70 Coolest Short Beard Styles for Men

Short beards are elegant and smart if you know how to grow and style with it. A common trend among men who are sporting the “classic” look is maintaining a full beard that has been trimmed relatively shorter length. While this look cannot be achieved by some, for men who are able to fully grow their beards in the styles featured in this list will give them a variety of looks to choose from.


Why Choose A Short Beard?

short-beard 70 Coolest Short Beard Styles for Men

Short beards are stylish—end of. Long beards have their place, don’t get me wrong. That lumbersexual look is fire. However, there are several convincing reasons to choose a short beard once you’re ready to hop aboard the facial hair express. The biggest reason is the ease of maintenance. Short beard styles are altogether neater than longer ones. It’s easier to trim, style, and groom short facial hair, not just because there isn’t as much of it, but also because there’s less hair to control. You’re also less likely to deal with messes in your beard, such as food, lint, or miscellaneous detritus. No one wants to deal with random beard snacks.


What Length Is a Short Beard?

There’s no real set length for a modest beard due to the variety of short beard styles. For example, a beard made entirely out of stubble classifies as a short beard, as does a thicker 10 o’clock shadow. The general rule is that a beard can’t extend more than an inch or two past your chin to qualify as short. Anything longer than that is, well, long. Just try to keep it trim. Trust what you see in the mirror.


What Face Shapes Look Better With A Short Beard

You always see tutorials, infographics, and advice columns aimed at helping women choose the right hairstyle for their face shape, but you rarely find a guide for men describing what type of facial hair goes with the shape of your face. Eff that. Let’s end that right now. There are short beard styles for every facial shape, and I got you.

men-face-shapes 70 Coolest Short Beard Styles for Men

  • Square faces with strong jaws look hot with beards that have full chins and short sides. You can keep your beard full and short either by letting the hair grow thicker there or by veering toward the longer end of ‘short’.


  • For round faces, go for a diamond-shaped beard—think Jax Teller in “Sons of Anarchy” during his “Jack of Spades” facial hair phase. That involves short sides and a longer bottom. Again, you might just have to regularly trim your beard so that it still verges on short. However, trimming it at an angle works, too.


  • Men with a longer face with a rectangular shape or a more rounded oblong facial structure, the best beard is one that’s short on the bottom and full on the sides. An extended goatee is another winner—it’s more like a beard than a goatee, except that it doesn’t have sideburns.


  • A diamond face, with a narrow forehead, pointed chin, and strongly angled jaw benefits from a full beard. You can make it short but still full by letting the hair grow on the underside of your chin and your neck. A chin strap with a mustache might work, as well, and the combo counts. Still, never rush to a decision about a chin strap.


  • The inverted goatee flatters inverted triangle faces, too—this applies if you’re a guy with a narrow, pointed chin and a wider forehead. You can also experiment with a chin curtain, which is technically a short beard. Think Abe Lincoln. That works for a traditionally triangular face, as well, but add a mustache.


5 Tips to Pick The Right Short Beard Style for You

Below are some useful tips to consider when choosing a beard style so that you don’t end up getting an ugly looking beard.


1. Consider the shape of your face

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror and, if need be, talk to a hairstylist or a makeup artist at the mall to determine your facial shape. Then you can use the information here to pick out a short beard style that flatters the shape of your face.


2. Think about your features

Your individual facial features can play a role in this process, as well. For example, if you have some sharp Bowie cheekbone action happening, you don’t want to hide them beneath a wild, scraggly beard. Among other things, always picture how a particular short beard style will mesh with your jaw, the length of your face, and those cheekbones.


3. Be realistic about upkeep

How much time do you want to spend grooming your beard? How much time do you even have to devote to maintenance? Is it complicated?


4. What’s your skin type?

This is a consideration when choosing a beard because if you have sensitive skin, then maintenance and comfort will always be issues. Your beard itself or the process of shaving might irritate your skin.


5. What color is your beard?

Your beard might grow in fair, or it might be an entirely different color than the hue on your head. How will your facial hair look in a short beard? Will you like it or will you have to ponder the idea of dyeing your facial hair?


How to Comb Your Short Beard

  • The best time to run a comb through your beard hair is right after you moisturize it. Beard oil is best but go for quality. The oil helps you to avoid pulling or breaking your facial hair.


  • The comb you use depends on the texture of your beard. A softer beard benefits from a comb with finer teeth, but dense hair needs wider teeth. Start with a wide tooth comb as you begin to grow your beard, and only move to narrower combs once you know your beard.


  • As you start to comb, keep it slow and do it from the top of your beard to the bottom, then from the side of your beard to the center. This tames and trains your hair to grow in the direction you want.


How to Maintain and Trim A Short Beard Properly

  • Moisturizing and combing are two key elements of short beard upkeep, as a matter of fact. It doesn’t hurt to shampoo your beard, either, as long as you use a natural, chemical-free shampoo. Begin a conditioning regimen, too.


  • Trimming and shaping are also essential. You’ll have to decide for yourself how often you need to do both but always use caution. Start slow and never take off too much in the beginning. You can always trim more, but if you cut off a chunk of your beard, you have to wait for it to grow back.


The below video will help you achieve a good trimming of your short beard.


Most Popular Short Beard Styles for Men

Short beard styles are best for the men who don’t wish to sport a thick amount of hair on the face. From simple goatees to full beards, here are 25 amazing short facial hairstyles to look awesome without spending too much time trying to grow and maintain it.


Barely Grow Stubble Short

1. Short and Simple

image00112-e1449226615665 70 Coolest Short Beard Styles for Men

This short beard style is very elegant and simple, as it features a close shaved goatee and beard which fades into the sideburns. Coupled with a very prominent side part and faded cut, this style is perfect for men who are looking for a classy look.

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