How to Tame & Get Rid of Frizzy & Bushy Beard For Good

Your beard is your best friend, your worst enemy, or sometimes, depending on the day… your frenemy. It can be a love-hate relationship at the best of times. When it comes to taming a frizzy and bushy beard, taming the growth can be quite challenging.

Facial hair that comes in curly has tightly bound keratin, making it go in all directions. Making the beard softer and easier to manage sometimes requires chemical beard relaxers, a straightening brush, beard wax, or simply training it.

What you use depends on how resistant the hair is, to begin with, and how it will respond to treatment.


How to Tame A Frizzy Beard

Training with a Beard Brush

using beard brush

Training with a beard brush is probably the most basic method and provides a good starting point for how to tame a beard. Brushing the beard distributes oils and sebum evenly from the root to the tip of the beard.

It acts as a natural moisturizer. Daily brushing removes an accumulation of dead skin cells and debris from the beard, promoting a healthier, manageable appearance.

To tame the beard, invest in a boar bristle beard brush or comb. You can use it to train the beard to lay flat.

While you may not witness immediate results, you can brush your beard a few times a day. Brushing trains the whiskers to go in a certain direction and may end up taming frizzy beards.

Frizzy beards can result from dryness as well. Therefore, it is our recommended first step. By redistributing the natural oils, the beard becomes moisturized, and the fizziness tends to decrease. The result is a smoother, healthier beard.


Using Beard Wax

beard wax

There are several beard care products available, but your best option in taming a bushy beard will be beard wax. The product is like beard balm but with a higher amount of natural wax-like lanolin and beeswax.

The increase in wax content gives the product a stronger hold in the beard, and that may be what is required to tame the beard’s frizziness.

To use the beard wax:

  • Press your fingers against the wax to scoop some out.
  • If the wax is hard, the tin may require blow-drying to soften it.
  • Warm the wax in your fingers until it reaches a little bit of a melted texture.
  • Spread it on the beard but avoid the skin area.
  • Wait for it to harden, then begin styling the beard.

You should use wax even if you have straightened your beard using a heated brush. It will keep the look in place longer than without.


Blowdrying the Beard

blow drying beard

Blow drying beard is a more archaic way of straightening it but is still done to this day. It is more time-consuming and labor-intensive. However, it can yield some incredible results.

To straighten the beard by using this method, a man must shampoo and condition his beard. You can wet it during a shower as well. Then, you apply beard oil. Once the beard oil has coated the whiskers, take a beard comb or brush and blow dryer to straighten it.


Beard Straighteners

beard straightener

A beard straightener operates on the same principle as a flat iron but is thinner and has less heat. This way, you don’t burn your face and can preserve the integrity of the whiskers.

To straighten the beard:

  • Turn the brush on and wait for it to heat up to the proper setting, usually a minute.
  • Brush the beard in a downward motion and allow the heat to straighten it.

Generally, the process takes about five minutes once you become accustomed to it. Since the temperatures are low, they won’t dry out the beard or add to the frizz.


Chemically Straighten It

beard relaxer

If the above methods fail, you can use a chemical relaxer on your beard to straighten it for about four to six weeks until new growth begins to come through. It will keep the beard looking more manageable and require less effort every morning to maintain.

Seek the advice of a professional while doing this method – especially if this is your first time. Relaxers have a set time to take effect. Leaving a straightener on for too long can damage the hairs in the beard, resulting in more frizz, more curl, and a drier beard.

Most people who overprocess their beards end up shaving them off as they often look worse than what they began with, which is heartbreaking if you have invested a great deal of time trying to grow a beard.


There are several options for taming a frizzy and bushy beard. It is advisable to eliminate outside influences for a bushy beard before investing in styling tools or products. The source may be poor nutrition or dryness. These factors are easily fixed and can remedy the problem quite quickly.

If these things aren’t the source, then find something that works for you. It should fit your comfort level and daily routine, or you won’t stick to it. There are options in taming an unruly beard. You are sure to find something that will work for you.


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