60 Funny Mustache Jokes and Quotes to Give You A Good Laugh

We all know that laughter is the best medicine, and humor plays a crucial role in our lives. Among the countless sources of humor, having funny mustache jokes, quotes, and puns in your pocket is a great way to break the ice.

These wisecracks not only bring a smile to our faces but also make social gatherings more enjoyable. With a vast collection of mustache jokes at our disposal, we can effortlessly bring smiles and laughter to any gathering, ensuring that everyone has a great time!

If you love beard quotes, check out these great mustache jokes, puns, and quotes for social media captions, ice-breaking, or just for a good laugh.

Comical Jokes, Puns, Quotes and Captions about Mustache

Jokes truly add a dash of fun and excitement to our lives, and the more we know, the easier it becomes to keep conversations flowing and light-hearted! Check these funny mustache jokes & quotes to tickle your funny bone. Don’t forget to share with your friends & family.

Classic Mustache Dad Jokes

Timeless humor has a way of making us laugh, no matter how many times we’ve heard it before. Mustache jokes are no exception. Here are some classic mustache dad jokes that never fail to tickle our funny bones:

1. Why did the mustache go to college? To get a little trim.

2. Why did the mustache get a promotion? It was always going above the lip of duty!

3. How does a mustache send messages? By “hair-mail”!

4. Why did the mustache go to the barber? For a quick “trim-endous” makeover!

5. What’s a mustache’s favorite dance move? The whisker-twist.

Mustache Puns

Puns are an essential part of mustache humor. These jokes often use wordplay to create amusing punchlines. It can be perfect ice breakers for parties, casual meetups, or simply to lighten the mood. Check out these examples:

6. I mustache you a question, but I’ll shave it for later.

7. Growing a mustache is a hairy situation, but I can handlebar it.

8. A mustache that tells jokes is known as a hair-larious comedian.

9. I saw your mustaches at a concert. He was singing for the Hair-Band.

Clean mustache jokes are always appreciated when it comes to children. Here are some mustache jokes suitable for kids:

10. Why did the mustache become a detective? To comb through evidence!

11. Why did the mustache become a gardener? To grow some facial ‘hair-itage’!

12. Why mustache can’t hide a secret? Because they can’t keep a whisker quiet!

International Mustache Jokes

Mustache humor is not exclusive to any one culture, and people across the globe enjoy sharing mustache jokes. For example:

13. The mustache is the symbol of US freedom and independence. It is the stache of liberty.

14. In the midst of a serious conversation, the Mexican mustache politely interrupted the beard, saying, “I will taco-ver the conversation.” 

15. Russian Mustache decided to become a spy because it was excellent at concealing the agent.

16. The Canadian mustache became a yoga instructor to perfect its handlebar curl while helping others find inner peace.

Mustache Quotes and Captions

17. Some men have a mid-life crisis and end up buying a small car to feel better about themselves. Real men grow mustaches and get over it.

funny quotes about mustache

18. What do you call a man without a mustache? Jealous.

Manliest Beard Styles with Mustaches

19. There’s no man who is so handsome that he won’t look better with a mustache.

20. Mustaches are what separates real men from boys.

21. How do you tell the difference between a man with a mustache and a man without a mustache? The man with a mustache is the attractive one.

comical mustache jokes

22. Growing a mustache is a rite of passage that shows men that a man has finally decided to grow up and take care of himself.

23. Growing a mustache is a man’s way of taking control of his life and deciding that he wants to be more attractive.

24. There’s nothing better looking than a man with a thick, cared-for mustache.

25. Real men grow mustaches while boys simply wish that they could and spend the rest of their lives jealous.

funny mustache quotes

26. What’s the most important and manly thing that a man can do? Grow a mustache and keep it in great condition.

Popular Fu Manchu Mustache Styles for Men

27. The bigger the mustache and the better its appearance, the manlier the man.

28. What’s worse than a man having a small mustache that he doesn’t take care of? A man not having any mustache at all.

29. The better groomed a man’s mustache, the better he takes care of himself in all other aspects of his life.

mustache jokes

30. What’s the best and fastest way for a man to become much more attractive to everyone around him? Grow a mustache.

31. A man without a mustache is like a taking a trip to the beach and having it be cloudy out the entire time you are there.

32. How are mustaches similar to great cheese and fine wine or whiskey? They always get better with time and are worth the wait.

Classic Handlebar Mustache Styles for Men

33. A great mustache makes every man look and acts even better than before, no matter how amazing he was when he first started growing out his facial hair.

funny quotes about mustache

34. When looking for a strong and capable man, always look for a man who has a great mustache.

35. What’s one thing that you can easily tell when you choose a man for his mustache? He’ll be patient and he knows the importance of waiting for good things to happen.

36. Having a mustache is a great way to show the world that you are committed to seeing things through and that you are a manly man.

comical mustache quotes

37. Going for a mustache requires a thoughtful decision. The line between looking cool and looking like you’re about to invade Poland is quite thin.

funny mustache quotes

38. Good mustaches look handsome, distinctive, and even elegant. Bad mustaches look like someone misread Dallas Buyers Club.

hilarious mustache jokes and quotes

39. Movember is a very important time. It allows us to separate the men who look handsome with a mustache from the ones who should quickly sign a sponsorship with Gillette.

mustache jokes and quotes

40. Mustaches and hipster men go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly, Michael Phelps and gold medals, or Kim Kardashian and divorce lawsuits.

mustache jokes for men

41. The barber took care of my mustache today. Now I look trimmingdously handsome.

mustache jokes and quotes to laugh

42. Don’t listen to people who criticize mustaches. Simply brush off their opinions.

mustache jokes and quotes for guys

43. Men with mustaches love gossip as they always have something to whisker on your ears.

mustache quotes you can relate

44. A man with a mustache? Now that’s a razor-sharp mind.

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45. My barber suggested a color change for my mustache to make it more interesting. I told him I’d dye before doing that.

epic mustache jokes and quotes

46. Some men prefer to shave every morning. They think facial hair is a mistache.

funny mustache jokes

47. Santa isn’t allowed to wear a mustache. Apparently, it’s written in his Clause.

mustache jokes and quotes

48. Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a mustache and he’ll seduce fishermen…into giving away their prey.

relatable mustache jokes and quotes

49. It takes balls to grow a ‘stache.

mustache jokes and quotes

50. Is Charlie late to the party? He mustach a good reason.

shareable mustache jokes and quotes

51. Honey-in-mustach > Honey mustard.

funny mustache jokes and quotes

Mustache Captions For Insta

Here are some mustache captions that you can use for your Instagram posts:

52. Feeling ‘stache-tastic today! 🎩

53. Just a whisker away from greatness! 👨🏻

54. The ‘stache is here to stay. 💈

55. Mustache game strong. 💪🏼

56. Grow with the ‘stache, and the ‘stache grows with you. 🌱

57. Life’s too short not to have a mustache. 😎

58. Mustaches: the ultimate accessory. 🕶️

59. My mustache brings all the smiles to the yard. 😁

60. Mustache vibes only. 🤙🏼

Comedy Characters’ with Mustaches

Mustaches have been significant in various comedy characters, contributing to their humor and making them easily recognizable while serving as visual gags. Some notable examples include:

1. Cantinflas Mustache

Cantinflas mustache

Cantinflas was a famous Mexican comedian and actor. His funny mustache style combined with his unique style of humor, made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy. In fact, Cantinflas Mustache is still trending in TikTok.

2. Charlie Chaplin- The Tramp

charlie chaplin

His toothbrush-style mustache was a part of his makeup and costume. The union of Charlie Chaplin’s silent comedy and toothbrush mustache has maintained the character’s everlasting appeal. Though the style became controversial during WWII for its association with Hitler, this comedy mustache style is popular again in 2024.

3. Sacha Baron Cohen- Borat

sacha baron's borat mustache

You have probably laughed many times watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat funny dance video memes.  His mustache accentuates the character’s outlandish personality and adds to the overall comedic appeal.

4. Ned Flanders- Simpsons

Cartoon Character Ned Flanders with Thick Chevron Mustache

The cartoon character from The Simpsons is known for his chevron mustache and overly friendly demeanor. He uses his mustache as a visual cue for his overly wholesome and sometimes annoying personality. It’s a perfect example of how a mustache can help to define a comedic character.

Mustache’s enduring presence in comedy is a testament to its versatility and its ability to bring laughter and joy to audiences worldwide. As you can see, there are a lot of funny mustache jokes, puns, and captions that you can enjoy. Use one of these mustache quotes or jokes the next time that you need to break the ice and give your Instagram mustache post a classy caption that’ll be liked by your fans. 

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