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How Often You Should Wash Your BEARD, According to Experts

Having a beard has become more popular than ever in 2023. Though a beard has been considered a component of classy look for the men from the very beginning of beard style trend, now, it is a handy element of fashion to make your look more manly and handsome.

Wash your beard often for a clean look. Choose the best type of beard that suits you from a varied version of beards. Amish, Balbo, Donegal, Goatee, Hipster etc. are some of the most famous beard styles. But, all the effort and style may get ruined if you don’t wash the beard when needed. Wondering how often you should wash the beard?

When to Wash the Beard to Get the Best Look?

This is a tough question to give an answer to. Actually, there is no specific time period or a fixed interval to be determined as the perfect time-span to wash the beard again. It depends on some variables such as what sort of works one is doing, what places he is visiting, and most importantly where he is living.

So, there will be no certain number when you are asking how often you should wash your beard. But, I am trying to generalize the situation as much as I can. Before any further talking, let’s see what are the variables that work as catalysts.

  • Environment
  • Skin Type
  • Beard Type
  • Lifestyle


Dry and wet environment, two different climates demand two different kinds of treatment. If you live in a place where the climate is dry, you need to wash the beard after one day or so. As dry climate lacks moisture and humidity, one should use a beard oil to keep his facial well healthy.

If he lives in a wet place referring to the excessive humidity in the air, he should be happy as a wet environment is good for the moisture fact of the beard. But, it is also a good place for the growth of the microorganism which may cause itch and acne to your skin. So, a regular wash will be good in this regard.

Hipster Beard Styles


Skin Type

Different skin types need different actions.  We have already let you know the factual things about a wet environment, things are all the same in the case of oily skin. You should wash the beard daily to get rid of dust, itches, and acne. And, if it’s about dry skin, wash the beards twice a week that means after each 3-4 day to have a clean look.


Beard Type

If you have thin hair, don’t need to pay much attention to the cleaning of the beard. But, if you have thick hair, then be careful about the hygiene and the cleanness. Wash the specks of dirt and oils that get stuck inside the beard on the skin underneath. Wash your thick beard every day.


One may have to rinse the beard twice a day depending on the job he does for a living. If you are a car mechanic, a construction worker or a civil engineer who have to work outside for a long time;  wash the beard whenever you feel uncomfortable about it. Most importantly, if you do any work that calls for sweaty toils,  wash it after completing the task.

Hope that you all have got the reply to the unanswered question- “How Often You Should Wash Your Beard for the Cleaner Look?” It’s obvious that there is no absolute answer. Wash the beard when you feel the urgency to do so. Remember that, cleanliness is the prerequisite of a trendy look.