10 Impressively Thick and Bold Mustaches

Thick and bold mustache styles just ooze masculinity. Large mustaches take a lot of time and patience to grow. Many men will give up and shave their mustache off before it becomes that impressive. The first stages of growing a big mustache can even be a little bit uncomfortable and irritating.

How to Grow a Thicker Mustache

Mustaches are fast having a resurgence. Many people think that full and thick mustaches are flattering. And that might be why virtually every man is trying all they can to make thin mustaches thicker.

But unfortunately, growing the thickness of your mustache is not easy. It takes time and an array of ideas to develop and maintain the thickness and consistency of your facial here.

If you wish to grow your mustache fast and thicker, the following might work for you:

Beard Oil

use beard oil to grow thicker mustache

The high chances are that you have beard oil in your closet to help you grow thick, good-looking beards. To grow thick mustaches, apply the same oil to your mustache.

Ultimately, beard oil helps moisturize your facial hair and the underneath skin. It also helps remove dandruff, which causes hair loss. Additionally, beard oil prevents you from itching and plucking hairs.

With that in mind, go beard oil with natural ingredients, such as jojoba. However, make sure that you use only approved products. Read reviews online to ascertain which beard oil is the best if you need fuller and thicker mustaches.

Shampoo Your Mustache

In addition to the beard oil, shampoo and condition your mustache regularly. The conditioner will strengthen your facial hair, including those in your beard and mustache. And in no time, you will see a fuller, thicker mustache.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best from the shampoo. For example, wash off the conditioner after a certain period.

Like beard oil, go shampoo and conditioner made from natural ingredients.

Take Care of Your Skin

Healthy skin is the recipe for thick hair, including facial hair. Mustache and beards form part of your facial hair. So if you are wondering how to grow a mustache thicker, simply take good care of your skin.

Caring for your skin includes moisturizing and cleaning it. A good moisturizer, for instance, keeps your skin moist and healthy throughout the day.

Clean your skin to remove dead cells that cause ingrown hairs and open up the pores. Also, cleaning your skin helps exfoliate it and improve oxygen and nutrients circulation. Washing skin can also help remove dirt and bacteria that block the follicles and hamper facial hair growth.

However, take care not to overclean your skin. Otherwise, you might develop dry skin and even remove some of the hairs from your mustache and beard.

If you have the squeaky-clean feeling after washing your skin, immediately apply moisture. That is because it might be a sign that all-natural oils on your skin are gone.

Other ways to care for your skin include applying serum with growth factors and sunscreen. You want to make sure to choose skin products that work for your skin, depending on your skin sensitivity.

Exercise Regularly

man exercising

You need to reduce excess fats and reduce weight if you need a thicker mustache. And one way to cut weight is through regular physical exercise.

Exercise helps with blood circulation, ensuring adequate nutrients and oxygen supply to the hair follicles on your skin. Above all, exercise helps improve testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) production, helping you grow a thicker mustache.

Although all physical exercises have a crucial role in hair growth, some workouts are more helpful. That said, you want to do more cycling, walking, running, and other aerobic exercises. Pick a routine that works for you.

Consider also hiring a trainer if you need a professional to keep you on your toes. The personal trainer also ensures that you do the exercise correctly and reduce the risks of injuries.

Reduce Stress

You might think that stressed people have lots of facial hair because they lack time to care for themselves. But that is not true. Instead, they appear to have hair just because they do not shave. If you pay close attention, you may notice they have many patches on their beards and mustaches.

Stress deprives the body of testosterone, which plays a vital role in growing thicker hair, beard, and mustache. Additionally, stress constricts blood vessels that supply nutrients to the hair follicles.

Everyone experiences some form of stress at some point. There is no problem with short-term stress. However, be sure to avoid the stress that lasts longer if you want to make your thin mustache thicker.

So, how do you avoid stress? That can be as simple as playing, swimming, socializing, going for adventures, and watching comedy and pranks. Laugh out loud and share your troubles with family and friends. Meditation can also help relieve the symptoms of stress and aid hair growth.


You need enough sleep to increase testosterone levels in your body. As with patchy beards, inadequate testosterone production can cause certain areas of your mustache not to grow.

Ultimately, enough sleep aids the regeneration of testosterone. In addition, sleeping helps to reduce stress, which hampers hair growth.

With that said, how much sleep do you need? Make sure you sleep for at least eight hours every day. It might not take long before your facial hair grows.

Hydrate Your Body

maintain proper hydration to grow mustache

Your body needs enough water to eliminate any form of toxins that may prevent your facial hair from growing.

Also, staying hydrated makes your skin healthier and moisturized, helping grow your facial hairs, including your mustache.

Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated. But be sure not to do it just before retiring to bed. Otherwise, you may end up visiting the bathroom several times during the night, depriving the body of the sleep it needs to regenerate testosterone production.

Take Supplements

In addition to eating a balanced diet as aforesaid, you want to take supplements to ensure your body gets everything it needs for healthy hair growth.

Vitamin B, vitamin D, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 aid in the growing luxurious, thicker mustache. Other supplements that help grow your mustache include zinc, copper, magnesium, and iron.

But why take supplements when you eat a well-balanced diet? The sad truth is that you do not get enough nutrients in your diet. Supplements make up for what your body does not assimilate from the diet.

Increase Vitamins and Proteins Intake

One sure way to aid the growth of your mustache is by improving your diet. Then protein filament affects your hair growth. That said, you need to consume protein-packed foods, such as nuts and meat.

Also, eat more veggies. They contain lots of vitamins and minerals for a healthy body and a thick-growing mustache. So go for kales, broccoli, carrots, and fruits, such as avocado.

Overall, make sure you eat a balanced diet, including water, to make thin mustache thicker. A healthy and balanced diet is what you need. Typically, it increases testosterone production to give your mustache and beard a luxurious and thicker appearance.

Styling Your Mustache

style your mustache

The hard truth is that making your beard thicker is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of effort.

So, even as you try the above tips, you might want to try mustache styles that suit your face. But, first, visit your hairstylist and tell him that you wish your mustache (and beard) to look fuller.

That takes only a few minutes, and you will end up fooling everyone that you have a thick mustache.

Does Shaving Help Grow Thick Mustaches?

Does Shaving Help Grow Thick Mustaches?

The assertion that shaving makes hair grow faster is a myth. Ignore it. After shaving, the beard might appear thicker at the beginning. But this is just an illusion, given that it appears darker near the root.

Once the mustache grows to its standard length, you will notice no difference from what you had pre-shaving.

If you fall for this false theory, you might even lose some hairs due to increased ingrown hairs, which block hair growth.

Avoid Thick-Mustache DIY Hacks

You may be aware that fast hair growth hacks all the internet. For example, you may have watched videos or read that baking soda, garlic, sugar, and lemon can aid beard growth.

Most of the ingredients here might be cost-effective and natural. But they come with mixed views about promoting facial hair growth.

More specifically, garlic can trigger skin inflammation and allergies that cause you to lose hair rather than gain it. Sugar and lemon are too harsh on the skin and may also remove some inches from your mustache.

In essence, talk to a dermatologist or other skin experts before trying the non-proven DIY applications on your mustache.

Growing a Thick and Bold Mustache

Once you get past the first stages of growing a mustache, it is easier to continue growing it. Gently tugging on your hairs can help them to grow in the right direction. Removing all of the rest of your facial hair will make your mustache seem larger. Combing the hairs in the opposite direction can also give you a bigger and bolder look.

#1. Extended Horseshoe Mustache

thick fu manchu mustache

The horseshoe mustache typically is grown from the mustache area down towards the chin, but the extended horseshoe takes it a step further by growing the beard down through the neck as well. The rest of the face is kept clean shaved and is combined with heavy growth of  beard for the horseshoe style as well as the sideburns.

#2. Extended Walrus

thick and bold mustache

The extend walrus mustache goes further past the corners of your lips all the way into the cheek area. A light stubble and heavy sideburns could be a good combination for this look.

#3. Imperial Mustache with Long Beard

thick salt and pepper mustache

If you’re going for a big, burly, lumberjack man vibe, this is the perfect look for it. A large, imperial mustache can never go wrong with a nicely shaped long beard.

#4. Teased Chevron

men's thick mustache

Combining two different mustache styles can result in a unique look, just like the teased chevron. The mustaches are shaped to be pointed at the end and curving upwards.

#5. Handlebar Mustache and Long Goatee

thick mustache for older men

A long goatee covering the chin combined with a handlebar mustache is an amazing style, specially if you’re a biker and you want your beard to fully express your spirit and lifestyle.

#6. Thick Chevron

Thick Chevron and bold mustaches beard

A Chevron mustache is simple but effective. This bushy mustache style is great for a real no-nonsense look. Keep the mustache groomed to ensure that it keeps its shape.

#7. Teased Handlebar

thick chevron mustache #chevron #thickmustache #boldmustache

Teased handlebar is basically the handlebar mustache combined with thinly curved and pointed ends. Handlebars usually suit people with a wide upper lip area and dense mustache growth. The handlebar mustaches typically cover the upper lip completely to give more width to the style. The pointed ends can be achieved by applying mustache wax and regularly shaping them accordingly every day over a period of a few months.

#8. Mustache with Mutton Chops

Mutton chops help to create a historically masculine look. Join them up to a thick and bold mustache but leave your chin free from hair. This style is a very hipster choice.

#9. Gunslinger

Show your town who is Sheriff with a Western-inspired gunslinger mustache.  Turn the ends of the mustache down a little bit at the corners of your mouth to give an even more prominent cowboy style.

#10. The Swanson

No list of thick and bold mustaches could be complete without a picture of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. His thick and bold mustache is a huge part of his no-nonsense character.

Guys with thick and bold mustaches really mean business. A strong mustache can become your trademark facial hair. However, if you are looking for a mustache or beard style which is a little bit more subtle, we have plenty of other lists that you can choose from.

Remember that mustaches are not the cards for everyone. So, no need to force your stache to grow if the above tips do not show results. Instead, you might want to experiment with different mustache styles to make your mustache appear fuller and thicker.

Do not get worried if there are no immediate results. So, you want to wait for a couple of months before seeing the impact on your hair and mustache growth.

Some people are successful in growing fuller, thicker mustaches via the tips mentioned earlier. But that does not necessarily mean that it will work for you. The trick here is to try most, if not all, of these tips.

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