5 Reasons Your Beard Suddenly Stopped Growing

You may get panicked realizing that your bread stopped growing suddenly. There are some common reasons why the beard may not grow more. But, these reasons vary from man to man. What may be the real reason in your case, we’ve breakdown some causes.


Do Beards Stop Growing? Why?

Yes! Beard stops growing. And, this is the universal truth for every man out there. The most common reason is when a beard reaches the terminal length, it stops growing any further length. Besides, one may face this problem because of the hormonal disturbance, poor diet, damaged hair, and there might be some skin diseases too. You will know why your beard stopped growing from the following write-up.


#1. Stress Hormones

Stress Hormones stopes beard growth

Some people are busy all day long. Do you have enough time to sleep and exercise? If no, then you may intrigue the stress hormones and that may contribute to the hair loss or stop the hair growth. Manage some time for your own refreshment and relaxation. Our whole body works as a unit. If one fails to cope up with the mechanism of this organic machine, he will face the consequence.

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#2. Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia Areata or Alopecia Barbae

This is actually not a typical stoppage in hair growth. Some people have bald spots and patches under the chin and on the neck. This is called alopecia areata. Another variant of this autoimmune disease is alopecia barbae. In both cases, you need to consult a dermatologist to get the proper medical treatment.


#3. Imbalanced Diet

Without power supply a machine will never work, likewise, without a balanced diet, our body will not work appropriately. The beard needs energy to grow and food supplies that. If one has poor diet he is sure to face difficulty in hair growth. Protein is the prime component that forms hair. Besides, vitamin E, minerals etc also play a vital role to keep the natural growth going. So, a poor diet may stop the beard growth.


#4. Breakage and Beard Split Ends

Damaged hair is another reason why your beards may stop growing. Hair breakage and beard split ends are common problems regarding the growth of the beard. Dry hair, over coloring, over usage of a blow dryer and such other activities damage the health of the hair. As a result, the hair strands start to fray and break off. When the edges are split, hair stops growing past a particular point.


#5. Terminal Length

Beard stop growing after certain length

Every individual has a different terminal length where the beard stops growing. Even the hair of different part of the face has different terminal length. That’s why the sideburns are not as long as the beard under the chin though they remain untouched for the same period. So, that should be clear by now, that the beard doesn’t grow any further when it is already equal to the length of the terminal length.

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These are the usual reasons that may stop the facial hair growth. If you face other difficulties, contact a doctor to know the specific reason. Take care of the beard and grow as a man.