7 Tips to Handle A Patchy & Scraggly Beard Like A Boss

An ordinary man can get an extraordinary look with the positive energy of a beard. But, it can go all the way opposite if that beard looks unkempt and untidy. Many guys face some problems to grow facial hair naturally. Scraggly beard is one of them. This beard can ruin the long-desired beaded look of yourself in the bud. If you’re not yet sure what is a scraggly and patchy beard, read on to know that.


What is a Scraggly & Patchy Beard?

Scraggly & Patchy Beard

Scraggly beard is one kind of patchy beard that grows untidy and unevenly. Or sometimes, there are some bare holes in between the bearded areas of the face where no beard grows. This is called a patchy beard. So patchy beard refers to both a thin and uneven-looking beard.

Why Your Beard Suddenly Stopped Growing?


Why It Happens

Most of the times these beards happen for a natural reason and a patron actually has very less to do with that. Having said that, we want to add some other facts too that cause a patchy beard, That’s your lifestyle and food habit. We are what we eat. I believe in this motto. So, the reasons behind a scraggly and patchy beard are as follows.

  • Food Habit: Tasty food might not be good for health. Junk foods and fast foods are the most delicious among the food items. But, these items do little good to the body. A healthy diet consisting of enough proteins, energy, vitamins, and minerals are needed to grow a natural and full beard. Our body runs on the energy provided by the food. So, food habit has a great impact on the growth of the beard.
  • Depression & Stress: Beard growth not only depend on health condition it is related to the mental condition of the patron. Beard is actually a hormonal activity of the body. If a person has to suffer from stress and depression the hormonal balance gets hampered as a result, that affects beard growth. If the patient suffers from insomnia that will just do8ble the problem. A restless body is the main enemy. So, get some sleep and live stress-free.
  • Genetic Reasons: It’s a biological reason. We all get something from the family. If your father has less beard, be assured that you have good chances to have the same. Though this is not a universal truth. But, in most cases, these hormonal things are genetic.
  • Other Diseases: One of the most common diseases that causes bald patches is Alopecia Areata. The baldness of the facial hair is caused by this skin disorder mostly. Sometimes, the hair regrows naturally and sometimes external force is needed.

Maintain A Patchy Beard to Get Thicker Beard


How to Get Rid of Scraggly and Patchy Beard?

Well! Never lose hope. Having a patchy beard doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a full beard like the pro bearded man. All you need is patience and time. A patchy beard may get full if you let it grow. And, if that doesn’t happen so, one can get help from medical technology. Let’s learn how one can handle this beard like a pro.


Follow The 5 Ways from The Video Below and the Additional 2 Have Come from Our Experience.

  1.  Relying on the Ancestors: As one of the most common reasons behind the patchy beard is someone’s genetic. If you have a patchy beard, at first determine if it is because of genetics by checking the beard of the elders in the family. You can also check some old photos. If the elder guys have a long and full beard, relax, you have chances too.
  2. Let It Grow: No matter what type of patchy beard you have, let it grow at first. Don’t bother if it looks so untidy and ugly. Don’t cut off anything as long as you can. Let the mustache grow too because it can also cover the bald spot around the lips.
  3. Train Your Beard:  Comb the beard daily and lead the beard to the direction you want your beard to grow. Do it at least three times a day. If you continue this process, eventually, the beard will be trained to go to the fixed direction and cover the bald spots on the skin.
  4. Beard Balm and Beard WaxIf the beard doesn’t grow the way you wanted even after the 4th step, here comes the use of external products. You can use a good quality beard oil to enrich the beard with nutrients and a good quality beard balm to guide the beard in the desired direction.
  5. Change the Little Things: Food habit and stress are two salient reasons that cause scraggly and patchy beard. Physical exercise can help someone reduce stress and a balanced diet can provide the body with the required nutrients to grow a full beard.
  6. Minoxidil Treatment: Minoxidil is the only proven medicine that promotes hair growth. Using Minoxidil moderately for a long time, at least 6 months, can help the facial hair regrow. One can try this as the last attempt to get a nice-looking beard.

10 Tips to Grow a Long and Healthy Beard


Beard is a common thing for a man. But, this is sometimes very rare for some guys. Only they know how important to have a nice and full beard. Hope you’ll be able to grow a full beard even after having a scraggly and patchy beard now.

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