How to Line Up Your Beard: What Experts Say

Having a beard is easy but making the best use of it really is difficult. One must master the beard line up art to look beautiful and masculine with a beard. And, without a well-groomed beard, you will be considered another guy with a random beard.

So, to stand out from the crowd of bearded men you should know how to line up your beard. Let’s get enlightened on what experts have to say about it.


What Is a Beard Line Up?

beard line up

A beard line up is a method of ensuring your beard looks neat and clean. This grooming method aligns your beard with your jawline and earlobes to ensure a tidy beard. You will need a pair of sharp grooming scissors or a beard trimmer to help achieve this look. 

While growing a beard is simple, making the most of it may be challenging. To seem attractive and masculine while sporting a beard, one must learn the beard line-up technique. Additionally, a well-kept beard shows that you are not just another guy with a haphazard beard. No one wants you to look like you do not care about your look, so it is time to break it down. 


Line Up the Beard Perfectly

When talking about lining up the beard it actually refers to three marginal beard lines namely: the cheek line, the neckline, and the place between the sideburns and the earlobes.

If anyone can line up these three places well, he will get exposed to an amazing looking beard that will add a plus point to his personality.

#1. Line Up the Sideburns and Earlobes

Line Up the Sideburns and Earlobes

Most of the time, the sideburns grow to an extent that they touch the earlobes. One key feature of a well-groomed beard is that there will be a distinct gap between sideburns and earlobes. Make sure you clean up this area while lining up the beard. This is a must-do step to line up your beard.

Use the trimmer and the clipper carefully if you want to get a faded look in that area. If not, then shave it off without a second thought.

Learn to Grow, Maintain Chin Curtain Beard


#2. Trim the Beard Neckline

Trim the Beard Neckline

Getting a perfect beard neckline demands expertise in the art of trimming. There are a few steps to achieve the right neckline.

First, one must elicit the line starting from the marginal point of one year to the marginal point of another ear, of course, touching Adam’s apple in the course.

This is the neckline. Then, shave off everything below this line.  Thus, you will move forward to the next step to line up your beard. 


#3. Pick the Right Cheek Line

Pick the Right Cheek Line

Once you are done with sideburns extensions and neckline, now it’s the turn to pick the cheek line. Draw an imaginary line from the last part of the growth of your sideburns to the point where your beard growth stops under the lip.

If your beard growth stops way down your lips, no worries. End the cheek line at that point. You can also connect this line to your mustache.

When the line is dragged out, shave off the area that is beyond the line. You can check this complete guideline while picking the perfect cheek line.

Tips to Pick Your Perfect Cheek Line


Beard Line Up Vs. Trim

Beard Line Up Vs. Trim

A beard line up is using the contours of your face to line your beard up and create a tidy look for your facial hair. A beard trim uses a trimmer or grooming scissors to shave excess hair and achieve uniform beard length on all portions of your face. 

You can use a beard trimmer or grooming scissors for either process. Both are key to showing the world that grooming habits – even for your facial hair – are crucial for you. Plus, when you look great, you feel great. 



Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

When to line up your beard?

Line up your beard after a few weeks of growth. With an established growth pattern, you can see where your hair grows naturally and use a trimmer or grooming scissors to achieve a look that will get you noticed. 


Where should your beard line be?

There are three places to consider when lining up your beard: the place between the sideburns and the earlobes, the neckline, and the cheek line. 

Well-groomed men should have a distinct line for the space between their sideburns and earlobes. Over on the neckline, locate the marginal point of your earlobes and trace it down to your Adam’s Apple in a straight line. Trim everything below that line for a proper neckline trim. As for the cheek line, grab a comb and align both ends to the top of your ear and the corner of your mouth. Trim anything above the comb.  


How much does a beard line up cost?

A beard line up cost depends on if you are looking to learn how to do it yourself or if you want a professional to clean it up for you. A do-it-yourself approach will cost what you want to invest in a beard trimmer or pair of grooming scissors. Let’s face it, though: most men need a quality trimmer or grooming scissors. Do not skimp here! 

If you want a professional to establish your line up, you will need to spend money on the grooming appointment. Its cost will vary depending on where you are located and the type of salon.


How long does a beard line up usually last?

A beard line up will usually last a few weeks. It will need regular maintenance. 


Can you line up your beard in the Army and Air Force?

In the Air Force, that answer is no. The Air Force still does not allow beards – except for religious reasons – because it may interfere with flight equipment designed to keep airmen safe. 

The Army is beginning to lighten up on appearance standards, but facial hair must be neatly maintained and trimmed to give off a professional appearance. 


Line up the beard to get a clean and tidy look. A straggling and unkempt beard will do no good, on the contrary, it will give a bad impression about you. Why waste all the pain you have undergone to grow a beard? Pick the perfect beard line and rock a rocking beard this time.

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