Why Do Beards Curl Under the Chin?

Beard curls under the chin are quite common and happen to most men. They are just a part of the process of growing facial hair and usually straighten over time. The added weight with the hair growth tends to tame the curls.

However, if you can’t wait, there are some things you can do as part of a normal maintenance schedule to straighten unruly beard curls.


Why Do Some Beards Curl Under the Chin?

curly beard under the chin

Beard curls under the chin as a natural process of growing a beard. It is common in beards and may not be as unpleasant as men may think. Some men choose to embrace it as part of the normal process of growing a beard. It is nothing more than the direction of how the whisker is coming in, and you can tame it over time.

The tips below are general considerations for maintaining beard health – not for reducing beard curl. But reducing the curl may be a pleasant side effect.


Can You Straighten the Curly Beard Under the Chin?

straighten curly beard under the chin

Beard curls under the jawline or chin tend to straighten themselves out as the beard grows heavier and longer. It is the same principle as taming a cowlick with hair. The additional weight will straighten out a beard curl, so it starts to look like the rest of the whiskers.


How to Prevent Beard Curls Under the Chin?

If you don’t want to wait it out, you can comb back the curl with a blow dryer, tame it with a styling product, or use beard oil. However, if you want the straighter beard right at the jawline, you do have several options available:

1. Be Patient

tips to prevent beard curls under the chin

As mentioned above, as your beard grows, it increases in weight. In time, the curl will begin to straighten. The weight of the beard will pull downwards onto the curl. That said, we know that waiting isn’t always the most popular advice.


2. Use a Boar Bristle Beard Brush

boar bristle beard brush

There are several benefits to using this type of brush – especially on your beard. This type of brush draws oil from the skin and evenly distributes it to the ends of the whisker. Your beard will never look greasy, unkempt, or dry.

Also, it helps your beard grow in a certain direction, which can prevent rogue curly beard whiskers. We recommend that men brush their beards regularly after as few as three to four weeks of growth to help give them the proper length.

Over time, you will notice the beard coming in flatter, straighter, and downward because you have trained it to do so. Additionally, boar bristle brushes increase circulation, thereby stimulating hair growth. You will notice a healthy, fuller beard in no time.

Even if you do find a few hairs becoming unruly, they will look neater. Plus, curls at the chin will not be as noticeable.


3. Use a Wide-Toothed Comb and Blow-Dry the Beard

beard comb

Sandalwood or pearwood combs combined with an anti-static property perform better at flattening beard curls. Wide-toothed combs are better at the detangling process as they don’t pull roughly at the hairs. Instead, they cut through the beard easier, especially if it is thick, and can grasp individual hairs.

All you need to do is gently and slowly comb the beard in downward strokes until you are at the curl. Usually, this is at the chin or jawline. Where the curl begins, rotate the comb into a downward position. Go against the direction of the curl.

Rotate the comb several times to counteract the effect of the curl. However, refrain from too much tugging as damage can occur.

After rotating, use a blow dryer on a low setting to set it. Avoid using too much heat as it can damage the face and beard hair.


4. Apply Beard Oil

beard oil

Beard oil lubricates, moisturizes, and nourishes the beard along with the underlying skin. Men can also purchase scented beard oils for a more appealing aroma. Although it doesn’t straighten the curl, it is something that you can try that may work.

The underlying thought process is that the hair is easier to manage when moisturized. By applying beard oil before combing it, the bristles are better able to glide through the hair, causing less damage overall. Over time, the hair should straighten out.


5. Use Styling Products

beard balm

Use Styling Products to Tame the Curl. If using beard oil or combing won’t straighten out the curl, try a touch of beard wax or beard balm as they have more hold.


6. Trim Neck Beard

trimming neck beard

This hair covers the neck and is behind the forebeard covering the front. The hairs from the forebeard tend to curl upward at the jawline, creating a wave. By maintaining the neckbeard, you reduce the appearance of the curl because there will be less hair pushing the whiskers in this area forward, reducing the curl.

Furthermore, a neckbeard should be maintained, anyway. To let it grow generates a scruffy unkempt appearance. The neckbeard needs to be trimmed about two finger-widths above the Adam’s apple.

These are just a few general suggestions on how to tame or prevent curly beard hairs from growing. It will help them to straighten out or prevent them from occurring.


Do the Curly Beards Under the Chin Grow?

They do continue to grow, but over time if you leave them alone, they will become heavier and flatten out. Generally, they will not continue to keep going curly because beard hair is much coarser. If you comb the beard hair and maintain it, then the beard curls should vanish over time.


How to Comb the Beard Properly to Prevent it from Curling

combing beard to prevent curls

As mentioned, the best comb to use is a boar bristle comb. This comb is the best to keep the beard lubricated and to prevent beard curls. Again, it also stimulates growth by increasing circulation. Increased circulation means that your beard will be healthier and easier to manage.

When combing the beard, start at the base and move downwards in a slow, gentle motion. Work through any tangles gently. Avoid going through the beard quickly and harshly, as you could end up pulling out hair or causing damage.

Combing alone will train your hair to go in a certain direction. It will train the hair to follow a certain pattern and help to tame beard curls. Comb straight to the end of the beard, then begin on the next section.

If there are beard curls, then follow the tips outlined above in #3.



Brushing or Combing: Which one is Better for my Beard?

Experts say both. A brush with a bristle will moisturize the beard because it will draw the sebaceous oils from the root to the tip of the hair. Be sure to purchase a quality brush.

Most bristled brushes can leave oil right at the base of the hair – not evenly distributed – which can leave the beard (and potentially the skin) feeling a little greasy at the base due to the accumulation of oils.  By bringing those oils to the tip of the hair follicle, it creates moisture for proper growth. The beard will look smoother and less dry/coarse/scraggly.

A brush will also remove any debris, such as left-over food particles and dead skin cells from the beard, and stimulate healthy growth. Once combed, men should use a beard comb to untangle the beard and style it.


Can I Straighten My Curly Beard?

To straighten a curly beard, wash it with a mild beard cleanser to remove the grime and dirt from the beard without stripping its natural lubricants. We recommend this approach for those who use heat-styling tools like blow dryers to straighten their beard.

Pat the beard dry by using a clean face cloth. Refrain from aggressively drying it as it could lead to damage.

Use a beard brush/comb, silicone cream, and hairdryer to straighten it after using a beard shampoo and conditioner. After cleansing it, apply the silicone cream to the hair, then use the comb and blow dryer to straighten the curls.

Use a low heat setting on the hairdryer to prevent damage. Comb in a downward direction to straighten curly beard hair. The silicone cream will keep the beard straight for the rest of the day.

Some tips for best results:

  • Refrain from using hot air from a blow dryer. It will make the beard brittle and dry.
  • Use a little bit of silicone cream. Don’t overdo it.
  • Rehydrate the beard with quality beard oil to maintain moisture.

Other things you can do are to chemically relax the hair for longer results (only if the beard hair is truly curly all over), use beard straightening products, or use a beard straightening iron.


How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

Wash your beard one to three times per week. If your skin is dry, then it should be washed only one to two times per week. If the beard is particularly oily, then it will need to be washed three times per week.


How Often Should I Comb my Beard?

Comb your beard daily to remove any debris from the hair. It also keeps it moisturized, conditioned, and kept neat.


Beard curls under the chin are a normal part of growing a beard. The key to maintaining a uniform beard is regular maintenance.

Half of the problems men experience are due to not properly taking care of the beard. A few minutes each morning can make all the difference in your appearance.

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