Modern Twists To Salvador Dali Mustache

Pulling off Salvador Dali mustache today is much easier than you think. This style of mustache was pretty much invented by Dali. Even back in his time, it was an extreme style. But since he was such a unique person, it went really well with his personality.

Very small number of men today have Salvador Dali mustache. That’s a real shame because it could be a perfect mustache style for those who want to look extravagant and incredibly unique.

What A Salvador Dali Mustache Really Looks Like?

salvador dali mustache

When you really look at it, Dali mustache is basically a handlebar mustache taken to the extreme. It’s really long and curved upwardly. Dali made the look more extreme by twisting his mustache until it’s very thin. He also grew as long as he could.

How to Grow A Dali Mustache?

The most important part of growing out this mustache is to stay away from trimming it. No matter how weird it might feel in the process of growing it out, stay away from the scissors. You should put comb it and put wax on it regularly.

In the beginning, you will notice the growth easily. But, as the time passes by, it becomes less noticeable. If your mustache stops growing after some time, invest in some good balms and oils.

While you’re letting your mustache grow, it’s essential that you keep twisting it. This is the key to making your mustache look like Dali’s. It’s also important to shave your beard regularly so that the mustache becomes the focal point of your face.

What Face Shape Does It Suit The Best?

salvador dali mustache for long faced men

Men with long faces and a Dali’s mustache style will look like Italians. This is a guaranteed classy look. It will also make their faces appear more symmetrical. Men who have round faces will benefit from this style because it will sharpen their facial features. While they could pull it off, it’s best for men with square faces to stay away from Dali’s mustache.

Modern Twists to Salvador Dali Moustache

salvador dali mustache with modern twist

There are many ways to change up this mustache style so that it still looks modern. The easiest way to do that is to let the mustache grow, but not as long as Dali did. Today, a lot of men love the look of a well-twisted mustache. Dali really did take it to the extreme. If you followed exactly what Dali did, then you might get some weird looks. That’s why it’s best to settle for the middle length.

Can You Grow A Straight Dali Mustache?

Dali put a lot of effort into making his mustache as straight as possible. You might not realize just how hard that is. If you’ve had such a long mustache, you would need crazy amounts of products to keep it up. That’s because the longer the mustache gets, the harder it is to keep it pointed up.

Let’s be real that would be a big hassle to anyone. That’s why it’s a great option to twist the mustache upwards and into a little half-circle. This will require some twisting and some beard gel. Other than that, it shouldn’t be hard for you to maintain the look.

Salvador Dali’s mustache was particularly noticeable also because he kept the rest of his face shaved. This way, he made people focus on the mustache. You don’t have to do the same. If you’re already blessed to have a gorgeous thick beard, why not embrace it as well. Dali’s mustache style will be just a twist to your stunning overall look. This way, you will still honor Dali’s look, but you won’t look crazy.

With all of these tips, you are now ready to pick your perfect twist to Dali’s mustache. Whichever one you choose, just remember that it’s all about confidence. This is the one mustache style where you will need all the confidence you have to pull it off.

Men who already wear more edgy clothes will easily incorporate them into their appearance. This is also true for men who love experimenting with their appearance s a whole. A new twist to the old classic mustache style is the best way to show your uniqueness and creativity.

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