25 Bad Beard Examples You Would Hate to Grow

Some people end up having a really bad beard resulted from trying to be over confident. With beards being the latest trend among men, it natural to follow the trend in order to fit in.

While attaining an awesome beard may be an easy for some men, others have a very hard time achieving a beard that is not patchy or thin. From full beards to the classic goatee, you would think that messing these looks up would be hard, right?

Fact is, a lot of men try to go overboard when styling the beard in an attempt to create (or recreate) a “unique” look, and wind up looking utterly ridiculous.

Reasons That Causes Bad Looking Beard Style

  1. Unbalanced proportions can throw off your entire look. If your beard is too long on one side or doesn’t match your facial features, it can create an unappealing style.
  2. A poorly maintained beard can quickly become a bad beard style. Regular grooming, trimming, and washing are essential to keeping your beard looking its best.
  3. Selecting a beard style that doesn’t complement your face shape can also result in bad beard style. For example, a long beard on a round face can make your face appear even rounder, while a short beard on a long face can make it look even longer.
  4. One of the most common reason for a bad beard  is improper grooming which can result from trimming errors, or simply neglecting your beard. This can lead to an ugly appearance.

Bad Beard Style Examples

Here are 25 of the worst beard examples that you would hate to grow.

1. Thick Horseshoe Mustache with Soul Patch and Sideburns

weird bad beard

Not everyone looks good with a horseshoe mustache, since it can grow uneven or just doesn’t fit their face. Combined with the short hair, sideburns, and soul patch, it makes for a beard that you would rather not grow.  

2. Patchy Horseshoe Mustache with Sideburns

bad beard and mustache

If there’s anything worse than a thick and dark horseshoe mustache, it’s a patchy one that you couldn’t grow out properly. Even if you don’t have the longer sideburns, the patchy mustache can look very unappealing, and it’s best to start from scratch.   

3. Mid Length Goatee with Stubble

bad goatee beard

Goatees are usually a great choice for a beard, but this mid-length, stringy goatee is just too long and oddly shaped to look good. It also replaces a mustache with stubble, which just makes the entire look unappealing.  

4. Stringy Chin Curtains into Horseshoe

bad beard style

This beard is the result of someone not committing to proper muttonchops, and instead deciding to go for this thin chinstrap look. The string beard hair just makes the beard look even more unappealing, and you’re better off just keeping a light stubble.  

5. Poorly Dyed Goatee

bad dyed beard

While dyeing your beard can give you some very interesting options, a poorly dyed goatee like this can make you change your mind. Along with the color not looking good, it doesn’t help that the style he chose doesn’t go well with this hair or his face type.

6. A Crispy Beard?

bad funny beard

This is what you get when you decide to leave your beard in the straightener for too long. Along with looking too unrealistic, it doesn’t help that this type of hair just looks like crispy bacon, and not in a good way.   

7. Unkempt Full Beard with Viking Braid

bad facial hair

To pull off a good looking Viking braid, you need to have a long and thick enough beard to go properly into a beard. While the full beard looks good enough, the weak braid would make any Viking frown.  

8. Unkempt Goatee with Handlebar

bad long beard

A French fork beard can look good, but what about a French fork goatee? Well, this style proves that this isn’t a good look and a more level goatee can be a good option. In fact, the thing that will perfect this look is the goatee.  

9. Bushy Horseshoe Mustache with Receding Hair

bad creepy beard

The horseshoe mustache makes a return, and this time its bushier than ever! It grows out from the chin and hangs low, and it is a generally unappealing look when paired with the messy hair and receding hairline.  

10. Unnaturally Painted Red beard

bad colored beard

Dyeing your beard can be a very effective way to make yourself look a lot younger, unless you dye it a different color and it looks like it was spray painted on. These dyes usually take away the texture of your beard, making it look oddly two-dimensional.  

11. The Patchy Beard

Bad Beard

Men whose beards grow in patchy have it hard. This is by no fault of your own, of course, but you may want to rethink your beard styling choices.

If you know you can’t achieve a full beard, you should probably stop trying and opt to sport a goatee instead.

12. The Chin Curtain

Chin Curtain bad beard style

This fine specimen of a beard is a little shocking, to say the least.

It almost looks like one of those detachable beards you buy from Party City for Halloween. I’m trying not to judge, but since this is obviously a mugshot it’s safe to say this man needs to reevaluate some of his life choices.

13. The Homeless

Bad Beard 3

I have no idea whether this man is homeless or not, but I’m pretty sure if you grew your beard out this way, everyone would assume that you were.

To prevent this from happening, maintain proper care of your beard by cleansing, conditioning and, most importantly, gangling.

14. The Confused

Bad Beard 4

There’s a mustache, shaved chin hair, thick sideburns and random patches of beard hair featured in this confusing combination.

Instead of walking around like this, try to find a more cohesive look that doesn’t make you look like your 8-year-old attacked your face with safety scissors.

15. The Wild and Free

Bad Beard 6

This is another semi-homeless look, which is completely preventable with the right amount of trimming and care.

While the bushy look works for some, it is not something that all men should try to attempt, especially if your beard hair grows straighter.

16. The Styled Dreads

Bad Beard 5

Although his stylist obviously took the time to shape up his sideburns and goatee, it’s clear to see that he didn’t take the time to tell him that beard dreads are a horrible idea.

They don’t look good on anyone, no matter how much money you make so your best bet would be to stay far, far away from them.

17. The Villain

.Bad Beard 7

Looking at this combo reminds me of Jafar from the Disney movie Aladdin.

While mustache and soul patch combos are normal and modern, this certain type of styling choice will leave you looking like you’re trying to take over the city of Agra bah.

18. The Creepy Neighbor

Bad Beard 8

This look is reminiscent of that weird guy down the block who’s always trying to offer you candy and to come play with his new dog. This thin, patchy combo should be trimmed down to a goatee, or even shaved clean.

19. The Addict

Bad Beard 9

A choppy beard coupled with a very thin, segmented mustache and messy hair is not something you’ll see on the cover of GQ anytime soon.

Instead of rocking this scraggly look, it’d be better to have the face clean or keep the beard trimmed down to a very short length and lose the mustache.

20. The Wrap-Around

Bad Beard 10

Upon seeing this creation I was both amazed and appalled. The fact that someone actually took the time to achieve this look is exactly why some men don’t deserve beards.

I don’t know where he’s from or why he did this, but it’s safe to say that this has got to be the most ridiculous beard ever created.

21. The Untrimmed Goatee and Full Beard

bad beardstyle

This look is definitely a patchy beard which is not a bad look by itself, and it also has a defined neck and cheek line.

Regardless, that’s not enough, as leaving the cheek area and the goatee untrimmed makes it look worse.

Not to mention that the goatee is not even shaped well and is slanting slightly to the right, and looks wildly uneven. For any first-time beard growers out there, avoid this at all costs.

22. The Wild Long Beard

bad messy beard

Don’t get me wrong, this is definitely a long beard which is definitely a popular style, but what is not wrong with this picture? Come on!

The cheek line is well past definition and overgrown up to the level of the nose.

The rest of the beard is far too wild to even be called unkempt. And it does not look like the beard is taken care of at all.

To avoid ending up like this, find a good shape for your long beard, and trim it every few days by taking away a stray beard.

Also, always keep your cheek lines clean and well-defined.

23. The Unfriendly Mutton Chops

bad asian beard

The friendly mutton chops are an amazing look, but this one looks like anything but that.

Not to mention, this guy didn’t even grow a mustache which is an important aspect of the friendly mutton chops.

The mutton chops have a higher cheek line as well as a thicker beard that is described as the mutton chops and connects to the corners of the lips on both sides of the mouth.

24. A Failed Mutton Chops

bad mutton chop beard

It looks like this guy was aiming for the mutton chops as well. This fail is a good example to find a style for you that actually matches your face and not just going with something without giving it much thought.

If you’re one of those with not a well-defined chin, avoid the mutton chops at all costs.

25. The Untamed and Undeserved

bad braided beard

Combining two different beard styles is a good choice if matched well. Tying up beards in different styles is also an amazing look, but only if you know how to do either of those.

The beard definitely needs to be longer for it to be tied up in any style, and the fact that it hasn’t been trimmed and kept clean is definitely not helping.

Looking to grow a beard? Interesting facts to know

Solutions To Fix A Bad Beard Style

1. Trimming and shaping

The first step to fixing a bad beard style is to trim and shape your beard. Start by trimming the longer hairs, then shape the beard according to your desired style and face shape. This process may require a bit of patience and practice, but it’s essential for achieving a well-groomed look.

2. Beard growth products

For those struggling with patchy beards, beard growth products, such as oils and serums containing essential nutrients, can help stimulate hair growth and create a fuller,

3.Matching Your Beard Style with Face Shape

Choose a suitable beard style for your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, opt for a beard style that adds length and structure, such as a goatee. On the other hand, if you have a long face, consider a fuller beard that adds width to balance out your features.

4. Proper Beard Maintenance

Taking care of your beard is crucial for maintaining a good beard style. Wash and condition your beard regularly to keep it clean and soft. Additionally, use a beard comb or brush to detangle and distribute natural oils evenly throughout your facial hair.

5. Find A Beard Barber

If you are not confident about fixing your own bad beard style or need advice on the best style for you, find a barber who will be perfect for you. He can convert your bad beard style to a flattering one.

So, you don’t need to grow such bad beards. Grow a beard that’ll suit your personality, just don’t over experiment to come up with a ridiculous look!

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