Bald Spot in Beard Under Chin: 4 Easy Fixes

Most of the guys spend their teenage thinking of a manly bead that will be his signature one someday. What will he feel if he finds out patches and bald spots in beard under the chin when he needs a full-fledged beard the most. This is really a sheer disappointing and disheartening moment. No worries! There are ways to fix the bald spot in beard under the chin.


Why Do You Have Bald Patches on Your Beard

Every one of us wants a thick, nice and manly beard but a bald spot ruins the plan in the bud. One should know the causes of the bald spot in the beard to get rid of this. If anyone notices bald patches on the beard in one spot or more than one, this hair loss condition is known as alopecia areata.

This is an autoimmune disorder that is frequently affected by genetic inheritance. When T cell lymphocytes clutch the follicles of hair and that causes sequential hair loss. And, there are some other unknown environments too which intrigue such hair loss condition.


How to Get Rid of the Beard Bald Spot Under Chin

Nothing is inevitable in this modern world. With the advent of modern medical science, you can easily get rid of these bald patches. But, taking medicine comes with the bad effect of different complex chemicals.

That’s why natural and non-medicinal ways are preferred. Read on to know how one can fix the bald spot on the beard.


#1. Regular Exercise

Physical excercise to remove beard bald spot

Our whole body works well with the help of different hormonal glands. Testosterone is such kind of hormone that helps a man get the masculine attributes.

Body hair, beards, deep voice, muscular structure, etc are the result of testosterone. Exercise like weightlifting, body pumping, and heavy toils increases testosterone. And, this will ultimately play a vital role to enhance beard growth.

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#2. Corticosteroid Creams

Corticosteroid Creams

If anyone wants to follow the doctor’s way, corticosteroid cream is the solution for him. Dermatologists suggest this cream to prevent hair loss which is also known as alopecia areata. Though the success rate of this cream is very mild.

Injecting corticosteroids is more effective in this regard. But, this injection process needs to be monitored strictly to prevent any potential side effects.


#3. Balanced Diet

balanced diet

You will get what you eat. Our body functions with the help of the energy absorbed from the food we eat regularly. So, every single limb and nerve depends largely on the nutrition we get from foods. We need to eat a healthy and balanced diet containing the required amount of protein, fiber, and calcium.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated all day long. The right food will help you to get everything right.


#4. Use Minoxidil


Well! This is the most popular and effective way to get rid of the bald spot in the beard under the chin. Minoxidil is a legal drug approved by FDA. This is largely used worldwide and a proven cure to activate hair growth.

Even, a variant of Minoxidil works equally well for women having the same problems. But only Minoxidil will do no good unless your testosterone hormone helps the drug. One must have enough nutrition and testosterone to get the best impact of Minoxidil.

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Here is a video tutorial on how to treat Alopecia Areata:


Now you know the causes and remedies of the bald spot in the beard. So, no more worries about the bald patches. Get a manly full beard with the help of our suggested remedies.

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