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Beard Type: Goatee

In the ancient times, a goatee was considered to be a demonic style. Later it became a calling card for all kinds of negative fairy tale characters. But nowadays it is rather popular. The first movie star to make a goatee widely known was Johny Depp.

A goatee beard is basically hair below your lower lip, which is outlined by vertical boundaries, that are sometimes rounded. The lower boundary is chin hair. The result reminds of a “U.” A goatee suits most of the face shapes.

grow and trim goatee

However, it is highly recommended to men with round faces. This beard elongates the face and makes it look perfectly oval. So, before you start growing any kind of beard, make sure to learn what face shape you have and which beard will suit you best. This will help you avoid infuriating mistakes. Since beards usually take a while to grow, a stupid mistake will be especially bitter.

So, how do you make a goatee? First of all, forget about the razor blade. You will ask how is it possible to make the right beard shape without a razor? You can’t. But before you begin shaping, you need to grow enough hair to do it. A goatee will take several weeks to grow. Be patient and let it grow at its own pace. Once the hair is long enough, start shaving.

You will need to shave three areas. The spot above your upper lip, cheeks and neck. Then you will need to shape the beard itself with the help of nail scissors. If you want a goatee with a mustache, then shave just two areas (cheeks and neck).

Don’t rush the process. If you start shaping the beard before hair grows long enough, the result will be rather pitiful. So, before you take the razor into your hands, ask yourself if you are satisfied with the length. The chin part can be as long as you wish.

Usually, goatees are short. But if you want a longer one, that will not be a problem. Just remember, that long hair is harder to take care of. Long beards have an unpleasant quality of getting into your plate, when you are eating. If you are not afraid of any hardships, go for it! Within a month you are sure to sport a very stylish beard, which will make you look as fashionable as some of the most popular movie stars.