10 Reasons Why Women Like Beards [With Infographic]

Do women really like beards?’ It’s a common question for many men before starting to grow a beard. The answer is positive and most of the women do like beards for different reasons. Let’s explore the reasons why they love it!

Contemporary society pressures not only women into conforming to a specific set of regulations regarding their appearance, but also men. If you’re working in a bank and you’ve decided to forego shaving for the weekend, you know exactly what I mean.

Colleagues or supervisors will crack a few jokes to begin with, asking if you forgot to shave or if you’ve just woken up from a record-winning drinking streak. Later on, your supervisor might want to chat, thinking he’s doing you a favor: “Listen, this is not on record or anything, but you might want to consider taking care of your appearance before coming to work like this again…”.

women love men with beard

But not all of us feel right with a clean-shaven face, our shirts buttoned up and wearing a three-piece navy blue suit. Plus, there are quite a few good reasons why you shouldn’t listen to your boss and get a beard anyway, one of them being that women actually like beards.


Do Women Like Beards?

Yes, They Mostly Do!

Nowadays, it seems like facial hair for guys is becoming closer to the norm, or at least a relatively well-established trend. Men now sport everything from closely-cropped stubble to a long, wizard-like beard. However, the question remains: do the majority of women really like men with beard or they actually don’t like the bearded guy at all!

Here are 10 reasons women like the bearded guys.

1. The historic reason

Throughout history, men with beards were considered potent, powerful and steadfast. Beards were associated with the wisdom that comes with age. This is why pharaohs had prominent fake beards and the most powerful deities in the Greek pantheon were represented with a hefty amount of facial hair.


2. Having a clean face

The immediate benefit of not shaving is getting rid of folliculitis. Acne and skin irritations are commonly caused by the bacteria spread when shaving, and nobody likes an irritated, itchy face!


3. A beard serves and… protects

Multiple studies conducted on women have concluded that a man with a full beard is considered a good protector and a better partner to start a family with.


4. Bearded men look older (in a good way)

Women like beards because they give the impression of an older man, blessing the wearer with more respect and social awareness.


5. The added touch of masculinity

Facial hair is a genetic proof of masculinity. The more facial hair an individual boasts, the more masculine he will be perceived.


6. A beard scares away the competition

A fairly-sized beard gives the impression of a more prominent jawline. Studies have proven that bearded men appear more intimidating to other men.


7. Bearded men are more independent

The decision to grow a beard definitely proves you’re willing to stand up for your beliefs and take the beating for them. This is why women like beards the most!


8. Beards require commitment

Maintaining a full beard is not easy and neither is getting one! Wearing a beard shows that you are well aware that good things require time and effort.


9. What it feels like

And, reportedly, most women enjoy the feeling of a full beard when they get closer to it.


10. First impressions matter

Wearing a beard, you are more likely to give a good first impression to the women you meet as a beard makes a man appear more trustworthy, as well as more authoritative, respectable and distinguished.


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Beard or Clean Shave?


Women prefer bearded men, Is it true?


Infographic on ‘Do Women Like Beards?’

We have prepared an infographic with 10 reasons why most women like the bearded men.Do women like beard infographic-min


A Large Number of Women Also HATE Beard – The FACT

‘Most of the women love the bearded guys’, that’s what we the bearded community always hear. But is this the neutral answer or the bearded men say that because they love to believe exactly that? Let’s hear the arguments from both sides to get some neutral thoughts!


There Are Also Women Who HATE Beard. So, if you want to have an argument, here are some For & Against Arguments on the topic ‘Women Love Beards’. 


Women Like The Bearded Guys: Argument FOR

Yes, women like guys with beards because of some personal reasons and believe which could be because:

men with full beard


It makes men look mature (Especially The Full Beard)

Beards can make a man look more mature. Some men who have a baby face appear much more mature after they grow beards and women prefer a more mature looking man.


It makes men look more masculine

Beards make the jawline seem bigger and as a result, it makes the man appear more masculine. Women tend to favor guys that are more masculine over other men.


It makes a man look more intimidating

Women like men that are capable of both protecting them and their baby. Because beard in many cases makes the man look more intimidating which makes women think that the man is strong and brave.


It makes a man appear older

Studies have shown that women tend to prefer the older man over the one of the same age provided that everything else is constant.


It is a sign of sexual maturity

Beards are a secondary sexual characteristic, it’s a sign that a guy went through puberty both physically and mentally. Shaving a beard might indicate that a man is uncertain in his adult role and thus unintentionally signaling he’s a less desirable partner to women.


Beards are associated with lion’s mane

Some people associate a man’s beard with a lion’s mane. Since lions are depicted as kings of the animal world, people associate that guys with beards have some of the lion’s best characteristics – nobility, being proud, brave and so on.


A clean beard makes a man good in anything

A guy with a beard can slip into a pair of Gucci jeans and still look fashionable. He can wear literally anything but still find some affection from women. However, things may not go all too well for a guy without beards. He has to go through lots of trouble to get that look that will appeal to his woman.


Beard makes a man different

Some studies have found that beards were found to be attractive when they were rare. In other words, when most people shave, a man with a beard might look more attractive because it helps him stand out from the crowd.


It indirectly shows patience and commitment in a man

Beards require a lot of commitment to be kept. Because women prefer men who are committed and patient over others, they might find a man with a beard more attractive.

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Women Like Guys with Beards: Arguments AGAINST

No, women do not like bearded guys due to various reasons which could also be personal. They do not like guys with beards because they believe/say that:

clean shave men


It gives a false look

Beard is an evolutionary LIE. They lend masculinity to the weak-chinned, ruggedness to the totally useless and gravitas to the inconsequential.


Beard makes a man look older

While some girls prefer a man with beards because it makes a man older, some women hate bearded men because it makes them look older.


Bearded men look aggressive

Men with beards look more aggressive. This turns them off. Meanwhile, women perceive clean-shaven men as being safe, so they were more likely to choose them instead.


It’s a mini fridge

Beards can stink and harbor bacteria as most men don’t keep it extremely clean especially after eating and when you taste the hair and it has the flavor of the food he ate at his last meal. Evidence of every meal can be found within the hairy trappings of the guys face.


It gives them a vagrant look

Men with beards are disgusting and make them look like a vagrant, which is an undesirable trait in a man.


It kills mood

Beards scratch women face during sex or foreplay. It can impact the quality of a man kiss as stray hairs can tickle, poke and scratch the lips and skin of a woman. It kills mood; getting hair up the nose, in the mouth or any other variety of damage wrought by bearded faces. Women hate it, having to stop kissing because a tiny fur ball is lodged in her throat.


Some kids are scared of a bearded man

When you have a beard, your facial expressions are slightly harder to read, and your look of empathetic concern might come across like bloodthirsty anger which may cause children to distrust you or to be scared of you.


Beards create ego and overconfidence

Though beards might make a man look more intimidating, which some women likes, however, other women believe beards promotes swollen egos and overconfidence.


Beards feel like pubes to many

Beards feel like pubes, No amount of conditioner can make a man’s facial hair soft and pleasurable to the touch.


In summary, women find men with light stubble most attractive. However, women generally perceive male faces with full beards as the most masculine, aggressive and socially mature. There are also some negative thoughts among some women on bearded men as mentioned earlier. So, the choice is definitely yours! We recommend growing a healthy beard if you have a passion for the beard. Why give a damn about what GIRLS think!

So, will you consider growing a beard for your special one or is that your woman doesn’t like bearded men! Whatever, share what you think about men with beards vs clean-shaven men in the comments.

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