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James Hunter

James Hunter, Senior Stylist

Lives in: Los Angeles

Expertise: Men's Grooming, Coloring, Styling

Education: nVisually Hair Salon & Academy

Experience: 12 years

LA’s very own senior stylist and grooming guru! After honing his skills at nVisually Hair Salon & Academy, he’s been rocking the styling scene for over a decade. He is a guru of hair color and hair care but also has extensive knowledge in beard styling and care too.

Latest From James Hunter

Derma Roller for Beard Growth: Does It Really Work?

Derma rollers (also known as Beard Rollers) enhance beard growth. Through micro-needling, derma rollers increase collagen production to the skin and can improve circulation. Improved circulation is partly necessary for proper beard growth, yet it is not the only contributing factor. The biggest question that men have is whether a derma Roller for beard works …