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Vanessa Fassbinder

Vanessa Fassbinder, Freelance Writer

Lives in: New York City

Expertise: Beard, Hairstyles, Hair Color

Education: Empire Beauty School

Experience: 5 years

If you’re looking for some savvy styling advice for your beard or hair, Vanessa Fassbinder (also known as Michelle) is got your back! This New York native, trained at Empire Beauty School, knows the ins and outs of both men’s and women’s styles. With her 5-year experience in the biz, she’s not only a certified hair and beard stylist but a junior editor and fashion writer to boot.

She spends her spare time crafting trendy articles for HairstyleCamp and always has her finger on the pulse of the latest beard and hair trends. A good chat is Vanessa’s cup of tea, so expect some sparkling conversation while she gets your beard looking its best!

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