How to Lubricate An Electric Razor Properly

Just like with any other electric gadget, electric razors come with care instructions to ensure you are getting the most from your product. Without proper care, your razor may not last as long as you wish. One of the main steps to caring for an electric razor is lubrication.

When using an electric razor, the blades and metal combs of the razor come into contact with each other causing the need for lubrication to ensure they are running with ease so you can achieve a smooth, close shave.

Why Lubricate Your Electric Razor

Importance of Lubricating Electric Razor

There are many advantages to lubricating your electric razor. Some of these advantages include a longer razor life and a closer shave. If your razor is not taken care of and lubricated regularly, the wear can cause the blades to eat through the foils causing injury if not replaced promptly.

Lubrication slows down wear and tear on the razor giving it a longer lifespan. Lubricating your razor with electric razor oil can help put less stress on the motor by allowing the blades to glide with little resistance.

In turn, this allows the motor power to go towards actually cutting the hair as opposed to trying to make the blades move. With more power allotted to the actual shave, the quality of the shave is noticeably higher and will not need repairing.

Lubrication also reduces heat from the friction produced between the blades and the foils. Reducing the heat your razor is putting off will reduce the risk of razor burn, irritation, and blemishes.

What Type of Oil to Use to Lubricate an Electric Razor?

Just any oil will not work when it comes to lubricating your electric razor. Cooking oils such as olive oil and coconut oil have weak oxidation stability and will ultimately gum up your razor due to their thick consistency.

Oils that are petroleum-based or have hydrocarbons are also discouraged as the hydrocarbons can deform your electric razor, and any prolonged contact with your skin can cause irritation.

An effective electric razor oil will have the ability to withstand low and high temperatures and be relatively thin, so it doesn’t gum up the blades. Finding an oil that is non-toxic for your skin is vital to prevent any breakouts or skin irritation.

Effective electric razor oil will be anything that has low viscosity comparable to mineral oils or factory clipper oil. Finding an oil specifically designed for lubricating an electric razor is the best way to ensure a long life for your razor.

There is also the option of spray lubricant for electric razors. A spray lubricant comes in a spray bottle and is razor-specific, so you don’t have to worry about it ending the life of your electric razor.

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How to Lubricate An Electric Razor

The lubrication process for an electric razor is relatively straightforward. Before adding the oil to the electric razor, it is imperative to ensure the razor is dry. If you have recently cleaned the razor, make sure all units have set out for a few hours to ensure no condensation is still on the razor.

Foil Razor

If you have a foil razor, place a drop of oil on the outside of each foil. You may want to also consider adding a drop of oil to the pop-up trimmer because this can also get very warm during use. One drop of electric razor oil can go a long way, so make sure you are not over oiling.

Once the oil is applied, turn on the razor to allow the oil to distribute among the foils. A few seconds will be plenty of time for this process to complete. If there is any extra oil on the razor, be sure and pat it with a paper towel to absorb unnecessary oils.

If using a spray lubricant, you first want to remove any bulky hairs from your razor blades. Most electric razors come with a brush specifically designed for this purpose.

For best results, remove the blades from the rest of the razor before spraying. Once sprayed, put the blades back on the razor and run for a few seconds to distribute the lubricant evenly.

Rotary Razor

Rotary razors are a very similar process to that of foil razors. With the razor in one piece, place a drop of oil on each shaving head, ensuring you are covering the slits and holes. Then turn on the razor to let the oil distribute.

Once the razor has been on for a few seconds, please turn it off and wipe away any excess oils. Spray lubricant for rotary razors is very similar to that of the foil razor, as you will want to disassemble the shaving head before spraying the lubricant.

This allows for a more even coating of the blades. Once disassembled, spray the shaving heads, blades, and inner part of the combs evenly. Put the shaving heads back together and assemble the razor precisely as it was taken apart.

Watch the following video to learn how to clean and lubricate your electric rotary razor.

Final Thoughts

Everyday maintenance is not an aspect of electric razors commonly thought about before making the purchasing decision. However, it is a crucial step in ensuring you are getting the most out of the performance and overall lifespan of your electric razor.

Lubrication is one of the more eminent steps to ensure your razor cuts evenly and has the power it needs to give you a clean, irritation-free shave.

Selecting a lubricant that will not gum up the razor motor or cause damage to your skin are important factors to consider before choosing the lubricant.

Electric razor oils are sold specifically for this purpose and contain materials that will not harm your skin or your razor. These lubricants come in oil and spray form to better meet your specific needs.

The lubrication process of an electric razor is simple yet crucial that, if it isn’t made a priority, can affect the overall success of your electric razor.

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