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Beard Balm Vs. Beard Oil: What Are The Differences?

Many bearded men are doubtful about using beard oil and beard balm because they think oil can be used only as a ‘cooking element’. This article will clear all the doubts related to these two beard grooming products simplifying the indications and differences between them.


What Is Beard Balm

beard balm

  • Balm‘ is derived from the word ‘Balsam’ which is a sticky substance. It belongs to the succulent family and is used to kill the skin germs.
  • Beard balm heals the discomfort or irritation that may arise during the beard growth. Its moisturizing function helps taking care of the beard.

In short, Beard balm has the functionality to combat itching, make the beard soft and heal the irritation. It is anti-frizz and helps to control the oiliness.


What Is Beard Oil

beard oil

As the name says, it’s not the same as cooking oil! Its formulation process is completely different. It’s specially made to apply to the beard to improve the beard appearance.

  • There is a deficiency of natural hydration at the larger part of the beard hair. So, the hair becomes rough and curled. Beard oil helps to remove the roughness of the hair by restoring the oiliness and making the hair healthy and smooth.
  • There are different types of beard oil with various combinations of the different components – Argan oil, and Jojoba oil are the main assets that are used in almost every type of beard oil.

Argan oil – This oil has anti-frizz properties and is powerful for the recovery of hair moisturizing. It removes the dryness of the hair and makes it soft. It also has regenerative and anti-oxidant properties on the skin to prevent the hair from greying.

Jojoba Oil – It helps to moisturize the hairs to make them smooth and shiny and control the oiliness.


Difference between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

beard oil vs. beard balm

Depending on your beard and the underneath skin, you can choose a beard balm or beard oil or both. Below we’ll discuss beard balm vs beard oil based on their uses and benefits.


Beard Balm Uses and Benefits

For ‘After beard growth’ stage care or beard design purposes

Beard Balm can be used for these purposes. Because it helps to moisten the skin/face and makes the beard soft. Beard Balm can be used as a ‘foam’ when designing your beard.


For reducing skin irritation and itching

When the skin faces dehydration problem, the irritation and itching problem occurs. Beard balm helps to reduce this problem by moisturizing the face and ensuring the comfort of your skin.


To make the beard soft

Own a thick and rough-textured beard? Or if you have a short or full beard, you can use beard balm to soften the beard.


Beard Oil Uses and Benefits

To improve the beard appearance

The natural hydration is provided by the skin. But in a long beard, there is a deficiency of hydration at the longer part as the hydration cannot reach there. Beard oil is helpful for this purpose which provides proper hydration and makes the hair strong.


For beard alignment

Aligning a beard wrong can waste all the efforts done growing the long beard! If you are a sufferer of this problem, use specific beard oil products and beard balm when aligning them.


Get a beautiful smell from your beard all day long

Beard oil has a mellow scent. Use Beard oil and balm which will leave a sweet smell on your beard.


So, Beard Oil OR Beard Balm…

Well, it’s up to individuals depending on various factors. We encourage you to watch the below video which will help you understand the choice better.


Hope that all of your confusion about beard balm and beard oil is cleared now. Take care of the beard by using these beard care products according to your need and rock with a dashing beard. Best of luck!