90 Hottest Mustache Styles for Guys Right Now

Mustaches are not just for the “Movember” campaign in November. You can grow and proudly wear a stylish mustache at any time of year, and it will look great.

Although they went out of fashion for a while, the mustache is back “in” in a big way! When you are choosing your beard, you can take inspiration from a lot of different celebrities.

From Brad Pitt to Hulk Hogan, there are celebrities from all walks of life who have recently rocked a mustache style.

How to Pick a Mustache Style

Mustaches are magical. They can change your entire appearance. Have a thin upper lip or an undershot chin? Just grow a mustache.

There’s a mustache style for every man, from a thick brush-like Tom Selleck’s ‘stache to a sleek, thin line. You have plenty of time to choose, too, because the first thing you need to do is just let the hair on your upper lip grow.

men's latest mustache styles

Study styles as your ‘stache grow in, so you’re ready once it’s time to groom. Familiarize yourself with the different mustache types.

Pick a manly Tombstone mustache to evoke a Wild, Wild West vibe. Choose something thin, like Errol Flynn’s famous upper lip. The Zappa tends to droop and comes with a soul patch. The handlebar is the hipster’s best friend.

The copstash, favored by law enforcement, is neat and polished, while the Franz Josef merges with mutton chops. From the Dali to the Fu Manchu, you just have to envision what’s going to look fly AF on you.

Types of Mustaches

Let’s have a look at some popular and most common mustache types and pick your desired one!

Handlebar Mustache

handlebar - most popular mustache type

Since the early 20th century, the most modern and popular mustache type is Handlebar. It is a better choice for the full mustache and looks really dashing with the full beard. Mustache wax can be used for doing the twirl.

Chevron Mustache

Chevron Mustache Type

It’s an easy type of mustache and is a famous mustache of Freddy Mercury. To have this classic type, just trim the facial hair on the upper lip line when grows.

Walrus Mustache

Walrus Mustache Type

The walrus type is traditional and has similarities with the chevron type. It is thick and bushy which outstrips the line of the mouth. This type is not for those who don’t have a full mustache.

Horseshoe Mustache

horseshoe mustache

This typical U-shaped style looks a little complicated but makes it not that tough. This horseshoe style which is also known as biker mustache is a well-suited style for those who are the front line type and goes really well with long hair.

The English Moustache

English mustache

English moustache style is quite similar to handlebar mustache but is not that curved. Just let the hair grow and from earlier, use mustache wax to maintain the sides and to avoid the growth of the hair on top of the mouth.

Mustache Style – With or Without Beard?

mustache with and without beard

You can wear a beard with pretty much any mustache, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Some ‘stache styles just look better on their own. The Dali and Fu Manchu just mentioned are two of them. The Flynn looks better sans beard, as well.

On the whole, however, the majority of mustache types appear even more virile and masculine with the addition of a beard or goatee. A handlebar mustache is rugged but refined when you pair it with a small goatee. The Zappa depends on a soul-patch beard. As for the Van Dyke, well, the pointed beard and mustache combo are tops.

Just like any other type of facial hair or haircut, certain mustache styles look better with specific facial shapes. For example, the horseshoe mustache flatters softly rounded, oval-shaped faces, while a small Van Dyke is perfect for a round face. Try a mustache with some scruff if you have a triangular face. A long face benefits from a full, thick chevron ‘stache.

Play around with what looks sexy. You can tweak any style of a mustache to suit your face, you know. You might just have to get creative — experimental, even.

Mustache Styles for Different Face Shapes

Many guys are interested in adopting a mustache for a more manly look. Though nowadays, almost all men with different face shapes love to have a mustache, it has become popular from 1970 to 1980.

At that time Tom Selleck, Frank Zappa, and many other personalities took the mustache as a new fashion trend.

Be careful while choosing a mustache style for you. Because all the mustache types will not be well suited for your face shape.

So, in this article, we have tried to give you a suggestion to choose the perfect mustache type according to your face. Keep reading!

For The Small Face

small face mustache type

Opt for a thinner mustache if you have a small face. Trim the mustache regularly and get an impressive look.

For The Face With Thin Lips

mustache type for face with thin lips

A little larger mustache is a good option for the face with thin lips. Mustache with a slightly long side will make the lips look thicker.

For The Face With Thick Lips

mustache type for face with thick lips

A smaller mustache is suitable for the face with a thick lip. Don’t grow it long at the corner of the mouth.

For Long And Thin Faces

handlebar mustache for thin face

You can try for whisker if you have a long and thin face. This type of mustache makes the face to look smaller.

For Long Face

mustache type for long face

The horseshoe style which gives an aggressive look is well suited to the long face. Always avoid a mustache with little hair because it will give a larger face look.

For The Faces With Soft Features

If your face has soft features, make a mustache with a sharper end. You can have a rustic look in this way.

For Square Face

square face mustache type

Square shaped mustache is the best option for this face shape as it highlights the chin outline.

For Round Face

round face mustache type

If you have a round face then opt for a straight and thinner mustache. As there are a few angles in the round face, this mustache style will make your chicks look thinner.

Mustache Growing and Care

The trickiest part of having a mustache is normally growing it. You may have to wear your mustache in a few unusual styles whilst you are growing it into the style that you choose. Once it is long enough, you can use trimmers to keep it looking stylish and mustache wax to set your mustache into specific styles. If you are struggling to grow a mustache, read our post on how to grow a healthy and thick mustache.

Coolest Mustache Styles to Try in 2024

Mustaches are a huge trend among guys and many new trends are coming up with the passage of time.

If you are wondering about the best mustache styles that are in fashion and how you can get a stylish mustache then read this post to get an idea about it.

We have gathered the classiest and best mustache styles for you to take a look at and try out.

#1: Handlebar with Light Stubble and Afro  

black men mustache for curly hair

A handlebar mustache is a very powerful mustache to pull off and looks good on all sorts of faces. A unique style that you can try is growing a full afro with the handlebar but without the beard.

#2: Thin Pencil Stache without Beard 

short mustache

A thin pencil stache is always a good option when you’re confused about what style of mustache to keep. It goes with a light beard; you can even rock it with a clean shave.

#3: Trimmed Mustache with High Fade

blonde painter mustache

A trimmed pencil stache, despite being a vintage style, can also work with more modern haircuts like a high fade. You can especially keep a pencil mustache if you have a middle gap on your lip.

#4: Thin Pencil Stache with Soul Patch and Waves 

pencil thin mustache

Most African American celebrities have a thin pencil mustache for a reason and because it looks good with almost all black hairstyles, and they don’t have to worry about a curly mustache.

#5: Hungarian Mustache with Soul Patch 

French mustache

There are different types of handlebar mustaches that you can rock, with the Hungarian variety being the biggest and longest ones. Only full beards look good with a mustache that big, so you can instead grow out a small soul patch.

#6: Overgrown Gray Mustache 

long grey mustache

The overgrown walrus mustache is a great choice for people who want something that is more out there and don’t mind the time sink that will go into maintaining and waxing it for shape.

#7: Salt and pepper thin Mustache with Goatee 

asian man with mustache

Having thin beard and mustache hair doesn’t mean that you can’t have one, with this particular style showing off a salt and pepper stache and a small goatee beard that goes well with it.

#8: Walrus handlebar Mustache with Light Stubble 

bald guy with walrus mustache

If you want a handlebar mustache that really speaks for itself, the walrus is the right one. Pair it with a clean shave and a bald head, and you can say a lot without uttering a word.

#9: Salt and Pepper Chevron Mustache with Clean Shave 

grey chevron mustache

Rock the ultimate Indian dad look with this salt-and-pepper chevron and a clean shave. The look also goes great if you have male-pattern baldness.

#10: Dyed Chevron Mustache with Round Glasses 

mustache with glasses

If you’re looking to get creative with your mustache styles, you can always dye your mustache in a unique color like red or blonde.

#11: Trimmed Chevron Mustache with Long Hair 

thick blonde mustache

A chevron mustache also goes well with long hair, and you can even pair them with oversized glasses for that unique 70s look. While a light stubble would also look good, a clean shave will look a lot cleaner.

#12: Classy Handlebar


Handlebar mustaches were once considered to be an antiquated style, but they are now back in fashion among hipster guys. These mustaches are famed for their width and the fact that they curl up at the corners like the handlebars on your bike.

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#13: Relaxed Handlebar

curved mustache style

Look at this thick, luscious mo! This is a ‘stache with panache, a ‘stache that begs to be taken home for dinner and introduced to the family.

It’s not an extreme handlebar, either, which means you won’t have to spend a ton of time or product getting the shape you want.

#14: The Beard plus Mustache Mix

This hot combo is a cheeky mix of several beard and mustache styles. The mo is a handlebar, and the beard incorporates elements of the Duck Tail—the short sides—and the Hollywoodian since the beard itself is full rather than tapered. See? You can play around with your facial hair to find your sizzle.

#15: The Horseshoe


Every generation seems to have one icon who absolutely rocks the Horseshoe mustache. A Horseshoe is almost a goatee beard, but without any hair on the bottom of your chin. Keep the rest of your face clean to make your mustache stand out, or team a Horseshoe up with thick sideburns.

#16: Small Walrus


Turn to the animal kingdom for inspiration and choose a bristly mustache. This mustache style has the width as well as the depth, just like a real walrus’s mustache does. It is the perfect rugged choice.

#17: The Anchor


This minimalist mustache and beard style is named the anchor because of its resemblance to a traditional shipping anchor. If you want to make the style even more distinct, you can grow your soul patch into a chin puff so that there is no gap in the middle.

#18: Blonde


Regardless of what color the hair on your head is, you can stun with a bright blonde mustache. Use a touch-up kit to dye your mustache a very bright shade which will help to attract the right kind of attention.

#19: The Monopoly Man


This is the mustache style that is favored by the guy on the front of the Monopoly game box! This solid mustache is a similar shape to the handlebar, but it should be fleshed out more.

Make sure that the hair meets in the middle, so that it forms a solid block of color on your face.

#20: The Flat ‘W’


This mustache works with lots of angles but it is a classical style. The fashion was far more popular in days gone by but is a cool throwback look. It ticks upwards at the corners which helps to give you a cheeky smile.

#21: Bushy Mustache with Bushy Beard


Bushy beard styles are now becoming more popular than ever. Groom your mustache so that it is visually distinct from your beard, to make sure that it stands out. In this style, the mustache is groomed but the beard is rugged and wild.

#22: Toothbrush


The Toothbrush mustache style was very popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century. If you want a throwback style of facial hair, which can be teamed up with a modern haircut then try this look. If you like antique clothes, try this cool look.

#23: Thick Pencil Mustache


A pencil mustache is one that is highly manicured. A traditional pencil mustache is one that is so thin that it looks like it has been drawn on with a pencil. To keep your pencil mustache neat, you will need to keep it trimmed every day.

#24: Fleshed out Goatee


This well-kept style is kind of like a goatee beard which has been fleshed out somewhat. Keep the mustache section of your look really fleshed out to that it is thick and distinct. Groom the rest of your beard to make sure that it is kept in check, so that this style is really professional and business-like.

#25: Great Grey Style


A full on grey beard and mustache style can be reminiscent of Father Christmas, but this style can be tamed so that it looks fashionable instead of festive. Train your beard so that it grows to a point away from your chin. Trim any stray hairs on a daily basis.

#26: Thick Sloping Style


If you have a short face, you can actually make it look much longer by wearing a beard and a thick sloping mustache. This style is one which is perfect for guys who want to create a rugged manly look for themselves.

#27: Chevron Mustache with Full Square Beard


This fiery manly style relies on lots of angles and straight edges. It can make your face and jaw look as though they are much squarer. Trim your beard so that it is a very boxy style and groom your mustache so that it curves downwards in an upside down V shape.

#28: Dark Mustache with a Grey Beard


To achieve a mustache style which really stands out, keep your beard and your mustache hair different colors to one another. Many men will actually find that their mustache stays darker, even when their beard starts to go grey. Instead of fighting it, wear this style with pride.

#29: Well-kept Beard and Mustache with Sweep over Hair


Mix things up a bit by choosing a style where your beard and mustache are both kept perfectly trimmed and styled, but where your head hair is a little bit wild. Sweep your head hair over to one side, so that you can show off your beard and mustache properly at the other side of your head.

#30: Thin Mustache with a Square Jaw Beard


This incredibly fashionable style relies on sharp angles which follow the shape of your face. To keep the lines looking sharp you will need to do some style maintenance every single day.

#31: Straggly Style


Even if you don’t want to spend every day trimming and preening your beard and mustache, then that does not mean that you cannot have stylish facial hair. In fact, some people make the struggling an important part of their mustache style. This is a kind of shabby chic look.

#32: Light Imperial Mustache


This mustache is another amazing throwback style which will give you a bit of European flair. Although it is not as extreme as some of the Imperials which have gone before it, this mustache will still help to give you an air of wealth and good taste.

#33: Celtic Cool


This bristly mustache is teamed up with medium length stubble to give a look which is the height of celtic cool. It is a great look if you want to assert your independence from traditional norms.

#34: Dali Style

dali mustache

Salvador Dali was famous for his crazy mustache style. To copy his look you need to tease your mustache outwards so that it has real length. Once your style is long enough, you can use mustache wax to hold your style firmly in place in whatever wacky style you want.

#35: Statement Mustache

Statement Mustache

If you are feeling daring, you can actually use your mustache to make a real statement. If you are off to a special event you can use temporary hair dye to color your mustache however you want. Wear your heart on your face!

#36: The Shadow

shadow mustache

The Shadow is one of the easiest mustaches to create. In fact, you can grow a “shadow” in just one or two days, depending on how quickly your facial hair grows. It is becoming more and more popular amongst Hollywood stars and other celebs who only want a hint of a mustache!

#37: Medium beard and Mustache

mustache style 1

Nothing looks good than a medium beard and mustache. It looks classy and makes you look good and fantastic. It is a stylish Mustache style and very attractive to try out.

#38: The Selleck

mustache style 2

Though many people try this Mustache style, this will look good only on few of the individuals. It requires around 5 months to grow and looks good on some of the people. To get this mustache style right, you will need very thick, coarse and straight facial hair.

#39: General Ambrosia Burnside Mustache

mustache style 3

This is a great style, but requires huge maintenance and care for proper growth. But, this style looks good only on few people.

#40: Waxed Handlebar Mustache

mustache style 4

This is a great mustache that is different and attractive. It is a must try out Mustache by all men and looks stylish on people.

#41: Simple Mustache

mustache style 5

This mustache carried by Martin Luther King is simple yet attractive. It is a good to try beard and looks good on few people.

#42: The Butch Mustache

mustache style 6

The butch Mustache looks good on most men and gives you a handsome look. This is a must try style and is attractive and hot.

#43: Well groomed Mustache

mustache style 7

This well-groomed mustache will accentuate your looks. It is charming yet attractive on the people.

#44: Thin Mustache

mustache style 8

This thin Mustache looks cool and sexy. You can try this if you love thin styles!

#45: Chinstrap Beard with Stubble Mustache

mustache style 9

This is a great and popular style that you must try out at least once. This looks nice and is really easy to maintain Mustache. This is one of favorite mustache styles.

#46: Medium Stubble Mustache

mustache style 10

This is a fantastic Mustache style to try out. This is a great style and very impressive mustache style. The medium stubble mustache style looks very nice.

#47: Ginger Mustache

mustache style 11

Ginger Mustache is a great mustache style that will make you look handsome. This is a great style that can give you a sexy look. It requires great care and maintenance.

#48: Light Mustache

mustache style 12

This is a great look to carry. Light Mustache is easy to carry and looks simple yet handsome. This is a look that suits every face type.

#49: Handlebar Mustache

mustache style 14

This is a great look to attain. This look can be achieved by the use of hair wax, and needs upkeep. You can shave off the beard so as to get a great look.

#50: Curly Mustache

mustache style 15

This curly mustache has the upward and curly look. This is stylish and very attractive to try out. You can use a curling iron too so as to attain a curling effect.

#51: Petite Handlebar Mustache

mustache style 16

It is a wide and thick type of mustache that has the curves with the sides that are curling upwards. This is a great style that you must try out. It is impressive and attractive too.

#52: Chevron Mustache

mustache style 17

Chevron Mustache is not only thick but also wide. Most men like to wear the mustache long. This is a great Mustache style that you must try out.

#53: Dali Mustache

mustache style 18

Dali Mustache is one of the most famous mustache styles of all times. It is impressive and looks attractive and different. But it does not look good on everyone.

#54: English Mustache

mustache style 19

English Mustache gives a unique look to the individual. The whiskers in this type are long and are pulled to the side. The men usually shave the areas near their mouth to get a great look.

#55: Fu Manchu Mustache

mustache style 20

Fu manchu beard is a very different type of beard. It is a full mustache that grows long below the chin. It goes straight downwards.

#56: Horseshoe Mustache

mustache style 21

This is a horseshoe mustache style that is similar to the handlebar mustache. It comprises of vertical extensions and looks stylish and attractive.

#57: Lampshade Mustache

mustache style 22

Lampshade mustache is a great one to try out. It is closely cropped above the lips and is of the same length as that of the lips. It gives a different and stylish look to the people.

#58: Trainee Handlebar Mustache


A proper handlebar mustache style can take a little while to grow. Once you get the thickness right, you will have to keep teasing the hair at either end of your mustache to encourage it to develop width.

#59: Caveman Style


This manly look is characterized by having as much hair as possible in every section of your face. Keep the hair on your head to the same length as the hair in your beard. Make sure that you integrate a huge bushy beard into this style. Grow your head hair longer as your beard grows longer.

#60: Anchor Beard

Anchor beard needs the help of a mustache to resemble the shape of an anchor. So this could be taken as a mustache style too. You can try this if you have an oval face.

#61: Box Beard

If the hair from the mustache connects to the hair of the chin and jaw making a box shape, it is called box beard. This beard also includes the presence of a mustache.

#62: Fully Stubble

This is the most donned beard style by today’s youth. The length of the beard and the mustache is exactly the same. This type of short beard style is the go-to style for almost every adults out there.

#63: Pencil Mustache

Pencil Mustache is a classic mustache style. The facial hair of this style is so carefully shaved and trimmed so that it doesn’t lose the thin shape by any means.

#64: Lite Mustache

It’s not mandatory to get a serious type of mustache that is thick and black. One can get a lite mustache style as depicted in this picture.

#65: Historic Mustache

Who doesn’t know about the distinct mustache of Hitler? Yes! We are talking about toothbrush mustache. You can try this style if that goes with your personality. We suggest giving a trial before doing it.

#66: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is the person who is iconic to millions of Holywood fans. Some people follow him so integratively that they try every hairstyle and beard style Brad dons. If you are a fan of him, you can try this mustache style.

#67: Waxed Sideways

Handlebar mustache sure gets the fullest attention nowadays. One can add more style to this mustache by waxing the marginal hair sideways. This is an extreme variant of mustache style.

#68: Chin Hair with Chevron

Chevron mustache is one of the basic mustache styles. You can add glam to this mustache by associating it with some chin hair.

#69: I Mustache a Question

“I must ask you a question”, this line sounds almost similar like ‘I mustache you a question.’ That’s why it has become a funny expression regarding mustache styles. You can design the mustache in such way so that it takes the shape of a question mark.

#70: Glorified Baldness

Bald head requires an especial kind of styling. A nice and well-kept mustache can glorify the baldness very easily. It can change the overall look within a minute.

#71: Blonde Beard Style

Blonde beard style itself has a beautification power. The beauty gets increased with the presence of a full beard with a full and thick mustache.

#72: A Sole Soul Patch

Soul patch beard takes a revolutionary look if it’s associated with a healthy and thick mustache. A sole soul patch finds its soul when a compatible mustache is around it.

#73: Freddie Mercury

One can’t just avoid Freddie’s name while talking about mustache style. He was famous for his songs and millions of people followed his mustache style just as they followed his concerts.

#74: Edgy Styles

This is a beard style which demands extra care and attention at the time of grooming. The edges should be trimmed and shaved with great attention to make sure that the style doesn’t get ruined.

#75: The Borat

Sacha Noam Baron Cohen rocked a full mustache style in famous movie Borat. If you have a healthy amount of facial hair in the neighboring area of the nose, go for this style.

#76: The Inspiration

If any of you ever fails to get inspiration while deciding a beard style or hairstyle, search for David Beckham. He will surely provide you with some inspirational styles. Mustache styles are no exceptions.

#77: Faded Awesomeness

This is a fade mustache style. The mustache is so nicely faded with the beard. Here the beard looks almost great with the faded awesomeness of the mustache.

#78: Revolutionary Che

Che is loved and respected even after all these years of his death. He has some fanatic follower, they try to copy everything Che did during his lifetime. He used to have a less groomed straggling mustache. You can try that too.

#79: Natural Beard

#80: Extended Handlebar with Long Beard

Extended Handlebar with Long Beard

An extended handlebar can be easily combined with a full beard that comes up to the collarbones. To get this mustache to look clean, a well-defined neck and cheek line is necessary. The beard is also tampered around the cheeks and evenly trimmed.

#81: Light Stubble Mustache with Neck Beard

Light Stubble Mustache with Neck Beard

A neck beard is starting to become more popular these days, mostly because of its hipster vibe. It’s a good complement to a light stubble mustache that’s connected to the neck beard.

#82: Light Stubble Beard with Handlebars

Light Stubble Beard with Handlebars

Handlebars are a really popular mustache style combined with a light stubble beard that has an articulated cheek line. This style is also known as a beard stache.

#83: Major Mustache

Major Mustache

The major mustache is any mustache that is parted from the middle with some skin showing underneath. It comes all the way down to the upper lips and slightly covers it. Keep it well-trimmed and the rest of the face clean shaved for a nice touch.

#84: Petit Handlebars

Petit Handlebars

Petit handlebars are shorter handlebars with the corners slightly crossing the corners of your mouth. It’s also parted from the middle and the rest of your skin is clean shaved.

#85: Caterpillar Mustache with Patchy Beard

Caterpillar Mustache with Patchy Beard

A perfect combination to patchy and thin beards is usually a heavy caterpillar mustache. Caterpillar staches are usually dense and left uneven and untrimmed.

#86: Bushy Mustache

Bushy Mustache

This is the perfect example of a naturally bushy mustache. It covers the mouth completely and extends outwards from the face.

#87: English Mustache with Light Chin Beard

English Mustache with Light Chin Beard

A chin beard is any facial hair around the chin. As you can see, a light chin beard is a good match with an English mustache.

#88: Pencil Mustache with Soul Patch

Pencil Mustache with Soul Patch

A pencil mustache usually looks best with a clean shaved cheek and neck area. The area surrounding the mustache should also be kept clean. You can also combine it with a small soul patch.

#89: The Frank Zappa Mustache

The Frank Zappa Mustache

This mustache style combined with a soul patch is an homage to one of the greatest musicians of all time, Frank Zappa, who happened to be an intellectual as well. This style is suitable for those with thick facial hair.

#90: Thick Mustache

mustache style 13

This thick mustache is a great one to try and gives you a remarkable as well as distinct look. This rough, coarse, and thick mustache gives you a sexy look.

Mustache Grooming Tips

Here are some tips to help groom your mustache.

Shampoo it

A mustache isn’t like your eyebrows or the hair on your legs. A ‘stache hangs out around your mouth. It drinks what you drink. It eats what you eat. It gets dirty. Rather than simply hoping that no corn kernels are moldering away in there, shampoo your ‘stache when you shower.

Condition it, too

Mustaches are coarse and dense. They get prickly. Do a solid for all the people in your life who enjoy kissing you and condition your mustache after you shampoo it.

Steam it

Steam your whole face. Washing your face with a hot washcloth or towel, or just draping a hot towel over your face will steam your skin and your hair follicles. It also cleans the hidden skin beneath your mo, which can eliminate itchiness and dryness.

Train it

If you plan to style your ‘stache in an extreme fashion, ala the handlebar. However, you can train the hair to grow and lay in a particular direction. It just involves a lot of careful combing, preferably with a fine tooth comb.

You’ll still need product if you plan to style your ‘stache in an extreme fashion, ala the handlebar. However, you can train the hair to grow and lay in a particular direction. It just involves a lot of careful combing, preferably with a fine tooth comb.

Trim it

Regular trimming maintenance is a must. Wild or uneven hairs are instantly visible because they are right there hanging over your upper lip. With some mustache types, a small electric trimmer will work.

In most cases, you are better off using small barber scissors or scissors designed for facial hair. Always snip carefully and conservatively, cutting only a little at a time.


Do guys look better with mustaches?

Most men and women find mustaches to make a man look more mature. According to some surveys, a good percentage of people who took part in them said that a mustache can make a guy look masculine and/or sexy.

According to a few Quora and Reddit posts, some women also find the mustaches should be well maintained and kept short as to not get into their mouths. Of course, hygiene is of utmost importance.

Should mustache cover upper lip?

It depends on the style and personal preference. For some mustache styles, the facial hair does not cross the upper lip while some mustaches go well over it and sometimes even come all the way across the lower lip.

Does a mustache make you look older?

Well, a mustache can add more maturity to your face. So, yes, in most cases, it does make you look older than you really are. That’s definitely a good news for those with a boyish face who want to look older.

How to keep a mustache from curling into the mouth?

The best way to stop the mustache from curling into the mouth is to use mustache wax regularly to shape it and keep it away from your mouth. Brushing/combing regularly can also help. Usually, you can combine these two processes to part the mustache from the center or lift up your mustache away from the mouth.

A more extreme scenario is to pin up your mustache using small hair clips and bobby pins. This is also a no-wax-needed option. Of course, you can only do this for a certain time as you obviously can’t go out like that.

Does mustache stop growing at a certain length?

It depends on your genetics. If it’s biologically possible for you, some mustaches can grow indefinitely. You would ideally keep it at a certain length.

In most cases, though, mustaches do stop growing at a certain length. Each area of your face has a terminal length for facial hair and usually cap out at a couple of inches. It grows indefinitely for a few millimeters and stops after it covers your lips. After this point it’ll probably curl up towards your mouse or nose.

Will my mustache get thicker with time?

This also usually comes down to genetics. If you have a generally dense beard growth it’s quite easy for the mustache to get thicker over time. But, if it’s been a few weeks or months and you’re wondering if the mustache will be thicker, it probably won’t. And that’s totally fine. There are a ton of mustache styles that can accompany thin or patchy mustaches nicely.

Some guys don’t have a heavy mustache, the hair looks a bit straggly. No worries, you can keep that natural mustache. Nothing is better than natural things. But make sure that mustache suits you.

Mustache can be the perfect companion for a beard style. It can solely complement the look of beard and mustache enthusiasts. But we should get some knowledge of the styles and variants of mustache to make the best out of the mustache styles. Hope this article will help you in this regard.

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