5 Impressively Thick and Bold Mustaches

Thick and bold mustache styles just ooze masculinity. Large mustaches take a lot of time and patience to grow. Many men will give up and shave their mustache off before it becomes that impressive. The first stages of growing a big mustache can even be a little bit uncomfortable and irritating.


Growing a Thick and Bold Mustache

Once you get past the first stages of growing a mustache, it is easier to continue growing it. Gently tugging on your hairs can help them to grow in the right direction. Removing all of the rest of your facial hair will make your mustache seem larger. Combing the hairs in the opposite direction can also give you a bigger and bolder look.


#1: Thick Chevron

Thick Chevron and bold mustaches beard

A Chevron mustache is simple but effective. This bushy mustache style is great for a real no-nonsense look. Keep the mustache groomed to ensure that it keeps its shape.


#2: Teased Handlebar



#3: Mustache with Mutton Chops


Mutton chops help to create a historically masculine look. Join them up to a thick and bold mustache but leave your chin free from hair. This style is a very hipster choice.

#4: Gunslinger

Show your town who is Sheriff with a Western-inspired gunslinger mustache.  Turn the ends of the mustache down a little bit at the corners of your mouth to give an even more prominent cowboy style.

#5: The Swanson

No list of thick and bold mustaches could be complete without a picture of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. His thick and bold mustache is a huge part of his no-nonsense character.

Guys with thick and bold mustaches really mean business. A strong mustache can become your trademark facial hair. However, if you are looking for a mustache or beard style which is a little bit more subtle, we have plenty of other lists that you can choose from.