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Popular Beard Styles
Sometimes fashion changes faster than we can follow it. Same goes for beard styles. If you have decided to grow a beard, you probably want to have the most stylish one possible. Let’s take at look at popular & trendy beard styles, which are expected to be fashionable in the coming year.

1. Victorian beard – in 1854-1856, during Crimean war, British soldiers had problems with soap supply and that’s why they couldn’t shave on a regular basis. When the soldiers with long and full beards came back from the war, such facial hair became a sign of manliness and honor.
2. Hollywoodian beard – a trendy beard with a mustache. Not more than an inch (2 – 3 cm) long
3. Three day stubble – if your hair is naturally dark, then a stubble might really look great. The hair length shouldn’t exceed 1 mm.
4. Tony Stark – a beard sported by the main character of the popular movie Iron Man
5. VanDyke or Captain Jack – the beard can be oval and the mustache is long and curled
6. Rocker beard – long mustache and long hair on the lower jaw
7. Spartan – a variation of a fill beard with some trimming on the cheeks and the accent on the jaw and chin.
8. Wolverine – a beard worn by the main character of the movie Wolverine
9. Goatee – never goes out of style. Right now the popular way to wear such a beard is to cut it pretty short.
10. Chinstrap – another all purpose beard which is always in style. Such beard looks easy to make, but takes some patience to take care of.

No matter how stylish the beard is, there is always a chance that it won’t suit your face shape. However, there are several fashionable beards to choose from, so you will surely find the one to fit you best. Take a look at different ways to style the most popular beards of the upcoming year. You will definitely like at least a couple. Take some time to understand if you are ready to care for the beard you have chosen. Most of them require a lot of maintenance. Once your choice is made, grow your beard for 3 – 4 weeks (unless it is a stubble) and go to the beauty salon. The first beard shaping should better be done by a professional.

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