20 Best French Mustache Styles To Grab Attention

Ever wondered what the beard styles are by nationality? We have! Today we wanted to salute the French style and celebrate their fantastic contribution over the years in the form of the French Mustache.

The French Mustache: The Pinnacle of Style

french mustache

The French are known for many things, not least of which is their ability to set new styles, revive old favorites and even add their own twist to established French beard styles. When it comes to the French mustache, however, few other countries surpass them in the classically groomed, stylishly sophisticated facial hair.

The Mustache was first recorded in France sometime in the latter part of the 16th century. It is thought that a Turkish influence brought from new trade in the east allowed for the popularity of the ‘mustache’ which was swiftly appropriated as a symbol of status in any God-fearing Frenchman.

A few hundred years later and the French have gone through a symphony of mustache styles over the years; displaying finesse and innovation with their choices in mustaches that few other countries have ever bothered to master. When it comes to fashion the French certainly pave the way… and not just with Dior and Chanel.

How to Grow A French Mustache

men with french mustache

Growing French men mustache is similar to growing any other mustache in that the first thing you need is the facial hair to support it. Contrary to popular belief, trimming your upper lip is not conducive to making the hair grow any faster.

Instead, the key to a good French style mustache is leaving that hair alone and letting it grow! The next thing you will need is a little patience.

Prized mustaches can take a long time to grow in fully, and you can’t really start trimming into that style you desire without having enough hair there, to begin with. Have patience and buy a mustache comb to start training the hair into the style you want to wear it in.

While your mustache is growing a little extra care is needed with your face in order to encourage it. Avoid the use of electric razors to ‘tidy up’ since it is far too easy to slip and lose important hair growth. Instead, rely on scissors if you absolutely must neaten it up.

You should also avoid any abrasive facial scrubs, any face masks or anything else that might rub away any delicate new hair growth on your upper lip.

When the hair on your upper lip does start to come in it will grow all over the area. Be patient and don’t rush to trim it into shape. Style it with your comb for as long as possible in order to get the most from your new mustache.

Try to keep your hands away from your face even although the facial hair will be itchy when it comes in. The biggest cause of ingrown facial hair is bacteria in the pores – most likely caused by you touching your face!

Let the facial hair grow in and continue to tame it with your beard comb. Before too long you will have the hair you need to start sporting the classy French style!

How to Style French ‘Stache

how to style french mustache

When you are looking for that perfect French-inspired mustache, you have to, first of all, allow your mustache to grow for a certain duration to make it bushy. It will also be important for giving it a certain shape.

  • Now get a picture of the specific kind of mustache you are keen on for reference.
  • First of all, comb the mustache thoroughly before you start to trim or twirl it.
  • This will smoothen the rough edges and make the whole look appear uniform.
  • Trim the mustache to the proper shape and remove stray hair
  • Now apply hair gel or mustache wax on it uniformly.
  • Gradually pull it outside towards the cheek and twirl the ends up.
  • This way you are training your stache to stay up at the end.
  • Also, ensure that the rest of the mustache follows one neat line, the hair should not be scattered all over the upper lip.
  • Pull the entire mustache hair in one neat and thick line for the best results.
  • Comb once again after the gel has dried off for best results.

Stunning French Mustache Styles

Look at some of the striking French mustache styles you can try in 2024.

1. Brown Inverted Lampshade Mustache

brown French mustache

Turn things around with this French mustache–quite literally in this case. If you want, you can also call it the boat-shaped mustache. It’s wider on the top and narrower at the bottom, unlike most mustache styles.

2. Wide Handlebar Mustache with Soul Patch

French mustache with glasses

This handlebar mustache seems to have grown out of a typical chevron mustache. The mid-section isn’t too thick and the curls on both ends look like pirates’ hooks. The squared soul patch is a great addition to the style.

3. The English Mustache with Chinstrap Beard

French mustache for round face

It isn’t your typical chinstrap because the beard on the chin is full, but you can see the narrow sides, which are a staple to any chinstrap beard. The English mustache extends past the outline of the face with straightened and rolled ends.

4. Handlebar Walrus Crossover Mustache

French mustache with curly hair

Look closely and you’ll notice two different mustache styles coming together here. The sides are rolled and curved, making it a handlebar mustache. However, the droopy hair in the mid-section covering the upper lip make it a walrus mustache.

5. Rollie Fingers Mustache with Stubble

French mustache with long hair

The hooks are very thin yet very prominent in this style. It’s what you would call a typical Rollie Fingers mustache with only the mid-section being slightly shorter. Push the bar a bit higher with long wavy hair and some stubble on the face.

6. Long Mustache + Short Beard

french mustache with full beard

This is one of the most classic French style stache. The beard portion is always kept separate from the mustache. In this case, you see a full beard growth flowing into the sideburns.

7. Pencil Mustache

thick pencil mustache

The thick pencil is another example of a well kept mustache. It is rather minimalist in its get up with no beard and an overall clean-shaven look. It is simple yet classy both in terms of maintenance and overall upkeep.

8. Royal Mustache

royal french mustache

This is a rather imposing creepy mustache that is another striking option in the list of the French mustaches that you may try.

But this is also a rather high maintenance style and also requires regular care. That way alone you will be able to maintain the curls and the twirls properly.

9. Petite Handlebar Mustache

french handlebar mustache with goatee

This mustache along with the almost squarish French beard is both sophisticated as well as very masculine.

It exudes an immensely suave image without undermining the masculine energy one bit in any way. The natural beard is allowed to grow in a carefully careless manner across the jawline.

10. Lampshade Mustache

french style lampshade mustache

Cleanshaven with just a patch of the statement-making stache is both imposing as well as understated. This is also a relatively low maintenance mustache style under the French umbrella that exudes absolute class.

11. Pyramid Mustache

In this French style, the mustache is styled almost like a pyramid. The natural mustache growth is just trimmed towards the edges and the stray hair removed to keep a uniform and symmetrical look around the whole mustache patch.

12. Chin Curtain with Natural Mustache Line

The emphasis in this style of the mustache is always on natural growth. The natural mustache line is maintained and it is paired with patchy beard along the jawline covering the chin.

The disconnected patches add to the natural look instead of sticking out as sore points and exude an effortless charm.

13. Chevron Mustache with Sideburns

This is a classic brimming with history and a legacy of the aristocracy. There is also a hint of old-world charm in this French mustache.

The double line mustache originates from the center of the lip and grows outwards. The sideburns complement the intensity of this mustache style.

14. Thick Mustache + Soul Patch

A beautiful combination of old-style and modern interpretation, this mustache style celebrates the classic union of Walrus and Painter’s brush.

The little soul patch further accentuates the natural mustache line adding a rugged charm to your face.

15. Natural Mustache with Goatee

french mustache styles

This is a fairly low maintenance option that you can look for if you do not have the time to shape a high maintenance mustache style inspired by the French.

The natural mustache line is allowed to grow and just stray hair is removed. The small patch of beard on the chin emphasizes the look. It is rugged and casual all at once.

16. Hipster Mustache

This is a combination of the classic curled French mustache with beard. It highlights the understated machismo with classic rugged statement-making panache.

It best suits anyone who does not go by the rules and makes his own at every step. Without a certain degree of irreverence, it is hard to carry this look.

17. Walrus Mustache 

This mustache style is reminiscent of the point where indifference meets stylish. The walrus mustache is almost Einstein-like in its length, width and degree of unkempt charm. The dark little soul patch in many ways seems to accentuate the overall look.

18. Imperial Mustache

This is one of the classic French mustaches. The hardcore imperial with the twirls at the end gives an edge to your masculine charm and eccentric perspective. It is, however, a high maintenance style that needs constant tending and care.

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19. Van Dyke Beard

french style mustache

This is the classic French style Van Dyke mustache with the W-shaped beard. When you talk about celebrating a classic style statement, it decidedly cannot get better than this.

20. Ginger Colored Chevron

french style ginger color chevron mustache

Another classic mustache, this Chevron style gets a brand new dimension with this clean-shaven rugged no beard look.

Therefore, if you are keen on that perfect French mustache, patience is key. You also need to maintain a healthy diet to make sure that your mustache also remains healthy, soft and pliant.

But some people may have really coarse mustache hair. You can use beard wax or oil to train your mustache and keep it in shape.

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