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Beard Accessories

Men have been shaving for ages. With time more and more shaving accessories have been created to make the process easier. Every man knows about hardships connected with shaving. Dry damaged skin, nicks and cuts and improper results. All this can be avoided if the right accessories are chosen and used properly.

The first step to hassle free shaving is buying the accessories to hydrate the skin and make it soft. This is done with the help of special shaving oil, which is made from vegetable and essential oil. There are many such oils on the market. The oil will soften the hair and protect the skin. It starts working immediately. It is massaged into the hair before applying shaving cream. It is perfect for men with sensitive skin, who suffer from burning sensations after shaving. The natural oils don’t stuff the pores and there is no oily residue.

The second step is hydration. All the modern shaving foams and mousses don’t do a good hydration job, since they don’t lubricate the skin well enough. Cold shaving foam, especially if it contains benzocaine or menthol, cools the skin and makes the hair follicles harsher. Since no water is used, the hair gets smoothed closer to the skin, which makes it hard for the razor to do its job. This is why professional barbers recommended using shaving creams or soaps. They will hydrate the skin and allow the hair to be shaved off as close to it as possible. The soap is put into a bowl and gets whipped by a special brush. The best brushes are made from badger coats.

The third step is the shaving process. Do you use an open razor or a safety one. Here you can only decide by trying. Test both to get an idea if which one fits you best. Don’t go for the cheapest options as you will end up unsatisfied.

And the last but not the least is hydration after shaving. Every men should have special gel or balsamic aftershave. The best products contain antiseptics, but no oil or alcohol. If you follow through with all the steps and purchase all the necessary accessories, the shaving process will become easy and even enjoyable. No more nicks, cuts, dry skin and etc. Once you are done with the shaving accessories, go further to choose products to keep your beard neat.

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