20 Best Blonde Beards to Try Right Now

Blonde beards are lighter in color than most other boards, but that does not mean that they are not impressive. Blonde colors range from striking platinum blonde colors through to warm gingery blonde shades. Whichever shade of beard you have, there are loads of different cuts and styles for you to choose from. Learn how to grow a blonde beard the right way.


“Blonde Beard” or “Blond Beard”

Blonde is one of the few words in English that retains its male and female forms. Blond is usually used to describe light colored hair on a male, whereas blonde is normally used to describe the hair on a woman. Although the term “blonde beard” is linguistically incorrect, the phrase “blond beard” is becoming much less common. It is now possible to use “blond beard” and “blonde beard” interchangeably!


How to Bleach a Beard Blonde

blonde-beard 20 Best Blonde Beards to Try Right Now

Bleaching your facial hair isn’t difficult, but you have to pay attention. Commercial bleach is one option. Because the directions are right on the package, the instructions are easy to follow, so it’s fairly foolproof as long as you remember to keep the rest of your hair out of the way and don’t delay applying the bleach once you’ve mixed up the ingredients.

Keep in mind that you can also find bleach specifically for facial hair. Talk to your stylist about where to find a reputable brand. In addition to beauty supply stores, you can likely find it on Amazon, among other places. It’s specifically made for facial hair so it’s not as harsh on your skin.

There are also various natural methods, although their success rate varies. Lemon juice is a proven hair lightening method, but you might not want to, say, rub a tomato over your face. Some people claim that works, as well.

At least for the first time, the best option is to have a professional hairstylist turn your beard blonde. She or he can teach you how to do it for touch-ups. That way, you also have an in if you decide to dye your beard.


How to Darken a Blonde Beard

Darkening light hair is also an effortless process. Obviously, purchasing a dye, either a gentle hair dye or a dye designed for facial hair, is the smartest move. Seeing a stylist to do it for you is also wise. The DIY method isn’t hard, though—again, just make sure you read the directions.

Because fair hair takes on color easily, you also have a number of natural and less abrasive choices at your disposal. The best natural method for darkening hair is a tea rinse. Soaking your blonde beard in tea will darken it in a snap. You can also use a hair glaze or color conditioner for temporary color.


How to Maintain a Blonde Beard

Bleached blonde hair requires a lot of maintenance. I’m not going to start lying to you now. As your beard grows, the roots come in dark again. In some cases, that might look good and you won’t need to worry about it as often. In other cases, you’ll want to get routine touch-ups to maintain your icy cool aesthetic.

Bleach also dries out your hair—even your facial hair. Find a moisturizer that you like and use it regularly. Go a step further and find a beard oil that works for your hair and skin type. Beard oil makes facial hair softer. Bleached hair needs that kind of treatment. A weekly or bi-weekly beard conditioner isn’t a bad idea, either.


Tips for Blonde Beards

Upkeep is the most important tip. Keep it trimmed, watch out for your roots, and make sure you moisturize. You also have to get used to shaving and trimming lighter facial hair if you aren’t used to it. Otherwise, you might slip up and shave off a patch of hair by accident.

As with any other beard, you also have to shape it and shave the excess on the regular. Don’t let dark hairs start creeping across your cheeks and along your neck, escaping the silhouette of your beard style. That’s just messy and unkempt.


Best Blonde Beard Styles

Blonde beards are gorgeous and attractive. Choose one from the below list of handpicked different blonde beard styles.

#1: Short and Thick

Blonde-Beard-Styles-2 20 Best Blonde Beards to Try Right Now

Get maximum coverage with this short and thick blonde beard. The style should extend past your chin and onwards down your neck as well. It is a rugged and handsome style.

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