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English Mustache: A Quick Guide to Style Like A PRO

The English mustache is sort of reminiscent of the Dali mustache but the curve is less dramatic. A true English style mustache will also be divided in the center, which may force those with extremely full mustaches to do some trimming.

This mustache is also tight and narrow so don’t hesitate to cut your mustache down a bit if you have to.


How to Style The English Mustache

Styling the English men’s mustache isn’t too difficult and you’ll just need a couple of supplies, including a comb, mustache wax, and beard trimmers if necessary.

The Goal

english mustache styles

When you are going for an English mustache, you want length; ideally, you want the mustache to be narrow or to at least come to a point. Rather than angle upward or downward, this mustache style is mostly straight so you don’t have to worry about curvature.

Traditionally, you would shave the rest of your face but these days, people wear some version of this mustache with the rest of their facial hair.


Styling the Mustache

styling an english mustache

Styling a mustache inspired by the English men starts as soon as your hairs are long enough to manipulate. You can start training your mustache early on so that you won’t be forcing it as much when it’s fully grown. To style an English mustache, make sure that you do everything listed here.

  • Work the hair as it grows: Once the hairs are long enough to comb, start combing it every day. Comb the hairs down and to the side, parting your mustache in the center. Once your hairs get a bit longer, you can start twisting and twirling the ends into a point.
  • Massage wax into your mustache: Once the mustache starts to take shape, you can start massaging mustache wax into the hairs, shaping it in the process. To avoid drooping, you should use a high-quality, professional wax that can keep your hairs in place. Use additional products if you have to.
  • Form straight points: Relatives of the mustache might curve upward or go in a loop but with this mustache, the points stick straight out. You’ll twist and twirl ends of your mustache while pulling each end until they’re straight and tight.
  • Comb and wax regularly: To maintain the look, you’ll need to comb and wax your mustache on a regular basis. The goal is to train the bristles of your mustache to grow towards the corners of your mouth.
  • Shampoo your facial hair: It’s also probably a good idea to shampoo your facial hair every now and again to keep it looking good. Also, since your mustache will be tight and twisted, you’ll want to undo this and wash it.


Variations of the English Mustache

tips to style an english mustache

Everybody’s mustache is different and you, of course, have the freedom to do whatever you want with your facial hair. An English style mustache can be thin and narrow while others are bushy toward the middle and pointy at the ends.

If you want to get really crazy, you can give it a nice curl or train the ends of your mustache to point upward so that you resemble Salvador Dali mustache.