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10 Reasons Every Man Should Grow Beard

As November gets into full swing, there is one thing that many adult men are doing that puts them all into this little group of similarities. That’s right! They’re growing beards! Since the all too familiar “No Shave November” came around yet again this year, many men across the globe are taking part and not shaving their faces for the entire month.

growing beard for men


Why Men Should Grow Beard

However, growing beards has extended far beyond the unnamed month-long holiday and into something much bigger than that. Growing a beard has become something so popular that men everywhere are keeping their beards full-time instead of shaving them off after one month.

Why is that, you ask? Because they found a large number of benefits to their beards and want to keep them for their appeal. Below are top 10 reasons every man should grow beard. Here you can find some beard ideas to get inspired from.

  1. They make you look hotter. There’s no doubt that women love the way a man looks with some facial hair. For some reason, our primal instincts are drawn to those with some facial hair shadowing the lower half of their face.
  1. It saves time. During a man’s average lifetime, they spend roughly 139 days shaving. Think about how much time you can save by waking up and just getting on with your day instead of sitting in your bathroom shaving off yesterday’s beard growth.
  1. They can make you look older. For those of you with baby faces out there, allowing your beard to grow in can actually make you look older! You’ll no longer be plagued with looking like the youngest man in the room!
  1. Makes you look more manly. There is no doubt that a beard makes you look much more manly. Since we can remember, beards have been associated with manliness because you can’t typically grow them until you are a ‘man’.
  1. Keeps your face warm in the winter. What more do I even need to say? It’s like a permanent hat for your face! You can bear the harsh winters much easier than a clean shaven man.
  1. It will make you feel more confident. In lieu of a clean shaven face, a beard will most likely increase your appearance and make you better looking. This will result in a more confident you!
  1. It can improve your sex life! More confidence and a sexier you equals an improved sex life! When you feel good and look good, your chances of getting laid skyrocket.
  1. Reduces the chance of getting sick. Aside from the physically appealing aspects of beards, they also trap unwanted bacteria and viruses from entering your body and making you sick! Go beard!
  1. You won’t get nearly as many pimples. Since your beard traps bacteria, you will actually stop bacteria from getting to your skin and causing those pesky, unwanted pimples!
  1. You’ll save money! Razors and shaving cream cost money! Why not ditch those and save the money for something more important?

Beards are pretty much everywhere nowadays, and for good reason, too! These are top reasons many men are choosing to grow out their beards and why you should as well.