5 Reasons Not to Blow Dry Your Beard

Is a blow dryer good for a beard? That’s a burning question nowadays. People are more careful with beard grooming now, and washing and drying beards are a part of it. Some guys feel comfortable blowing dry their beards as it requires less time and patience than the air dryer. But, comfort zone doesn’t refer to a safe zone. Using a blow dryer can damage the beard to a great extent if done without any precautions.

Do Not Blow Dry Your Beard

blow dry beard

Natural things are undoubtedly the most beneficial in terms of safety. But, we live in an era of modern science. So using gadgets is inevitable as we are getting easy access to these grooming items like a blow dryer.

A blow dryer can save your time and labor but it can cause huge damage to the hair. Though there is a right way to blow dry which is better than air drying, most of the guys do it wrong. So, it’s better not to blow dry your beard. Know why not to blow dry your beard.

  1. Dry Skin: Applying blow hair is extremely bad for the skin underneath the beard if it produces heat. Heat helps the protein and oil break down which creates a shortage of moisturizer for the skin. This makes the skin dry which is bad for a healthy beard.
  2. Brittle Beard: The heat produced by a blow dryer damage the hair strands and weaken the edge of the facial hair. Hence, your beard will feel brittle and there will be breakage and split beard ends.
  3. Beard Dandruff: Dry and flaky skin is the perfect place for dandruff to flourish freely. A blow dryer provides all these dandruff-friendly conditions and, thus, the beard dandruff will be a serious nuisance.
  4. Discoloration of Hair: Constant exposure to heat can cause discoloration of the hair. As most blow dryer produces heat and you need to dry the beard almost every day, this is a serious issue to be concerned with.
  5. Beard Itch: Beard itching is a common problem for guys with long beards. If you blow dry the beard it will make the skin dry, the beard split and increase beard dandruff. All these things altogether result in beard itch.

How to Blow Dry Your Beard Right Way

We have discussed all the demerits of a blow dryer. But, there is always something good about even the worst thing. A Korean study proved that a blow dryer is better than natural air dry if some precautions are taken. Switch the blow dryer to the cool setting.

That means the dryer will produce only cool air, and no heat will be applied to the hair. And, make sure that the blow dryer is at least 15 cm away from the beard. Do not make direct contact while blowing the beard dry. If anyone can follow the right steps, he will get the maximum impact of a blow hair dryer.

Try these cool beard styles:

Gadgets and gears are invented for the benefit of human beings. But, most of the time we use them the wrong way and bring harm to ourselves. A blow dryer is no exception in this regard. But, we can use it correctly to make it more effective.

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