10 Reasons Every Man Should Grow A Beard

Facial hair has always been a symbol of masculinity and a way for men to express their individuality. From short and groomed to long and wild, there are countless beard styles that men can choose from.

There are also those who grow a beard for reasons beyond fashion, such as during the month of November some people refrain from shaving their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues. 

Whether you’re a fashion-forward individual or someone who wants to make a difference, there are plenty of reasons why growing a beard can be a great choice for every man.

We will explore the top 10 reasons why every man should consider growing a beard, from its health benefits to its impact on personal style. So, if you’re on the fence about letting your facial hair grow out, keep reading to find out why it can be worthy.


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Why Men Should Grow A Beard?

However, growing beards has extended far beyond the unnamed month-long holiday and into something much bigger than that. Growing a beard has become something so popular that men everywhere are keeping their beards full-time instead of shaving them off after one month.

Why is that, you ask? Because they found a large number of benefits to their beards and want to keep them for their appeal. Below are the top 10 reasons every man should grow a beard. Here you can find some beard ideas to get inspired from.


1. Enhances Physical Appearance

One of the most obvious reasons to grow a beard is to enhance physical appearance. Beards have been associated with masculinity for centuries, and growing one can help men achieve a more mature, rugged look. In addition to this, a well-groomed beard can also help to balance out facial symmetry, which can be especially helpful for those with uneven facial shapes. 


2. Beards Are Natural Sunscreen

The hair on your face can actually protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, helping to prevent skin damage and premature aging. Studies have shown that having a beard can reduce a man’s risk of developing skin cancer by blocking UV rays. So, in addition to being fashionable, growing a beard can also help to keep you healthy.


3. Saves Time

During a man’s average lifetime, they spend roughly 139 days shaving. Think about how much time you can save by waking up and just getting on with your day instead of sitting in your bathroom shaving off yesterday’s beard growth.


4. Makes You Look Mature

For those of you with baby faces out there, allowing your beard to grow in can actually make you look mature! You’ll no longer be plagued with looking like the youngest man in the room!


5. Bearded Men Are More Attractive To Women

There is no doubt that a beard makes you look much more manly. Since we can remember, beards have been associated with manliness because you can’t typically grow them until you are a ‘man’. Research has shown that bearded men are perceived as more attractive to women, which is yet another reason to grow one. 


6. Keeps Your Face Warm In The Winter

What more do I even need to say? It’s like a permanent hat for your face! You can bear the harsh winters much easier than a clean-shaven man.


7. Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Growing a beard can also boost a man’s self-confidence. A well-groomed beard can make a man feel more attractive and give him a sense of identity. Additionally, growing a beard takes patience and dedication, and seeing the results of that commitment can be empowering. This will result in a more confident you!


8. It Can Improve Your Sex Life!

More confidence and a sexier you equals an improved sex life! When you feel good and look good, your chances of getting laid skyrocket.


9. Beards Are Versatile

There are countless different beard styles to choose from, ranging from the classic full beard to more modern styles like the goatee or the soul patch. This means you can find a beard style that suits your personality and lifestyle. You can change your look from rugged to hipster by changing your beard style. It’s a bold statement that shows you’re not afraid to be different.


10. You’ll Save Money!

Razors and shaving cream cost money! Why not ditch those and save the money for something more important?


What Does Beard Say About A Man?

From the ancient Greeks to modern hipsters, men have worn facial hair to convey different messages about themselves. A man’s beard can say a lot about him, from his personality to his sense of style. In this article, we will explore what a man’s beard says about him and how it can affect his overall image.


The Rugged Look

rugged beard look

If a man has a full, thick beard, he is often seen as rugged and masculine. This type of beard is associated with masculinity, strength, and confidence. Men who sport this look are often perceived as outdoorsy, adventurous, and bold. They tend to exude a sense of confidence and are not afraid to take risks.


Professional Beard

professional beard

On the other end of the spectrum, men with shorter, well-groomed beards are often viewed as professional and sophisticated. This look is commonly associated with businessmen and executives. These men take great care in grooming their facial hair and often use beard oils and balms to keep it looking neat and tidy.


Trendy Beard

trendy bearded look

In recent years, beards have become a trend, and many men are jumping on the bandwagon. A man with a trendy beard is often seen as fashionable and stylish. This look is commonly associated with younger men who follow the latest fashion trends. They tend to be outgoing and enjoy being the center of attention.


Hipster Beard

hipster beard

The hipster beard has become a popular trend in recent years. This style is characterized by a full beard that is often unkempt and scruffy. Men who sport this look are often viewed as creative and artistic. They tend to be unconventional and enjoy standing out from the crowd.


The Sophisticated Look

sophisticated ,bearded look

A well-groomed, short beard can give a man a sophisticated look. This style is commonly associated with older men who are distinguished and refined. These men take great care in grooming their facial hair and often use beard oils and balms to keep it looking neat and tidy.


The Fatherly Look

short gray beard for older women

A man with a short, gray beard is often seen as fatherly and wise. This look is associated with maturity and experience. Men who sport this look are often viewed as trustworthy and knowledgeable.


Beards are pretty much everywhere nowadays, and for good reason, too! These are the top reasons many men are choosing to grow out their beards and why you should as well.

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