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Pick The Ideal Beard Length – Here’s How

Just like all hair, beards are made from Keratin. They grow continually and don’t have a length limit like body hair. These factors allow you to be fairly free in choosing your beard length. Think of them as one of the few accessories that you can grow yourself.

The sky’s the limit for beard customization. However, there are certain facial hair lengths and styles that’ll be suitable for you. Below is some helpful information on what elements affect beard growth and how to figure out what beard length is ideal for you.

What’s The Right Beard Length for You?

beard length

Beards need as much attention, if not more, than the hair on your head. Before thinking about growing one, there are 4 questions that you should ask yourself.

1. How long do you want your beard to be?

There are different requirements depending on the beard length you choose. Obviously, it’ll take less time to grow a shorter beard than a longer one. There are countless different lengths to choose from. Even if you find that a length doesn’t work for you, growing it longer, or cutting it shorter is a simple task.

2. How much time do you want to spend?

It can take some time to grow a long beard. It’s an investment that could take years. This time does not take into account all the healthy practices you should be following. Cleaning, moisturizing, and other forms of grooming are additional steps you should budget. While shorter beards should still be kept healthy, they take significantly less time to grow and manage.

3. How much money do you want to spend?

Longer beards have a higher price point than short beards. While you could just grow it out without using any oils or similar grooming tools, the health of your beard will drop. Longer beard means more necessary product. More product means more money.

4. How will your beard look to others?

Your personal preference is the most important thing. Don’t choose a beard length that you do not enjoy. With that in mind, there are some preconceived notions that people will have about your beard. Ignoring them is not wise. For example, in the business world, a very long beard is considered by many to be unprofessional. A beard that is short does not typically leave the same impression. Some jobs will not allow long beards for safety reasons.

5. What’s your height and hair color?

When you are choosing a beard length or style, make sure to consider your height and hair color too. Tall men will look good with fluffy and voluminous beards, while shorter men should opt for minimalist facial hair growth. If your skin is light and hair is dark, then go for a short beard and make sure to shave the cheeks. Light haired men can go for a wide beard. You can even color the beard applying your own fashion sense.

Note that, there are no fixed rules when you pick a beard length and style. These are just recommendations. Above all that matters is how the beard will look on you.

Beard Length: Factors That Play A Vital Role


exercise for beard growth

There are a few things that can influence how your beard grows. One of the biggest factors is testosterone. Having a high amount of testosterone can make your beard grow faster. Everyone has a different amount of this anabolic steroid. It usually starts ramping up during a male’s teenage years and drops off around their 40s.

So, how can you increase your levels of testosterone? The natural route is to start becoming more active. Lifting weights is the best form of exercise to help. You could also see your doctor and take the medicinal option. Keep in mind that testosterone can affect you in unpredictable ways. There is a chance that it could cause facial hair loss instead.


healthy diet for beard growth

Providing your body with the nutrients it needs will allow it to push those benefits to your beard. Oily fish like salmon and tuna, beans, eggs, fruit, and leafy vegetables have large amounts of healthy vitamins and keratin. These will strengthen your beard, help it grow faster, and give it a lustrous shine. You could also take B and E vitamins if your diet isn’t giving you what you need.

Proper Grooming

beard grooming

The addition of a beard oil will give your facial hair extra benefits that diet alone can’t offer. When looking for an oil to help with beard length, look for argan oil or unrefined jojoba. They both naturally moisturize your beard and skin and promote facial hair growth.

Can Genetics Affect Your Beard Growth and Length?

Nothing will control your healthy beard length and growth more than your own genetics and hormones. They control facial hair thickness, strength, growing speed, and the number of hair follicles you have. It’s a common misconception that a beard’s genes are completely influenced by your father. However, it is both parents that affect those traits. If you are worried about your beard, the factors listed above can help increase growth and thickness. However, they can not increase the number of facial hair follicles.

How Long Can It Take to Grow Your Beard?

growing beard

Due to each person having different genetics, testosterone levels, diet and grooming routines, there is no straightforward answer.

From a clean shave, most men can see beard growth within a few days. A filled in beard can take a week or two after that. To grow a full, bushy beard, it can take anywhere from a month to three months. The time it takes to grow your beard to its full length can take years.

Your beard has a couple of growing cycle that lasts about six years. The first stage is the anagen phase. This is where facial hair is actually growing. It is the longest stage and can last multiple years.

The second stage is the catagen phase, and it usually lasts a few weeks. By now the hair has stopped growing.

The last stage is the telogen phase. During this time new hairs are growing and will push your old hairs out. In a few months, the process will start again.

This process is an estimate, and there are many that fall outside of its parameters. For example, the longest beard ever grown was 17 feet and 6 inches in length. You’ll most likely only reach around an average of three feet.

How Fast Does Your Beard Grow?

The average facial hair grows approximately 0.5 inch each month. This does not include testosterone levels, diet, grooming habits, or other factors. To see how fast your beard will grow, you should take the time to experiment. After a few months measure to find your results.

Different Beard Lengths

One of the greatest factors when determining how long you should grow your beard is how it’ll look. There are a few things that could make or break your beard style.

So, which beard length should you pick? Short, tailored, long or very long beard? Let’s dig deep what each beard length means and what they require from you.

Short Beard

short beard

Short beards are a classic. They are the easiest to grow, being less than ½ an inch, and they are one of the most common beard choices men make. However, since the facial hairs don’t cover a lot of your face, it might look patchy unless you have decent hair growth.

This option does not do a lot to change the shape of your face. This means that a short length beard works great on almost anyone.

Short beards require the least amount of maintenance. Proper cleaning, conditioning, and moisturizing practices are suggested a few times a month. An exfoliator will help make sure your beard doesn’t cause any irritation.

Tips for Short Beards

1. If you know that your beard grows in patchy, grow it longer so it can fill in. After that, you can trim it to a shorter length.

2. You can customize the length of your beard, even when it is this short. You can still shape your face to a minor degree.

3. It is easy to overdo it when conditioning a short beard or using beard oil. Be sure to use a little bit at a time.

Tailored Beard

Tailored Beard

A tailored beard is both professional and a classic denotation of manliness. They take more time to grow because they can be up to one inch long. Almost anyone can wear this type of beard. However, if you plan to be on the longer end of this style, understand that some professions might not agree with your choice.

There is enough beard to widen your jawline. This effect does not look the best on faces that are already wide. There are ways to mold it to fit your face better.

You should be taking time at least once a week to take care of your beard. Beard oil can be used for this beard length.

Tips for Tailored Beards

1. To keep this length only trim once a week.

2. If beard grows thicker in some areas than others, you can trim the length to balance your beard.

3. Styling paste can be used to mold your beard and give it some extra shine.

Long Beard

long beard

The long length beard styles need tremendous commitment. It takes around three months to grow and becomes the defining feature of your face. Keep in mind that as the length of your beard grows fewer people will see your look as professional.

Being over an inch in length, your facial hair begins to have a three-dimensional quality. Depending on how you style it, these beards can look good on most faces. Those with round faces should trim it to give their face length while limiting extra width. Thin faces can have long beards give a fuller jawline, but you should be careful not to make your features even longer.

Long beards require shampoo, conditioner, and beard oil to ensure they do not dry out. Try and do this every few days. Comb to keep a nice shape.

Tips for Long Beards

1. Go into a barber at least once and discuss how to shape your beard to compliment your face.

2. Sculpting paste will allow you to maintain a nice, smooth shape.

3. Find a moisturizing beard oil to prevent your beard from becoming too dry.

Very Long Beard

very long beard

Want to pick a very long beard length? Yes, they are a bold statement but should only be grown by someone who can handle the responsibility. It’s easy to have it get caught in things so you have to be careful. However, with proper care very long beards can really turn heads.

Due to its substantial length, it will make your face look long. It can be a little too much for people who already have a thin face. However, it looks great on round faces.

Just like the beard lengths above, shampoo, conditioner, and beard oil will benefit the health of your beard. Use these products every other day. Moisturizing is very important.

Tips for Very Long Beards

1. Go into a barber at least once a month, if not more, to maintain the shape of your beard and clip split ends. If you are adventurous, you could do it yourself.

2. While keeping your beard clean is important, over cleaning can lead to dry facial hair. Find a good balance.

3. Keep track of facial hair loss. If you notice that your beard is shedding more than usual, you should choose shorter beard length.

Beard Length & Face Shape

We’ll give you some tips on how to choose the proper beard length in accordance with your face type. Remember, the face shape you have is very important when you select the beard length or style.

Heart-shaped face: If your face is heart-shaped, then you need to visually widen the lower part of it, so the chin looks larger. You can try a short square, horseshoe-shaped or a slightly rounded beard.

Round-shaped face: Men with round faces should go for a beard from temple to temple or for trapezoidal shape. They should add a short mustache. This will allow the face to appear elongated. Such men can easily go for long beards. “Muttonchops” sideburns should be avoided.

Oblong: If your face is oblong, then you can go for a short horseshoe beard or just the sideburns. Your main goal is to visually widen your face. Never go for a goatee or Van Dyke beard. They make the face look longer.

Oval: If your face shape is oval, you got lucky. You can experiment with any length and type. Forget about limits! Any beard will suit your oval face.

Beards are a feature that can complete your look. They can be customized the same way that the hair on your head can. Shape, length, and color can all be changed to fix your own personal style. Luckily, if you do not think that your choices work for you, you can always start over. Now that you know the factors that contribute to growing a healthy beard, you can find the ideal beard length for you.


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