13 Vintage 1900s Beard Styles That Will Never Go Out of Fashion

Throughout the decades men wore various beards depending on their professions and trend. But, during the 1900s, significant socio-cultural transformations took place, and men searched for new ways to show off their masculinity and self-expression.

Beard and mustache styles were one of the top ways to shape men’s identities and social status. Therefore, numerous beard trends came throughout the 1900s and were worn by many famous men. But few of them took the world by storm. In addition to the classic beard styles, mustaches were also popular in the 20th century. 

We have listed some of the trend-setting 1900s beard and mustache styles.


Top 1900s Beard and Mustache Styles

From the side whiskers to garibaldi, these facial hair trends from the 1900s continue to inspire modern-day grooming practices. Let’s check out the top 1900s beard styles. 


1. Short Ducktail Beard with English Mustache

1900s beard

Among different ducktail beards, the shorter version is the simplest one. The cheeks are clean shaved while a thin chin strap starting from the sideburns connects the ducktail. Besides, the english mustache gives a unique look, with the edges thinned like a Dali mustache which you may rarely see in modern times. 


2. Patchy Stubble Beard with Chevron Mustache

facial hair of 1900s

This beard style from the 1900s provides a rugged and natural look. The image conveys an effortless appearance that does not require regular trimming or grooming. This style suits best on people in their 40s. Chevron mustache became popular late 20th century by tom selleck.


3. Side Whiskers with Handlebar Mustache

1900s beard with mustache

Although this beard used to give an elite vibe in the 1900s, you may rarely see this style these days. To achieve this look, sideburns are grown all the way down to the ear, while the rest of the beard is clean-shaved. Handlebar mustache styles were very popular among the elites of the 19th century and side whiskers can be styled with a handlebar mustache.


4. Verdi Beard with Imperial Mustache

1900s full beard style

The image portrays Donald MacAlister, Chancellor of the University of Glasgow. He had a careless full beard that was grown randomly and was unkempt. The mustache was also grown simultaneously and did not groom it.


5. Victorian Beard and Walrus Mustache

1900s man with beard

The Victorian beard and mustache are one of the all-time favorite rugged and masculine styles among the man. It requires a bit of daily care as you will need to grow for a few months. Regular trimming is also needed to shape it.


6. Edwardian Beard Styles

beard style of 1900s

This is a bit complicated yet elegant style. You need to trim the beard starting from the hair on the side till the end of the jaw below the ears. The chin area should remain a bit longer, along with the mustache. Further, the straggling mustache needs to be combed down toward the end of the whiskers to avoid bushiness.


7. Chin Curtain with Extended Long Pyramid Mustache

beard of 1900s

The sides starting from the sideburns remain short in length, and the length increases in the lower lines of your face. You can shave or trim the cheeks to create perfect lines and get a smoother transition. Mustaches are grown longer and twisted at the edges.


8. Long Hipster Beard with Hungarian Mustache

1900s long beard

You must grow the beard for over a year to get this careless look. You should grow the beard until it gets around 6 inches long. To keep the unkempt curly state, you should not comb it regularly. You can comb once a month or twice with wide tooth comb.


9. Boxed Beard with Thicker Sideburns

1900s beard style for men

You can call it mutually beneficial goatee-chinstrap combo. The circle beard connects with the wide chinstrap. You will need to clean the cheeks and style the chinstrap to be thick with medium length.


10. Van Dyke with Thin Mustache

1900 beard style

This is a common beard and mustache style of the 20th century. The van dyke beard will frame your face to get attention in the jawline. On the other hand, the thin mustache will accentuate your lips.


11. Garibaldi Beard with Thick Mustache

1900s facial hair

Unlike a regular garibaldi, this 1900s beard is shorter in length. You will need to grow the facial hair for over two months. After that, you will need to trim it for a round shape at the bottom. To get this unkempt look run your fingers in the beard and stretch them out.


12. 1900s Goatee and Petite Handlebar

1900s goatee beard

The vintage goatee became popular due to the Jazz musicians. They started this style in the 1950s, quickly spreading to other artists and the mass population. This style has a beard in the soul patch to chin with a mustache.


13. Disconnected Amish Beard

1900s beard without mustache

This style is actually from the 1860s and this is what soldiers could look like. While the regular Amish beard is a type of long chin curtain starting from the sideburn. But this particular style provided in the image has shaved sideburns and the long beard started under the ear from side whiskers.


These 1900s beard styles got a buzz, and some of them are still on the trend with a modern touch.

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