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How to Taper A Cool Beard + Top 5 Styles to Get Right Now

A beard needs to be tapered and faded to look more manly and well-groomed. But most of the people confuse fading with tapering. To fade a beard and to taper a beard is not the same thing.

While styling a beard, the verb ‘taper’ refers to trim the beard in such a way that the beard gradually becomes larger and thicker at the end of the jawline. And the hair of the sideburns and around that place gradually becomes shorter and less thick.


How to Taper A Beard The Right Way

It’s very important to taper a beard, otherwise, it will be considered unkempt. So, to make the beholders understand that you are well aware of your beard, tapering is a must. Let’s know how to taper a beard. The process is not a complicated one. The required supplies are

If the tools are ready, now the procedure starts!

  • Comb out the beard determining the straggly hair
  • Drag out the knots of the beard at the outward side of the beard
  • Trim it off keeping in mind that trimming too closely may end up cutting a whole bunch of hair
  • Trim slowly and make sure that the hair of the sideburns gradually grows long to the hair at the bottom.


Quick Step by Steps Guide to Follow While Tapering Your Beard

This is all about what tapering refers to. The beard will be shorter to long in length from top to bottom. Then, you can use a razor to pick up the cheek line, neckline and line them up perfectly. Use scissors to make the beard look evenly cut by cleaning the straggly hair. Trim the mustache if needed.

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Top 5 Tapered Beard to Get Inspired

Tapered bear is becoming popular day by day because of the good impression it makes on the audience. Everyone will admire the well-maintained look of your beard if he can rock the tapered beard style perfectly. We have come up with some great examples of tapered hair.


1. True Tapering

taper beard style

This is a better exhibition of a beard which shows how to taper a beard with perfection. The hair from the sideburns starts to grow long and reaches the highest the length at the end of the beard. One can try this tapered beard.


2. Fade and Taper

fade and taper beardstyle

Both fading and tapering techniques will come into effect for this beard style. There is a fade that means a transition between the hair and beard and also the beard is tapered from the cheekbones to the end of the beard.

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3. Taper Hairstyle

taper hair with taper beard

One can wear both a taper hairstyle and tapered beard together to get a compact look. This can change the overall look of an individual. Stand out from the bearded people around you by making the best use of a tapered beard style.


4. Taper Full Beard

full taper fade beard

Tapered beard is mainly a special sort of full beard. If you don’t have a full beard you actually don’t have anything to taper. The right kind of tapering can complement the full beard you are having. So, never leave the full beard to flourish as a natural full beard. Taper it to make it look beautiful and sexy.


5. Tapered Lumberjack

tapered lumberjack beard

Lumberjack is a famous variant of a full beard. It will give the best look only if you know how to taper a beard. Taper the lumberjack beard and look attractive and desirable more than before. Make sure the tapering looks clean and even.

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There is no other rule maintaining a full beard except for tapering, fading and choosing the perfect neckline and cheek line. If one can do all these things, he will surely rock the party with a rocking beard style.