15 Famous Men With Beards Vs Without Beards

We always see a person either with a beard or without a beard.  If the two looks can be kept together the real difference can be easily dragged out. It’s proven true that men look more beautiful with a beard than with any other look.

You’ll be convinced fully after reading this article. Because we have put the with vs. without beard photos together to make an empirical comparison and to reveal how the looks change just due to a beard style.


Top Examples of With Vs. Without Beard Look

As we all know the famous look of the famous persons, it will be better if the comparison is made between the two different looks of the celebrities. That’s why we have chosen the celebrity of Hollywood while investigating the with and without a beard look of celebrities. Check out the below list.

1. Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth With And Without Beard

They say every Chris in Hollywood is sexy and beautiful. Based on his with vs without beard look, you’ll wonder if it’s even the same person. He’s picked the right style for his age. The beard is short and the mustache is there. The short spiky haircut suits him and takes care of his receding hairline.

2. Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges With And Without Beard

The Big Lebowski is surely going to astound many as he ages backward when he grows a beard. Since he has a broad forehead, he’s opted for the perfect beard style by going with a mid-length yet full beard. His beard is predominantly grey with slight hints of black hair. 


3. John Krasinski

John Krasinski With And Without Beard

The nice guy from The Office has aged well. He was quick to know when he wasn’t a teenager anymore, but a grown and serious man. His short beard doesn’t have a hint of grey hair yet and the blown-out fringes are definitely better than his parted and sticky hair from several years back.


4. Jon Hamm 

Jon Hamm With And Without Beard

The Golden Globe winning actor looks great with vs without beard, but his bearded look is on another level. The messy salt and pepper beard makes him look manlier than ever. He even lets the hair grow on his Adam’s Apple for that desired rugged look. 


5. Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr With And Without Beard

Downey has changed quite a few looks over the years, especially as a requirement for his roles. The soft-parted quiff has become a part of his personality. As for the beard, he likes to experiment with different looks. He’s grown a perfect anchor beard, but here, he has a disconnected mustache and an extended stubble goatee.


6. Matthew McConaughey

with and without beard

This is the perfect example of how an unkempt beard can change the outlook so radically. Matthew McConaughey is looking far better with a beard than without a beard. He looks more masculine and matured in the bearded look.

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7. Andrew Garfield

with and without beard of a baby face

Andrew Garfield has a baby face. He looks like a kid without a beard. And, look what he has grown as a beard? The full-bearded look has made him a man.


8. Zayn Malik

zayn malik with and without beard

Zayn Malik is one of the sexiest musicians of the present time. He has crushed the heart of thousands of girls by his signature designer stubble. He looks like a schoolboy without any beard whereas a beard can change him to a grownup overnight.


9. Shia LaBeouf

Shia with beard and without beard

Shia Labeouf has recently been photographed with a long hair and a medium beard. This is the most discussed look ever donned by Shia. He has become the center of discussion just with a beard style. That’s how a without beard look gets defeated to a bearded look.


10. Pierce Brosnan

beard look VS without beard look

This will give a huge blow for sure! Just look at the intensity of the bearded look. There is an endless difference between these two looks. Pierce Brosnan looks amazingly good with this gorgeous beard. This man can act as James Bond again with this bearded look.

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11. Brad Pitt

brad pitt with and without beard

You just can resist yourself from uttering the name Brad Pitt when you are talking about Hollywood beards. This man almost always wears a beard. Now see his bare look and compare. He undoubtedly looks dashing, smart, sexy and what not with a beard. So, with a beard wins over without a beard.


12. Will Smith

Will Smith is one of the most loved celebrities in Hollywood. His example will melt some guys’ heart I bet. He also looks stunning with a beard. And, without a beard, Will Smith doesn’t look like Will Smith.


13. Sean Bean

Sean Bean’s bearded look became so popular worldwide that almost every troll pages used his picture at least once in their memes. Look at his without a beard look. He looks like a completely different person. That’s the power of a beard. It can change the look instantly.


14. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln beard

Let’s know about some real heroes who are more famous for their works off-screen. Abraham Lincoln once used to go bare-faced. But, his popularity as the President of America reached the top after he got the bearded look. Well! That’s not because of the beard, he earned the popularity.


15. Che Guevara

Che Guevara with and without beard

Last but not the least, the great revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara also rocked a great beard. Today, we all see his bearded look in Tee Shirts and other places. But, his without a beard look has become a rare and antique piece. A bearded look is timeless whereas without a beard look gets lost with the passage of time.


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A bearded look can change the overall look of an individual to a great extent in many ways. It’s not only true for the celebrities but also true in pour daily life. It may happen you will not be able to recognize your friend If he does a shave after a long time.

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