12 Striking Long Mustache Styles and How To Grow It

Are you craving for growing a long mustache? A long mustache style can give you a rewarding experience. But most of the long mustache lovers get frustrated in the middle as they don’t know the proper techniques of growing one. 

You probably already know how to grow a mustache. But growing full and long mustache is quite different than simply growing a mustache.

As someone who has gone through the ups and downs of growing and styling my own mustache, I know firsthand the challenges and triumphs of this journey.

I will share 12 striking long mustache styles with you and my expert tips on how to grow and maintain them. Whether you’re new to mustache grooming or a seasoned pro, I hope this guide will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration you need.

How to Grow a Long Mustache

Growing a long mustache can be a rewarding and stylish endeavor. Here are some essential steps to help you achieve your desired long mustache:

Step 1: Choose Your Long Mustache Style

It is better to know your goal before you start. Decide on your mustache style at the beginning of your journey. See the long mustache styles in this article. Also, check out the famous celebrity mustache styles to find your fit.  

Consider factors like your face shape, and lifestyle when selecting your style. Knowing your desired style ahead of time will help you plan your growth timeline and care routine more effectively.

Step 2: Prepare Your Upper Lip Skin for Growth

You have set your long mustache goal. Now create a healthy foundation for your mustache. A well-prepared canvas paves the way for a flourishing mustache. Gently exfoliate your upper lip area regularly using a mild facial scrub.

This action will remove dead skin cells, unclog pores, and promote hair growth. Also, keep the skin moisturized with beard oil to prevent dryness and irritation during the growth process. 

Step 3: Plan Your Mustache Growth Timeline and Care Routine

It’s time to plan your growth timeline and establish a care routine. Your timeline should consider factors like your desired style and your natural beard growth rate.

Different mustache styles require different periods of time to grow. The variations of style also matter. In general, a chevron mustache takes 2-3 months, handlebar mustache style takes 3-6 months according to the variation in each style.

Remember, patience is crucial during this process. You should keep at least 2-3 weeks extra in your mind as your mustache growth rate can differ. Take care of your mustache by washing it with a beard wash and applying beard oil.

Step 4: Tame Your Mustache Growth Direction

Start training your mustache from the initial phase.  It will make it grow in the right direction. Particularly if you’re aiming for styles like the handlebar train to make your mustache curl.

Use a fine-tooth comb to brush your mustache hairs in the desired direction daily. Apply beard oil to make combing easier.

For curling, you can start by twisting the ends of your mustache with your fingers and using a bit of mustache wax for hold. Regularly training your mustache will make styling more manageable as it grows longer.

Step 5: Consider Your Mustache Growth Stages and Care Process

As your mustache grows, it will go through various stages. If you want to know about the timeline and stages read our guide on the mustache growth cycle. Here we will write some tips for your mustache care during each phase:

  • The stubble stage: During this stage, you might experience some itchiness. Keep the skin moisturized and clean to minimize discomfort. Focus on using a moisturizing balm and gentle exfoliation to prepare your skin for growth.
  • The awkward stage: Your mustache may start to look unruly as it grows longer. Be patient, and continue to keep it clean and moisturized. Start using a beard comb to train the hair and establish growth direction during this stage.
  • The noticeable stage: In this stage mustache take shape, but you may still need to deal with stray hairs. Keep your mustache trimmed and well-groomed to maintain a tidy appearance. At this stage, you can begin incorporating mustache wax for added hold and style.
  • The styling stage: Your mustache is now long enough to style. Experiment with various looks, and use mustache wax to keep your desired style in place. Wash, comb, trim, and use mustache wax for styling.

Remember, caring for your mustache at each stage is crucial to achieving the perfect long mustache style you’ve always wanted.

Step 6: Style Your Mustache and Maintain

If your mustache reached the desired length it’s time to show your styling skills. Use sharp scissors and a high-quality trimmer.

Make your mustache dry and comb it before trimming it. Wet and tangled hair may appear longer and result in over-trimming. A high-quality trimmer can also be used to maintain a consistent length and shape.

That’s it. Your long mustache style is ready to rock. 

Long Mustache Styles

1. Handlebar Mustache

handlebar mustache

Known for its distinctive curled ends, the Handlebar mustache is an iconic choice that requires regular waxing and curling to maintain its shape. You can also pair it with a beard for a distinctive look.

2. Fu Manchu Mustache

fu manchu mustache

This long, straight mustache style extends down past the chin and is named after the fictional Chinese character, Dr. Fu Manchu. Patience and careful grooming are essential for achieving this look.

3. Horseshoe Mustache

horseshoe mustache

Resembling an upside-down horseshoe or the letter “U,” this mustache style extends down the sides of the mouth and connects to the chin. It typically takes 2-4 months to grow.

4. English Mustache

English mustache

This refined style features long, narrow whiskers that extend outward from the center of the upper lip. It often requires mustache wax to keep the hairs in place.

5. Walrus Mustache

walrus mustache

The Walrus is a thick, bushy mustache that hangs over the upper lip. It can take several months to grow to its full length and density.

6. Hungarian Mustache

Hungarian mustache

Similar to the Handlebar mustache, the Hungarian mustache is characterized by upward curls at the ends. However, it is typically longer and bushier, requiring more time and care to achieve the desired look.

7. Imperial Mustache

imperial mustache

This regal style is similar to the English mustache but features upward curls at the ends. The whiskers are grown longer, allowing them to extend past the outer edges of the mouth.

8. Dali Mustache

dali mustache

Named after the famous artist Salvador Dali, this mustache style is characterized by its narrow, long whiskers that are twisted and curled upward. It requires regular waxing and maintenance to keep the curls in place.

9. Cowboy Mustache

cowboy mustache

The Cowboy mustache is a long, rugged style that hangs below the corners of the mouth. It is often worn with a full beard or goatee and takes several months to achieve its full length.

10. Yosemite Sam Mustache

Yosemite Sam mustache

Inspired by the cartoon character, this style is characterized by its long, bushy whiskers that extend outward from the upper lip. It takes several months to grow and may require mustache wax to keep the hair in place.

11. Viking Mustache

viking mustache

Known for its long and rugged appearance, the Viking mustache is typically paired with a full beard. It features thick, bushy whiskers that can be further enhanced by braiding or accessorizing with beads. 

12. Lampshade Mustache

lampshade mustache

Characterized by its wide, straight whiskers that angle slightly downward at the edges, this mustache style resembles the shape of a lampshade. You may take a few months to grow this mustache style. 

How to Maintain Your Long Mustache

Once you’ve grown a long mustache, it’s important to maintain it to keep it looking neat and stylish. Regular grooming and care can help to prevent split ends, tangles, and other issues that can make your mustache appear unkempt. Here are some tips on how to maintain your long mustache:

  • Wash your mustache regularly.
  • Apply mustache oil or balm daily.
  • Comb your mustache regularly in the direction of its growth.
  • Trim your mustache regularly with sharp scissors to prevent splits.
  • Be gentle when grooming your mustache to avoid pulling or tugging on the hairs.

How to Trim Your Long Mustache

Trimming a long mustache is an essential part of maintaining its shape and style. Whether you’re aiming for a handlebar, Fu Manchu, or any other long mustache style, proper trimming can keep your facial hair looking neat and polished. Here are some tips for trimming your long mustache:

  • Gather the right tools, including sharp scissors, a mustache comb, and a handheld mirror.
  • Use the comb to gently separate and untangle the hairs of your mustache.
  • Starting from the center of your mustache, use the scissors to carefully trim the tips of the hair to the desired length.
  • Slowly make small adjustments to avoid cutting too much hair.
  • Shape the edges of your mustache with the scissors to create a rounded, pointed, or angled shape depending on your desired style.
  • Use the handheld mirror to inspect your mustache from different angles and make any final adjustments as needed.

So, It is time to roll up your sleeves, comb out your mustaches, and start to grow your own long mustache!

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