Does A Grey Beard Make You Look Older?

Eventually, there comes a time in a man’s life where he realizes that his beard is grey. Then, he starts to ponder whether his grey beard ages him. Yes, grey hair is a sign of aging. However, the style of your beard can either make you look old and unfortunate or sensual and venerable.


Do Grey Beards Make You Look Older?

In general, men with beards look older than men without them. Also, a grey beard will make you look a bit more mature than any other color.

Smooth skin makes men look young, while facial hair of any type ages men. Physically, older men can grow beards better than teens. In some cultures, the beard is proof that a boy has reached manhood.

Teens with full beards can usually pass for being older, which is why so many of them want beards. But, once a beard turns grey, there is no doubt that it belongs to a man of a mature age.

Scientific research proves that men with beards of all colors look older. The same research confirms that women find men with grey beards attractive, as they show men with beards have achieved a higher social status than clean-shaven men.


Why Do Beards Go Grey?

Reasons Why Beards Go Grey

Beards turn grey (or white) because of melanin in hair follicles. Eventually, as people age, melanin production slows, so hair starts to look white. The grey hairs mix with the original hair color to create the iconic “salt and pepper” look.

You might have other reasons why your hair turned grey. Some men have genetic factors that make their hair turn grey sooner than others. Illnesses and environmental factors can also cause premature grey. Look at your ancestors’ hair to see if they greyed young, too.


Are Grey Beards Attractive?

Men with grey beards are attractive and often earn descriptive words like distinguished, wise, and sexy. Your grey beard shows that you have achieved a level of maturity that brings wisdom and experience. These descriptive terms do not designate old age, but if you wear your beard the wrong way, they could.

To look alluring with your grey beard, you have to take care of it rather than let it get wild and scruffy. Check out photographs of attractive men with grey beards. Look at how they trim their beards and wear them with dark colors to show them off. Also, look at how their hairstyles accentuate their beards. You can also choose a short style for your grey beard for a sophisticated look.


Take Care of Your Beard

Taking care of grey beard

To keep your sexy white beard looking good, you must take care of it. Grey hairs are softer than your original color hair, but they can still show damage from split ends and dryness. Trim your beard and condition it to keep it looking its best.

If you are a smoker, you could turn your sexy grey beard an unpleasant shade of smoke-yellow. The chemicals in cigarettes and cigars can damage your grey beard. Consider how smoking discolors items in your home as well as your lungs and fingertips. Smoking will discolor your beard and make you look sallow and sickly.

Another way to make your beard look sexy is to take care of your skin. When your face has wrinkles and a grey beard, it’s difficult to say that you don’t look old. But, if you moisturize and take care of your skin, your whole look will veer far away from Santa style.

You can keep your skin and beard looking sexy by eating healthy food, avoiding alcohol and drugs, and staying out of the sun. Staying healthy keeps your hair follicles functioning properly. Drink water throughout the day to add to your skin’s healthy look.


When you take good care of your beard and skin, you might look mature, but that maturity is healthy and distinguished.

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