18 Tips to Grow A Beard Faster Than Ever

You are one of the millions who want to make his beard grow quickly. A man’s beard has been an emblem of power throughout the ages. You see many influential men throughout history wearing beards. Beards vary from man to man and it does not matter if you cannot grow long facial hair; you can make certain that the hair you grow is healthy and beard grows faster for a fuller look.

Not all men can grow a full beard in a short amount of time, but there are a few things you can do to help your facial hair reach its maximum potential. The general rate of facial hair growth mainly depends on age and genetics. But there are a few tricks that can grow a beard faster.

How Fast Can Beard Grow?

beard growth stages

It takes 2 to 4 months to grow out a full beard. But if you want to know how quickly the hairs themselves grow, that’s between .3 and .5 millimeters every 24 hours, which is about 3 mm a week.

That’s one-third to one-half an inch every month. However, most men experience facial hair growth at different speeds in different areas. Here’s a closer look at the different stages of beard growth.


In the first 1–2 weeks, your beard won’t be long, with short prickly hairs called “stubble.” Stubble causes irritation and slight discomfort in some people.

Your facial hair feels like sandpaper during the stubble stage, and you might change your mind about growing a beard and want to shave it off. However, this stage is only 14 days; you can persevere!


The second stage of beard growth starts at the 2–5 week mark. Hair follicles grow at different rates, so before your beard fills out, it will look rather patchy.

However, with time the follicles sync together and begin to grow at the same rate. Even if you’ve grown out your beard for about a month and it still looks patchy, this is perfectly normal.

Just remember: growing a full beard takes time and perseverance. Don’t look back!


By the 8 –10 week mark, you should notice an increased follicle length of about an inch. Any facial hair longer than one inch is considered a beard, even if it’s not a full beard.

This “beardy” stage comes with the realization that growing a beard requires routine maintenance. Beards typically cause your skin to feel dry, so make sure you keep your face moisturized.

If you’ve hit the 10-week mark, you might consider trimming and styling your beard to keep it tidy.


After about 17 weeks is the final stage of beard growth. It happens sooner, at around 13 weeks, for some men, but if this isn’t you, don’t be discouraged. Genetics, ethnicity, and other hereditary factors affect beard growth rates.

If your beard hasn’t changed since the previous stage, your beard is at maximum length. So at 13 –17 weeks, your beard won’t be any longer, but you should notice that it’s denser.

When your beard stops growing, it’s called “terminal beard length.” That means your beard won’t get any longer than it currently is.

At this point, you may notice little beard hairs everywhere. This happens when your beard hairs reach their final growth stage, which causes them to fall out.

Factors Influencing Beard Growth

Several factors have an impact on the growth of your beard, from genes to ethnicity and age. Let’s explore them in detail.


Genetics and hormones, specifically testosterone, determine how quickly your beard grows and its thickness. Testosterone sometimes converts to DHT, another hormone that contributes to beard growth.


Unsurprisingly, a healthy diet and lifestyle potentially increase beard growth. In addition, getting at least 8 hours of sleep every night impacts beard growth. Practicing good hygiene also helps.


Your age also plays a role in how your beard grows. Teenagers have slower beard growth and expect to increase it through their 20s. By age 30, your beard typically reaches its maximum length and fullness.


Ethnicity affects your ability to grow a beard. For example, people from the Mediterranean region tend to grow fuller, thicker beards than other people.

Additionally, Chinese men typically experience only light hair growth around the mouth compared to men of Caucasian descent, who have heavier growth on the lower face, including the cheeks and neck.

Alopecia Areata

An auto-immune disease known as alopecia areata may be to blame for the lack of beard growth. Alopecia areata causes the hair on your head and face to shed sporadically. While alopecia areata is uncurable, there are various treatment options to discuss with your doctor.

These treatments include but are not limited to, minoxidil, dithranol, and corticosteroid creams. Topical immunotherapy may also help.


Low testosterone levels cause little if no, facial hair growth. However, unless coupled with other symptoms such as fatigue, difficulty building muscle, or increased body fat, there is no cause for concern.

How to Grow Beard Faster

Follow these 13 tips listed below to increase your beard growth. You will get results.

1. Exfoliate Your Skin

exfoliating skin to grow beard faster

By removing dead skin cells, you are stimulating new facial hair growth. Make sure that you find an exfoliating scrub that is specifically for men. An exfoliating mask is a great way to ensure your skin is rejuvenated.

2. Clean Your Skin

cleaning skin for faster beard growth

Clean skin helps to stimulate hair growth. So be sure to wash your face in the morning and the evening. Use a mild cleanser instead of harsh bar soap, so your face does not dry out or become irritated.

3. Use Eucalyptus

eucalyptus for faster beard growth

It has been noted that products that contain eucalyptus enable facial hair to grow more quickly. Aside from removing any dry or flaky skin, the cream or moisturizer with eucalyptus will help your bread grow faster and fuller.

4. Keep on Top of Ingrown Hairs

removing ingrown hair from beard

For a beard that grows quickly and evenly, ingrown hairs on the face must be taken care of. If you notice ingrown hair or a pimple, use topical medication to help get rid of it quickly.

5. Sleep

proper sleep for faster bread growth

When we sleep our bodies use that downtime to rejuvenate our cells, especially our skin cells. This helps promote beard growth, so get to bed on time for more beard growing time!

6. Manage Stress

Stress can inhibit the growth of facial hair. So next time you are feeling stressed out, take time to relax and step back from the things stressing you. Try an exercise program to relieve stress. Exercise also helps with blood circulation to the face. This improved circulation will promote facial hair growth.

7. Take Biotin

Biotin has been proven to increase the growth of nails and hair. Take 2.5 mg every day of Biotin to help your beard grow more quickly.

8. Add Vitamin B

Vitamins are important for a healthy body. They are just as important for faster beard growth. Foods and beauty products rich in Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are essential for a healthy-looking beard that grows quickly.

9. High Protein Diet

high protien diet to grow beard

Eat a diet that consists of high protein. Protein is a natural stress reliever and will help your beard grow faster. Along with high protein, drink more water. Stay away from sugary drinks that will inhibit hair growth.

10. Be Patient

You are not going to wake up tomorrow with a full beard if you have just decided to start growing one. Keep your expectations real. You will begin to see growth over a few days and most men will be out of the itchy phase of beard growing phase by the end of the week.

11. Work with What You Have

It will take time to achieve the look and the fullness that you are desiring. With each new phase of beard growth, embrace the look and start experimenting with the style you are looking for. Keeping the beard trimmed will give the appearance of a fuller, more substantial growth than letting the beard be straggly and untrimmed.

12. Hide The Patches

hide beard patches for faster beard growth

Not all facial hair will grow at the same rate. This will leave patches or even blank spots on the face. It may be wise to fill in the patches with beard products that will give the appearance of fuller, thicker beard. It will make it look like there is more hair that there really is. A beard thickener is a professional product that is a spray on. You will use it in the areas where there is thin growth to give the illusion of a thicker beard. Choose a color that is closest to your natural beard color. You can also style your patchy beard!

13. Condition Your Beard

condition beard to grow faster

As your beard grows, keep it in top condition to avoid shaving it all off and start anew. Many people use castor oil as a great conditioning treatment that promotes facial hair growth. Apply the castor oil at night before you go to bed, and then thoroughly wash your beard in the morning.

Other facial hair conditioners are available at salons or major retailers. Find one that you are comfortable with and use it daily until you reach the desired fullness, then switch to conditioning your beard weekly.

These days, men are also using beard growth supplements. Do they work? Well, the reviews say they are! You can try one and see the results yourself.

Here is a grooming video that’ll help you grow the beard faster:

14. Don’t Shave It

Tips to Grow Beard Faster - Don't Shave

Contrary to popular belief, shaving your beard does not increase growth. Hair strands are thick at the root and thin out the closer they get to the end, the part that sticks out of the skin.

After shaving your beard, all you can see are the thick roots left over from the shaving process. But this doesn’t make your hair grow back thicker.

15. Use a Beard Roller

Tips to Grow Beard Faster - Beard Roller

Also known as a derma roller, this tool uses tiny needles to puncture the top layer of skin, allowing collagen to pass more freely and increase blood flow.

This causes your beard to grow faster because it stimulates hair growth.

16. Start a Good Exercise Routine

Tips to Grow Beard Faster - Exercises

It’s vital to take care of yourself. One such benefit of doing so is increased testosterone levels and blood flow.

Testosterone and blood flow are proven to increase hair growth speed. Additionally, exercise improves stress levels and also increases your beard growth rate.

17. Stay Hydrated

Tips to Grow Beard Faster - Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water each day ensures you’re keeping your skin hydrated, which, in turn, keeps your hair follicles clean and healthy, promoting hair growth.

The recommended amount of water intake is 1.5 liters (50.7 oz). That’s about 8–10 glasses.

18. Beard Growth Supplements

Tips to Grow Beard Faster - Supplements

Biotin, vitamin E, and vitamin C are a few of the essential nutrients for hair growth, and beard growth supplements contain these and many others. Always consult a doctor before taking supplements.

You might be deficient in 1 or more of these minerals, which impacts the ability to grow a beard.


Here are the answers to some common questions so you don’t miss out on any relevant information.

When does beard growth peak?

25 – 35 years old is usually the period of increased beard growth. However, this number may vary from person to person.

Can teenagers grow beards faster?

Not necessarily. Beard growth typically doesn’t speed up significantly until age 25. However, that doesn’t mean teens can’t use techniques to increase their beard growth rate.

Can beard oil boost your beard growth?

Yes and no. While beard oils don’t speed up the rate at which your hair grows, they help create a better environment for that to happen. Look for unrefined jojoba oil and pure argan oil.

Can shaving grow a beard faster?

No. All shaving does is make the end of your hair blunt. Shaving doesn’t affect your hair in any way, not in growth speed, not in color, not in density.

Why does a beard grow faster than hair?

The growth cycles of scalp hair and facial hair vary. Scalp hair growth cycles take years to complete; however, facial hair cycles occur in a few months.

What are the stages of beard growth?

There are 5 stages of beard growth: stubble, patchy, short beard, growth and grooming, and full beard.

Will rubbing your beard help it grow?

Yes. Rubbing your face increases blood flow, which increases hair growth. Massaging your face, especially the bearded area, can improve beard length.

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