35 Iconic Goatee Styles for Black Men [2024]

The goatee is one of the most popular beard styles for men of every color. Most black men look much better with a goatee beard than any other beard styles and the black male celebrities around the world prove that point! They are mostly seen with a Goatee, aren’t they?


Black Men With A Goatee

The goatee styles are in trend among black men and you should definitely try one if you haven’t already. Even if you tried one, why not try a unique goatee variation inspired by someone else?

These beards come in so many shapes that you’ll have a hard time choosing one.

We have rounded up 35 goatee styles for black men to inspire your new look, so go ahead and find out which one you wanna go for. If you are looking for other options, find more black men’s beard styles here.

1. The Classic Van Dyke Goatee

classic goatee style for black men

Van Dyke goatee is very popular these days among the black men community. The classic version features facial hair on the chin and mustache, but no hair on the cheeks.

Ideal for: Oblong, oval, triangle, diamond.

How to Style: This is definitely one of the black men’s goatee styles that doesn’t require too much attention. You will have to trim it regularly, but if you are not huge on products you won’t need them anyway. The beard is short & simple yet looks elegant. That’s the power of simplicity!


2. Black Men Goatee Style

short goatee beard for black men

It is such a great thing to see a black man with a perfectly styled short goatee. This beard is a trend, which means you have to try it right away.

Ideal for: Square, round, heart.

How to Style: Trim your goatee often, and keep the lines sharp. You can keep the hair that connects the mustache and chin beard or shave it.


3. Two-Toned Goatee for Black Middle-Aged Men

black men tow-toned goatee

Any two shades will do the job. When you get tired of the regular goatees, upgrade your beard similar to the above-contrasted beard style with a cool shade. For some men, the two-toned beard style is the natural color of their beard, other likes to go colorful. 

Ideal for: Any Face Shape.

How to Style: If this style doesn’t come naturally, but you absolutely love it, you can get it with a single schedule to the hairdressers.


4. Round Goatee

black men round goatee style

As the name suggests, this type of black men goatee features a round shape.

Ideal for: Square, oval, oblong.

How to Style: This means that you have to be very careful with the final shape of your goatee. If you are not that good with styling it, turn to your hairstylist for the best tips.


5. Goatee without Mustache

Goatee without Mustache for Black Men

For all the gents that are not big fans of mustache, there is still a way to rock the goatee beard without a mustache. For this type of beard, you actually need hair only in the bottom part of your face on and above the chin.

Ideal for: Round, triangle.

How to Style: Keep the beard a bit longer and make sure that you always style it properly. Shade the rest on the facial hair. It is a very simple beard type but it looks great on everyone.


6. Van Dyke Goatee

It is a very popular variation of the goatee beard named after 17th-century painter Anthony Van Dyck. This style comes with mustache and beard, but no hair on the cheeks.

Ideal for: Round, oval, square.

How to Style: Make sure that you shave the facial hair between the chin and mustache to achieve the perfect Van Dyke. You can even leave the goatee longer.


7. Soul Patch Goatee

The soul patch is one of the minimalist goatee styles for black men. 

Ideal for: All face shapes.

How to Style: Shave all the rest of your facial hair, and leave a tiny bit in the chin area. This clean black men goatee does not require too much work, except for the fact that you’ll have to shave more often.


8. Silver Goatee

black man's silver goatee style

Be proud of your natural silver beard and style it into a chic goatee. You can keep it long or short. It’s all up to you.

Ideal for: Diamond, oval, triangle.

How to Style: You take care of this cool silver style just like any other classic goatee. There comes a time when your hair will change into the very alluring silver shade, so own it like a man! If George Clooney can rock it, so can you.


9. Extended Goatee

extended goatee beard for black men

This black men goatee style is very common and looks extremely cool if done properly. It means that aside from the goatee beard, your facial hair extends on the cheeks as well. You can keep the extension in a straight line or add a bushy vibe.

Ideal for: Any face type.

How to Style: There are so many different ways to pull off an extended goatee. You can keep the entire beard long, but neat, or opt for a shorter version.


10. Anchor Goatee

The name comes from the look of an anchor. This anchor style features precisely shaped mustache and chin beard that also extends to the sides.

Ideal for: Triangular, diamond, heart.

How to Style: Make sure that you keep the lines sharp, so that everyone will notice your anchor beard. In other words, you will need to spend extra time styling it. There is also a way to grow out your mustache a bit more and even curl them. This is a style meant for the boldest gentlemen out there.


11. Black Men Goatee with Designs

popular black men goatee styles

Black men with a goatee come in a full range of beard designs. Long or short, straight or curly, there is always a way to find a beard that works for you. If you are tired of all the basic looks, try adding art or designs to the sides of your face.

Ideal for: Any face shape.

How to Style: Yes, you will definitely need an appointment with your hairstylist for this one.


12. Long Goatee

Black Men Goatee with Long Beard

If you are obsessed with long beards, this goatee is the perfect one to rock. Grow full beard and mustache on your face, grow it long and create sharp lines.

Ideal for: Round, oblong, oval.

How to Style: You can find it a bit hard to style a long beard because you’ll have to use beard products. It is a high-maintenance beard style that will cost you time and money for grooming.


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13. Thick Chin Goatee

goatee bearded black men with curly hair

It is a pure goatee style for black men, which does not comprise any mustache. You can achieve this style very easily.

Ideal For: Diamond, Triangle, and round

How to Style: Grow a bunch of facial hair on the chin. Clean shave the cheek, neckbeard, and mustache. It is easy to maintain and best for guys who want to give strong features to their narrow chin.


14. Long Goatee

goatee beard style for black men

When goatee connects with the mustache, it forms a full goatee that gives black men a manly appearance.

Ideal For: Diamond, square

How to Style: Let your beard grow freely for two to three months. Now, after getting the desired length, clean shave the cheek and trim the mustache in such a way that it connects with the chin beard. Trim the hair under the lip to make a tiny soul patch.


15. Simple but Expressive

black men goatee beard

It is one of the simplest yet stylish goatees. If you are among those who are not a big fan of beard, you can try this style without any hesitation for a mature look.

Ideal For: Any face shape.

How to Style: Trim the cheeks, neck hair, sideburns, and mustache to give a coarse light stubble appearance to your face. Leave a very narrow beard on the chin that is relatively thicker and prominent than the barely visible light stubble.


16. Bold and Manly

Well, this particular goatee style is definitely screaming the bold and masculine features of the black man that no one can ignore.

Ideal For: Square, oblong

How to Style: It features a pencil mustache, goat patch, and thick chin beard. Keep the cheeks clean-shaven for a neat look. Wear a buzz cut hairstyle and ear studs for a fascinating look.


17. Circle Goatee

It is one of the trendiest and most popular styles that every age group of men loves to wear. It is best for those guys who have a weaker chin.

Ideal For: Square, oblong

How to Style: Grow a full beard and then, trim it into a circle goatee shape by clean shaving the cheeks and leaving thick hair under the chin for more density.


18. Will Smith Goatee Style

From Men in black to a black man wearing a goatee, Smith always wins his fan’s heart. White hair sparkling in black beard makes this style even more entrancing.

Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: Connect the trimmed mustache with the chin beard to make it resemble a circle shape. Leave a distinctive soul patch under the lips. Keep the cheeks and neck hair clean-shaven for a presentable look.


19. Thick and Glossy

When you have such a well-groomed goatee, you do not need anything else to look sober and stylish at the same time.

Ideal For: Oblong, square, diamond

How to Style: Keep the chin beard thicker and longer than the mustache. Trim the mustache and goatee into a rounder shape. Apply beard oil for a glossy appearance. Leave a triangular soul patch under the lip area. While trimming the mustache, keep a slight gap between the upper lip and mustache.


20. Snoop Dogg Goatee Style

He has one of the most popular and distinctive goatee styles, which resembles the circle beard or French beard a lot. Snoop Dogg has been seen in this goatee accompanying variety of hairstyles at various events.

Ideal For: Any face shape especially square.

How to Style: Keep the hair under the lips, connected with the chin beard. Connect the thick, trimmed mustache with the chin beard through a thin facial hair strip around the mouth to make a circle shape. Shave off the cheeks for a neat look.


21. Gentleman Look

Shaved head and a well-shaped goatee make a perfect combination that gives black men a charming look. It looks ultra-mannish and sophisticated.

Ideal For: Square, round

How to Style: Grow a pencil mustache and connect it with the chin beard. Shave off the cheeks hair and sideburns. Shave off the hair under the lips as well.


22. Classy Goatee Style

It is surely idyllic attire for black men in terms of business and official Meetup plans.

Ideal For: Any face shape and for men who have a narrow chin area.

How to Style: Keep the chin beard round in shape. Leave a soul patch under the lips. Connect the mustache with chin beard through a thick facial hair outline.


23. Perfectly Trimmed

This style has the capability to fit on any face shape and outfit. It will give your face a slimmer appearance and will make your chin more prominent.

Ideal For: Any face shape.

How to Style: Grow medium stubble. Turn the mustache into a pencil shape and connect it with a chin beard. Shape the hair under the lips in such a way that it resembles the anchor goatee. Keep the cheek hair and neckbeard clean-shaven.


24. Mini Goatee Style

Styling a goatee involves plenty of versatility. Here, is another two-toned goatee style that looks magnificent on black men.

Ideal For: Diamond, Triangle, oblong

How to Style: It features soul patch, thick chin beard, and trimmed mustache. Connect the mustache with a chin beard and trim the facial hair outlining the mouth in such a way that it inverts narrowly toward the chin beard.


25.  Goatee and Pencil Mustache

This goatee has distinctive features that portray the black men’s attitude and fascination.

Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: Connect the pencil mustache with a chin beard and leave a soul patch under the lips. It is easy to maintain but slightly complicated to shape. You may have to visit a professional barber as he will do this job flawlessly.


26. Goatee Version of Short Beard 

If you are among those who are looking for an amazing short beard style, this dense circle goatee will surely fulfill your desire.

Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: Shape the facial hair around the mouth into a circular shape. It looks evenly dense. Trim the beard after two to three days to maintain the length.


27. Gray Goatee

It is one of the most elegant goatee styles for black men with over 50+ year’s age.

 Ideal For: Round, square and triangular

How to Style: keep the soul patch connected with the chin beard. It needs regular maintenance.


28. Patchy Goatee

A goatee is a perfect and modish solution to the problem related to patchy and thin facial hair texture.

 Ideal For: Those boys who have thin and patchy facial hair

How to Style: It is a partially disconnected goatee that comprises a Zorro mustache, chin beard, and a straight soul patch. Let the patchy, thin facial hair outline naturally connects the mustache with a chin beard.


29. Don Cheadle’s Goatee Style

Don Cheadle has proved that how inspired and graceful a goatee can be for older black men.

 Ideal For: Square, oblong, oval

How to Style: It is a flecked goatee comprises patchy chin beard that connects the mustache. Disconnect the mustache into two parts from the mid. Shave off the cheeks and neck hair.


30. Shemar Moore’s Goatee

He is a well-known fashion model and African American actor who always wear this funky and super-stylish goatee in a nice way.

Ideal For: square, diamond, triangle

How to Style: Grow a short beard and then, trim that beard into a goatee shape. While trimming, take special consideration of goatee texture. Keep the circle goatee outline and mustache thicker than the hair under the lips. Shave off the sideburns as well and wear a bald fade, buzzcut hairstyle for a stylish look.

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31. Sportsman Goatee Style

Many players prefer to wear a goatee because it looks cool on them. It is easy to maintain and does not require extra-styling.

 Ideal For: Any face shape

How to Style: wait till you achieve a full beard. The goatee thickness is the important feature of the style. Trim it often to maintain the desired length.


32. Pencil Goatee

Here is another amazing idea for black men to turn their thin facial hair into a superb goatee style that will make them the “one” among their fellows.

 Ideal For: Any face shape and thin facial hair

How to Style: Connect the pencil mustache with chin beard through a thin strip of facial hair. Shave off the sideburns along with the cheek hair and neckbeard.


33. Decent and Polished

black actor with goatee

Perfect trimming and grooming are the souls of any style that you wear whether it is a goatee, circle beard or full beard.

 Ideal For: Oval, oblong, diamond and triangle

How to Style: it requires keen attention during the trimming procedure. Visit a professional barber to get such a neat masterpiece. It is easy to maintain.


34. Aggressive Goatee Style

Give your thicker scraggly beard a modern and distinctive touch by adapting this goatee style that will give you personality confidence.

 Ideal For: any face shape including an inverted triangle.

How to Style: Grow a full beard and turn it into a circle goatee shape that comprises a straight soul patch under lips as well. It involves a rough trimming that’s why it is looking slightly unkempt.


35. Woodside Goatee Beard 

celebrity black men with goatee beard

Compliment your bald head with this enthralling goatee style that will give your personality a mesmerizing touch that no one can deny.

Ideal For: any face shape and especially for those who have a less-defined chin

How to Style: Grow a thick bunch of hair under the chin and trim the hair into a square shape to highlight the chin area. Turn the mustache into a pencil shape and connect it with the under chin beard through the facial hair strap outlining the sides of the mouth. Leave a tiny, square soul patch under the lips. Shave off the sideburns and cheeks hair.

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