10 Handlebar Mustache with Beard Styles to Amp Up Your Look

A handlebar mustache with beard has seen a surge in popularity in recent years. Characters like Dr. King Shultz from Django Unchained and the Monopoly Man really helped this style gain popularity.

All jokes aside, though, the style originated from the Celtics, shown in depictions of various figures from the Iron Age. Despite being a power stache in the 19th century, handlebar mustaches have managed to retain their more flamboyant reputation over the years.

A good handlebar mustache with a beard can turn heads. But if it were that easy to keep one, everyone would be walking around with one.

How to Grow a Handlebar Mustache With A Beard

Growing a handlebar mustache with a beard can be simple, but maintaining and shaping it is where things get tricky. Here are six steps to growing a mustache and a beard.

Step 1: Let that Mustache and Beard Grow Out

The first step to getting a good mustache is to let it grow out. It might look messy and generally unappealing, but let it grow out so you can shape it accordingly.

Grow your beard too so you can trim and style it when your mustache is ready. If your beard grows faster than your mustache you should start growing your mustache earlier than your beard.

Step 2: Start Combing It

When your mustache and beard finally get big enough that you can start to comb it, Use a small, fine-tooth comb to take the hair out from under the nose and move it to the right or left.

Combing trains your mustache to grow a certain way, making sure you get those handlebars popping. You should also comb your beard since it keeps it from popping off at the sides and looking unkempt unless that’s the look you want to go for.

Step 3: Apply Mustache Wax and Beard Oil

When you come out of the shower, apply some mustache wax on your damp mustache. The wax helps you style and maintain its unique look, so make sure you apply enough that it properly covers your mustache, and use a comb if necessary.

For your beard, use some beard oil to keep it healthy and keep it from getting tangled if you’re really starting to grow it out.

Step 4: Shape Your Mustache

Now that your mustache is long enough to stick out of your sides, apply just a little wax and then twist it. The twist creates volume at the ends, and you just need to push them up.

And now as you can see the handlebars you’re getting, see if your beard is going to look good with it. Go to a barber you trust and see what type of beard will go with your mustache.

Step 5: Maintain It

Keeping a handlebar mustache with a beard requires a major commitment since you need to wash, wax, comb, and maintain it daily.

You should also regularly wash your beard with a dedicated beard cleanser with lukewarm water, and moisturize it regularly to make sure it doesn’t have beard dandruff and generally looks good.

Step 6: Flaunt

Now that you’ve followed all these steps to get a fancy handlebar mustache with a beard, you can step out and flaunt it.

Handlebar Mustache With Beard

One of the best parts about getting a handlebar mustache is the sheer number of ways you can style and pair it with different beards. Here are some popular types of handlebar mustache with beard combinations you can try.

1. Thick Mustache with Bushy Beard

handlebar mustache with bushy beard

If you’re looking for a rougher look, you can pair a handlebar Hungarian mustache with a beard that is bushy.

The fuller nature of the Hungarian stache pairs perfectly with the gruffer nature of the beard. It is relatively less maintenance than an imperial mustache.

2. Salt And Pepper Mustache with Beard

handlebar mustache with grey beard

This is a salt-and-pepper combination of a handlebar mustache and beard that looks great with dyed black on the top and gray hair on the side.

3. Round Edge Mustache with Garibaldi Beard

handlebar mustache with garibaldi beard

The Garibaldi beard can be difficult to pull off since not everyone looks good with an unkempt beard. But if it fits you, you can try to pair it with a handlebar mustache that grows at a 30-degree angle but the edges are curved 360 degrees.

4. Imperial Mustache with Full Beard

handlebar mustache with full beard

You can also grow a full beard with a finely waxed imperial handlebar mustache, giving it a more distinguished look.

A black mustache with a gray or white beard can complement this style and generally requires less maintenance than other styles.

5. Thin Mustache with Goatee

handlebar mustache with goatee beard

This imperial mustache with a goatee especially fits a rounder face since the smaller beard lets those mustache twirls take up the spotlight.

The goatee can still be a good addition if it’s a little longer or if you decide to have shorter handles.

6. Rugged Handlebar Mustache with Long Gray Beard

handlebar mustache with long beard

If you are an old man with a stylish haircut a thick black and white handlebar mustache with a long gray beard is the ultimate style for you.

The beard makes him look scruffy while the short hair and stylish round-frame glasses with beard balance the look.

7. English Mustache with Stubble Beard

handlebar mustache with stubble beard

The English handlebar mustache is much straighter, which makes it a good choice for people who generally have a thinner mustache.

It looks good when paired with light to heavy stubble and is usually easier to maintain. if you have a bald head pair glasses with this style.

8. Pencil Mustache with Short Beard

handlebar mustache with chinstrap beard

A diamond-shaped face can look good with a pencil thin handlebar mustache, which can go with a chin strap beard or light stubble.

You don’t want to grow out the beard since that can hide your weak jawline, and it could take focus away from your stache.

9. Petite Handlebar Mustache with Lumberjack Beard

handlebar mustache with long red beard

The petite handlebar mustache is a good fit for longer beards, especially if you have the patience to grow it.

The red color, matched with the long lumberjack beard, can make you look like a Viking, which would go even better if you keep in shape.

10. Hungarian Mustache with Soul Patch Beard

handlebar mustache with soul patch beard

The Hungarian handlebar mustache version is usually very difficult to grow. You should try this style only if you have a good mustache growth.

And if you do manage to grow out the Hungarian mustache, you pair it with a soul patch, especially if you have a thinner face.

Final Thoughts

One of the best things about having a handlebar mustache and beard is that you have plenty of variety to choose from.

From long beards and short beards to chin straps and soul patches, each of these beards can go with a Hungarian, Walrus, or imperial handlebar mustache.

If you’re growing out your handlebar mustache with a beard, leave a comment about how it’s coming along and which style you chose.

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