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How to Clean An Electric Razor The Right Way

Cleaning your electric razor may at first seem like a simple task. But there’s a specific series of steps one must follow to effectively and correctly clean a razor.

While some good razors come with a cleaning station that takes care of the hassle for you, other electric razors require a more hands-on cleaning approach.

In this guide, we’ll provide the steps on how to clean an electric razor quickly and safely.


Can You Clean an Electric Razor?

Cleaning Electric Razor with Water

Any electric razor demands regular cleaning, and the simplest, most effective way to clean a razor is with soap and warm water.

To do so, you must first make sure your electric razor is waterproof. If it’s not, you should stick to dry cleaning, which we’ll touch on later in this post.

Before beginning any sort of cleaning process, be sure to check whether or not you can clean your electric razor with water. Your razor’s user manual should directly state this fact.

Once you’ve done that, you can begin to clean your razor.


How to Clean The Electric Razor

First thing’s first: clean out any existing or stray hairs within the razor. To do so, you can remove the razor head and gently tap it against the sink. Make sure to do this step carefully—you don’t want to damage the foils.

Additionally, you can use a cleaning brush to remove the hairs, but this only works on the inside of the razor head.

Step 1:

Once you’ve tapped out as many hairs as you can, give the razor a quick rinse under warm water. Then, snap the razor head back on.

Step 2:

Apply some liquid soap to the razor head and hold it under warm water. For this step, you can use any type of soap—dish soap, hand soap, or even shower gel. The goal is to make sure the soap gets between the metal combs.

As the soap begins to bubble, turn the razor on. This creates an even lather on top of the razor head. If the soap becomes too thick, simply add more water to create more consistency.

Add soap and water accordingly, and let the razor run for approximately 10 seconds. Then, rinse off any remaining soap suds with warm water. This step should remove any extra hairs from the razor head.

Helpful tip: By pointing the razor downward, the warm water and soap can stream through the foils and flush out any remaining hair clippings.


Step 3:

Now, turn the razor off and remove the razor head once again. Your goal here is to completely rinse the internal and external components of the foil frame. 

Step 4:

Shake off and dry the excess water. Using a clean cloth, pat the razor dry and let the razor head air dry. Do not re-attach any removed parts of the electric razor until everything is completely dry.

Furthermore, do not place the protective razor cap back on the razor head if it’s still wet. Doing so will trap any remaining water droplets inside the razor and cause it to develop a mildew-like odor.

Watch the following video to learn how to clean an electric razor properly.



And that’s it—your electric razor is now clean and ready to use again.

If you can’t clean your razor with water and soap, you will need to clean your electric razor using dry methods.

This means using some sort of compressed air can to forcefully blow out any hair clippings. Additionally, using a lubricant and spray cleaner, you can effectively dry clean your electric razor.

Overall, cleaning an electric razor is a relatively straightforward process if done correctly. Frequently cleaning your razor will ensure its ongoing efficiency and performance.