15 Best Medium Beard Styles for Men of Every Taste

Do you prefer your beard when it’s neither short nor long? Whether a medium beard is your go-to or your thinking of trying out this length, there are many different elements to consider when creating your perfect look. Your face shape and your haircut will help you decide how to groom your look to perfection.


Who Should Try Medium-Length Beard?

Creating this beard is ideal for guys with solid facial hair growth. It’s also great for creating a more proportionate face shape, as they elongate round faces and lengthen shorter chins.

Alternately, guys with thin or long face shapes can grow the sides of their beard to create fullness along the jawline. Because these beards take two to three months to grow out, they are perfect if you’re patient and willing to do the necessary grooming.

We have 15 awesome styles to choose from, so let’s take a look!

1. Long Hair with Medium Beard

long hair with medium beard

Long hair with a beard is a specific look, but it has gained popularity recently thanks to the trendy man bun. Guys who prefer their hair long can still keep the length they love and pull hair out of their face when the mood strikes.


2. Medium Beard with Short Hair

medium beard with short hair

Short hair helps to open up the face when much of it is covered with a fair amount of beard. Include a bald fade and this burly bearded looks becomes surprisingly clean cut. The square corners of this beard have a masculine effect as well.


3. Medium Beard for Round Face

medium beard for round face

Round face shapes are actually perfect with a medium beard. This longer length elongates the face while the sides of the beard can be trimmed to further this illusion. As you can see length on the chin is ideal for balancing out a receding hairline.


4. Medium Boxed Beard

medium boxed beard

Bald guys look great with beards in general, though the overall shape is important. The squareness of a boxed beard contrasts with the round shape of a bald head for an overall balanced feel. It also fills out a narrow chin.


5. Medium Length Full Beard

medium length full beard

As we have mentioned before, any lengthy full beard is ideal for guys whose facial hair grows in nice and thick. Patchy spots can’t be helped, but if you want to achieve a gorgeous beard like this one, full growth is key. A lush mustache is another detail that furthers this effect.


6. Medium Blonde Beard

medium brown beard

Brown and black beards seem to be the most common beard color out there.  If your hair is blonde, show off the uniqueness of your light or sandy blonde locks. This slightly rounded beard shape contrasts nicely with strong cheekbones.


7. Medium Square Beard

medium square beard

If you’re trying to decide on the best shape, consider a square. This look enhances the definition of a masculine jawline and adds rigidity to full cheeks or a round face shape. We also happen to love it with this low bald fade hairstyle and strong part. 


8. Medium Thick Beard

medium thick beard

There isn’t much point in growing out the hair on your chin and jaw unless it grows in full and thick. Let this thick beard serve as an overall inspiration for beard texture. As for the shape, creating it is up to you the natural contour of your chin, cheeks, and jawline.


9. Medium Faded Beard

medium faded beard

It goes without saying that fades are a huge trend these days. But why not fade the edges of your beard instead of your hair? You can do both if you prefer to wear your hair short, but a beard fade looks especially cool on guys with longer hair.


10. Medium Beard for Black Man

medium beard for black men

Have you ever considered a unique, rounded shape? If your face shape is round, then this style will only highlight the fullness of your cheeks. But because this guy with dark skin has nice cheekbones that create angularity, a round beard with a bit of length actually works. For the full effect, keep hair short, or at least close to the skin on the sides of the head.


11. Medium Beard with Bald Head

medium beard with bald head

A lush, medium beard provides the perfect contrast for a bald head. It looks more complete with a mustache as well. You can go for a round shape, but if you’re interested in a more distinguished look, a square cut at the back of the jaw is sophisticated.


12. Medium Ginger Beard

medium ginger beard

Ginger beards are hard to find, so if you’ve got one, why not show it off? This fellow has grown his beard out fully on the sides, which is perfect for his long and thin face shape. A bit of curly length over the center of the forehead streamlines yet thickens his facial appearance.


13. Medium Beard with Mustache

medium beard with mustache

A lot of guys like bolstering their look with mustaches, and we do, too. This mustache is luxuriously thick and rather long, but the length you end up choosing is up to you. With this look, keep your hairstyle high and tight at the temples.


14. Salt and Pepper

salt and pepper medium beard

There is just something so appealing about a salt and pepper beard. It’s hard to get the full effect with a short beard or stubble, but a beard with some length provides the perfect opportunity for showing it off.


15. Medium Curly Beard

medium curly beard

If your beard has texture, then you’ve come to the right place! Longer lengths may make a curly beard unmanageable, but a medium beard is short enough to keep it tidy.

There is a ton of variety when it comes to medium beard styles. The key is to create a balanced face shape and hairstyle that accentuates your best features. Whether your beard is full, thick, curly, or even blonde, we’ve got the perfect style to match your vibe. So, which medium beard look will suit you?

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