys can wear their brown hair with pride and experiment with a variety of red beard styles that go with it for the best look in 2023.


How to Dye Your Beard Red

How to Dye Your Beard Red

But first of all, it is important to understand how to dye your beard red if you don’t have it naturally. If the dye is not proper, the whole impact may well fall flat.

  • First and foremost, choose the particular shade of red that you want to dye your beard with. Ideally, look for a shade lighter than what you want.
  • Making preparation is the next step. Get everything you need like the glove, the dye, applicator, towels, oil or petroleum jelly, and tint remover.
  • The next step is the sensitivity test. If you are allergic to the product, it can have serious repercussions. So it is best to do a sensitivity test to rule out the possibilities. Apply a bit of dye in your fore-arm 24 hours before. If there is no redness or inflammation, you are good to go.
  • Trim or groom your beard to the right shape before you begin applying the dye.
  • Now apply a thin layer of any petroleum jelly like Vaseline or mineral oil t avid the dye leaking onto your skin.
  • Now mix the dye in a bowl, using the applicator. Always wear rubber gloves for the best protection without losing dexterity.
  • Now start applying the dye throughout your beard in an up-down motion. Don’t get the dye on the skin but ensure all the hair is covered.
  • Do a color test after the allotted time, if the color needs to be deeper apply more
  • Rinse the beard with lukewarm water as per instruction.
  • Use a color-safe shampoo for a wash later on. That will ensure that the color stays for a longer period.

But maintaining the red beard along after this can be a challenge. Apply beard oil and keep it smooth and soft.


Stunning Brown Hairstyles with Red Beard

Have a look at some of the most striking brown hair and red beard styles.

1. Full Beard

full red beard with brown hair

An almost Darwin like touch to your personality, this full red beard is classy and absolutely old school. It represents a strong, silent and brooding personality and needs a good amount of maintenance.


2. Brown Short Hair with Beard

Short Brown Hair with Full Red Beard

This is another example of the full beard, but in this case, it is cut short in length and does not have the fluid careless look of the previous style. It portrays a well-groomed personality. The red chevron mustache and the short brown hair compliment the look.


3. Full Ginger Beard 

red ginger beard with brown hair

This is another example of a well-cared for red beard style with a connected mustache and brown hair. This is a brilliant combination of raw masculinity teamed with suave and sophisticated corporate demeanor.


4. Irish Beard + Copper Brown Hair

Red Boxed Beard with Long Brown Hair

This is another variation of the ginger beard and hair combination. The boxed full beard gives a rugged, masculine and charming appeal to your personality. The wavy brown hairstyle also complements the intense appeal of the red beard.


5. Thick Beard

Guy with Red Lumberjack Beard and Brown Hair

This is by far another classic style in the ginger beard. The full beard with connected mustache brings out the raw masculinity in your personality to the hilt.


6. Viking Beard 

The intensity of the red full beard is accentuated by the brown Viking hairstyle and the pony. This highlights your machismo but also brings out the subtle grace with the careful trimming and the shapely beard. It needs regular maintenance, care and a lot of attention.


7. Short Beard with Dark Brown Hair

This red ginger beard style is short, chic and uber-cool. The connected mustache and the short brown hair give a crisp and suave edge to your personality while highlighting the raw masculine force.


8. Lumberjack Beard + Slicked Back Hair

This red beard and slick back brown hair is a play of contrasts. The beard is a couple of shades lighter than the hair and overall enhances your personality.


9. Long Goatee with Spiky Hair

This style is basically a full beard with no mustache. In this case, the color of the beard is quite a striking shade of red Not everyone can carry this color and style. You need a decided dose of spunk to rock this look.


10. Short Boxed Beard with Undercut

red beard with brown hair undercut

In this case, the red beard is allowed to grow full length but carefully trimmed, and the undercut hair further accentuates the rugged appeal.


11. Balbo Beard with Wavy Brown Hair

This is one of the classic colored beard looks also known as the Yeard. It is teamed up with the medium length wavy hair to bring out a chic, rugged and casual appeal.


12. Scruffy Beard 

This is slightly more than stubble and lends a rugged masculine spark to your overall getup.


13. Handlebar Mustache

red lumberjack beard with short brown hair

In this red beard brown hair combination, the handlebar mustache stands out and gives a distinctly rugged edge to your overall personality. But you have to be confident to carry this hipster beard style too.


14. Red Bushy Beard 

red bushy beard with comb over brown hair

The jury is still out whether the Tweard is trendy, but if you want to rock the red beard with your brown hair, this is one of the classic styles.


15. Curly Beard + Caramel Brown Hair

Scruffy Red Beard with Curly Caramel Brown Hair

Flamboyant, eccentric, esoteric, whatever adjectives you may add but this is one hair and beard style that is hard to ignore.


Therefore, the red beard and brown hair combination can make a striking composition provided you dye the beard with the right shade and style it properly.