How to Trim a Short Beard: 10 Steps To Rock Your Short Beard

Knowing how to trim your short beard not only saves you money but also keeps your beard looking dapper. It is also important to trim your beard for maintaining your short beard .

Trimming a short beard can be a simple task when you know the process.  You can trim a short beard at home using scissors and beard trimmers, or even a combination of both.

This article offers a variety of techniques for mastering the art of trimming your own short beard. Find your favorite method according to your short beard style and shape and rock a stylish short beard style.

How to Trim Your Short Beard

Trimming a short beard is a straightforward process that can yield excellent results with the right tools and techniques. Follow these steps to trim your short beard like a professional

Step 1: Pick a Style

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Before you start trimming, think about the beard style you want. Consider your face shape, preferences, and lifestyle to choose a look that suits you best.


Step 2: Get Your Tools Ready

Gather the essential beard-trimming tools, such as a beard trimmer, scissors, comb, and beard oil, to ensure a smooth trimming experience.


Step 3: Wash Your Beard

Clean your beard gently with a mild beard shampoo, ensuring you don’t strip away the natural oils that keep it healthy.


  • Use gentle beard shampoo
  • Preserve natural oils

Step 4: Dry Your Beard

After washing your beard, gently pat it dry with a clean towel, avoiding rubbing it to prevent frizz and damage.


  • Pat dry with a towel
  • Avoid rubbing to prevent frizz and damage

Step 5: Comb Your Beard

use comb to trim short beard
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Use a fine-toothed comb to comb your beard in the direction of hair growth, untangling any knots and evenly distributing beard oils.


  • Use a fine-toothed comb
  • Comb in the direction of hair growth
  • Untangle knots and distribute oils

Step 6: Set Your Trimmer

Choose the appropriate length setting on your beard trimmer, starting longer and gradually shortening to avoid cutting too much at once.


  • Choose the right length
  • Start longer and gradually shorten

Step 7: Trim the Sides

Begin trimming the sides of your beard, moving against the direction of hair growth to create a clean and defined shape.


  • Move against hair growth direction
  • Create a clean, defined shape

Step 8: Trim Chin and Neck

Trim the hairs on your chin and neck, keeping your desired style in mind while being patient and precise.


  • Keep desired style in mind
  • Be patient and precise

Step 9: Cut Stray Hairs with Scissors

Use grooming scissors to snip any stray hairs or uneven areas, perfecting your beard shape and achieving a polished look.


  • Use grooming scissors
  • Perfect beard shape
  • Achieve a polished look

Step 10: Pamper Your Beard

apply beard oil for trimming short beard

Wash your face and make your beard dry. Apply beard oil, and beard balm to hydrate your short beard.


  • Wash your face again
  • Keep facial hair healthy and moisturized by using beard oil.

You have successfully learned all the steps required for trimming your short beard. 

How to Trim a Short Beard with Scissors

Steps (1-5) for trimming a short beard are quite similar across different tools, with only slight variations in techniques. Here are the key steps for trimming a short beard using scissors

  • Hold your sharp, high-quality hairdressing or beard scissors at a slight angle, resting your hand on your cheek for stability.
  • Carefully snip away any stray hairs or uneven areas, following the natural contours and lines of your short beard.
  • Shape your beard by cutting the hair to your desired length and style.

Trimming a Short Beard with Trimmer

  • Choose the appropriate length setting or guard for your desired beard length.
  • Use gentle, controlled strokes, following the natural growth direction of your short beard.
  • Shape your beard by carefully trimming around the edges and contours.
  • Check for symmetry: Ensure both sides of your beard are even and symmetrical.

When to Use Scissors or Trimmer for a Short Beard

using trimmer to trim short beard

In beard trimming, scissors are used when detailed shaping, personalized cuts, and maximum control over the cutting process is wanted. Trimmers are used when you need to maintain a short beard with regular trimming. 

Use scissors for:

  1. Detailed shaping and styling
  2. Personalized cuts and adjustments
  3. Maximum control over the trimming process
  4. Crafting unique short beard styles
  5. Trimming stray hairs and refining edges

Trimmers are suitable for:

  1. Maintaining and shaping different short beard styles
  2. Adjusting length settings for various hair lengths
  3. Ensuring a consistent trim
  4. Regular short beard maintenance and grooming
  5. Trimming edges and defining the shape of the beard

So, If you are skilled enough use a scissor for trimming your short beard, else use a beard trimmer with suitable settings.

Don’ts of Short Beard Trimming

  • Trimming a wet beard: Always trim your beard when it’s dry to get an accurate representation of its length and shape. Wet hair tends to appear longer, which can lead to over-trimming.
  • Rushing the process: Take your time when trimming your short beard to avoid making mistakes. Hasty trimming can lead to uneven results and may even necessitate a complete shave to fix the issue.
  • Skipping the prep work: Wash and comb your beard before trimming to remove tangles and dirt. Proper preparation ensures a smoother and more precise trimming experience.
  • Using dull or unsuitable tools: Invest in high-quality, sharp scissors or a reliable trimmer to ensure precise and even cuts. Dull tools can pull on the hair, causing discomfort and uneven results.
  • Ignoring your face shape: Consider your face shape when choosing a beard style. The right style can enhance your features and create a balanced appearance.
  • Inconsistent trimming lengths: Stick to one trimming length for a uniform look. Varying lengths can create an untidy appearance and make your beard look patchy.
  • Neglecting the neckline: Don’t forget to trim and shape your neckline to create a clean, well-groomed appearance. An unkempt neckline can make your beard look untidy and detract from your overall style.
  • Over-trimming: When in doubt, start with a longer trimmer setting or scissor length and gradually work your way down. Over-trimming can leave your beard too short and take time to grow back.
  • Not following your beard’s natural lines: Pay attention to your beard’s natural growth patterns and contours. Trimming against these lines can create an unnatural and awkward appearance.


1. How often should I trim my short beard?

Aim to trim your short beard every two to three weeks to maintain your desired length and shape.

2. What type of beard trimmer is suitable for short beard?

Choose a beard trimmer with adjustable settings that cater to your desired length. There are various models available, so select one that best suits your needs.

3. Can I use regular hair scissors to trim my beard?

It’s best to use grooming scissors specifically designed for facial hair. These are sharper and more precise, ensuring a cleaner and more accurate trim.

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