How To Straighten Black Men’s Beard: A Simple 4-Step Guide

If you have a curly and coarse beard, keeping them neat and tidy can be a bit of a challenge. However, there are some tried-and-true steps for straightening a black man’s beard.

Here are the four steps you can consider:

1. Groom your beard

2. Choosing the right method

3. Straighten your beard

4. Maintain it


This article will take you through these steps in detail to straighten the black man’s curly beard that you can try at home. So, let’s dive in and step up your beard game.


Why Black Men’s Beards Are Unique?

Unlike other facial hair types, black men’s beards are unique due to their coarse, curly, and thick texture. While a full thick beard might be a blessing for many, it might be a curse for African American men. Because this unique texture needs special attention when grooming and straightening.


A regular beard straightening method may not be suitable for Afro-American men as their beard is curly in texture. Hence, they need to go through different methods that can give them more control over the straightening process.


When growing and straightening their beard, black men face different unique issues. For instance, as they grow it, the curly beard gets split in the middle. That is why they need to use products that are specifically formulated for black men’s beards, like beard oils and balms, to keep the hair moisturized and healthy.


Apart from the split issue, black men also face ingrown facial hair, itchiness, and dry skin under the beard due to their curly beard. As you grow your beard, these issues are most likely a curse for you. Hence, your beard straightening process might get hampered if you don’t take care of these issues.


Therefore, Regular grooming routines, such as washing, conditioning, and trimming, are essential to keep your beard and skin.


Straightening Curly Beards of Black Men 

Here is our four-step guide to straightening curly and coarse beards.


Step 1: Groom Your Beard

Since black men’s beard is unique, it requires proper grooming before starting the straightening process. Start with washing and conditioning the beard to remove any dirt or oil. You can use beard shampoo and conditioner to keep facial hair moisturized and healthy.


After washing, gently pat the beard dry with a towel and avoid rough rubbing, as it can damage your beard. If required, you can blow dry the beard to make them soft. However, make sure you use a low heat setting and keep the dryer at a safe distance from the face to avoid causing damage or burning the skin.


You are almost ready to start the straightening process. Use a wide tooth comb or brush to detangle the beard and remove any knots.


Step 2: Heat or Chemical: Choosing the Right Straightening Method for You

Using heat or chemicals are the two primary methods of straightening a beard. Both of these methods are different and might not work on all types of beards. So, you will need to pick the right method based on your beard and skin type.


Heat-based straightening method involves using a heated brush or flat iron to straighten the curly beard. It is more gentle on the hair and skin compared to the chemical straightening method.


However, the heat-based method is time-consuming and may require regular touch-ups to maintain a straight beard. This method is great for black men with unruly beard hair that is difficult to manage or style.


On the other hand, the chemical straightening method needs a chemical relaxer to straighten the beard. This can be beard oil, balm, or even straightening shampoo. This method can be more efficient and longer-lasting compared to heat-based straightening.


However, chemical straightening can be harsh on the beard hair and skin and may cause damage if not done correctly. But this can be a good option for those with very curly or kinky beards who want to permanently straighten their beard.


Ultimately, the choice between heat or chemical straightening methods will depend on the individual’s preferences, hair type, and desired results.


Step 3: Straighten Your Beard

Let’s explore some popular beard straightening methods for black men.


Beard Relaxer

It is essentially a chemical-based method that may contain potassium hydroxide, lye, and sodium hydroxide. It works by breaking down the natural curl pattern of the beard hair and shaping it into a straighter form.


Begin with applying petroleum jelly around the beard line, neck, and any other areas where the relaxer may come into contact with your skin. Next, mix the relaxer according to the instructions on the package. 


Now, use a small brush or applicator to apply the relaxer to your beard, starting from the roots and working your way down toward the tips. Next, comb your beard to tame it. Let the relaxer sit on your beard for not more than 10 min or the amount of time specified in the instructions.


Finally, rinse the relaxer out of your beard thoroughly with lukewarm water using shampoo, making sure to remove all traces of the product.


Beard Keratin Treatment

It is a chemical-based beard straightening method that works by infusing the beard with keratin. Typically keratin is a protein that smooths the beard cuticle and reduces frizz. This method is recommended for black men who want to achieve a smooth and manageable beard without permanently altering their hair texture.


The treatment may last between 4-6 months, depending on your beard type and texture. The application method is similar to a beard relaxer. You can follow the instructions that come with the product.


Hot Comb

The heat brush or hot comp is a traditional black men’s beard straitening method. It involves combing using a heated metal comb. It requires some skill and caution to avoid burning the beard or skin.

Before starting the process, oil up your beard. Preheat your hot comb as per the manufacturer’s instructions and your beard type. Usually, 380 degrees Fahrenheit is the middle point that works on most beard types.

Start at the root of your beard and slowly comb through the hair, applying gentle pressure. As you comb, use your other hand to hold the section of hair taut. Continue combing until your beard gets straightened.


Beard Straightener

The beard straightener is designed to be a safer and more convenient alternative to the hot comb. It is a combination of a hot comb and a flat iron.

To start, plug in and turn on your straightener and brush from top to bottom in a single stroke. Repeat this process for the whole beard or just the sections you want to straighten. Beard straighteners typically have adjustable heat settings. The longer and coarser the beard, the higher the heat setting should be.


Step 4: Maintain Your Straight Beard

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your beard straight. So, make sure to keep your beard clean and well-groomed by washing it regularly and applying conditioning products to keep it hydrated and healthy. 

In addition to that, using a wide-toothed comb or brush can help to detangle your beard and prevent it from becoming frizzy or tangled. It’s also a good idea to trim your beard regularly to remove any split ends and keep it looking neat and tidy. 

Further, beard oil or balm can help to nourish your hair and keep it looking shiny and healthy. By following these simple tips and making regular maintenance a part of your grooming routine, you can keep your straight beard looking its best.


So, How to Straighten Black Men’s Beard?

The straightening process can be done through a heat-based or chemical-based method. Groom your beard and then begin the straightening using a beard relaxer, keratin treatment, hot comb, or beard straightener. And don’t forget regular maintenance to keep it straight.

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