50 Epic Beard Styles: A List of All Available Types

According to shape, length, growth pattern, and texture, beard styles are given different names. Each beard style has unique characteristics and maintenance needs.

Let’s take a look at all the beard style types available for men and learn about each one. You will learn about all the categories of beard styles and the different style names for those types of beard.

Beard Style Types By Length

There are numerous beard style types, each offering a unique appearance and maintenance needs.

Based on length, beard styles can be categorized into three types:

1. Short Beard

short beard

Short beards, typically under an inch long, are easy to maintain. They suit men seeking a subtle, low-key style. These beards can be paired with various hairstyles and kept neat through trimming.

2. Medium Beard

medium beard

Medium beard types range from one to two inches in length, requiring more upkeep than short beards. This versatile style fits men of all ages and face shapes. You can trim medium beards into different shapes, like pointed or rounded tips, to match your personal style.

3. Long Beard

long beard

A long beard is typically over two inches in length and requires a lot of patience and dedication to grow. It is a bold, statement-making style that can give you a distinguished, mature look. 

Styles Based on Growth Pattern, Texture And Facial Coverage 

According to the growth direction, texture, and basic characteristics, there are 13 types of beards styles. Numbers 4-16 fall under this Category.

4. Straight Beard

straight beard

When facial hair grows straight down without any significant curls or waves your beard is straight type. It is a simple, classic style that requires minimal maintenance and can be easily achieved by men with straight hair.

5. Wavy Beard

wavy beard

A wavy beard has a natural wave pattern, with slight curves and bends throughout the beard. It can create a full, voluminous appearance and is a great choice for men with wavy or curly hair.

6. Curly Beard

curly beard

A curly beard features tight curls and spirals, which can create a dense and voluminous appearance. It is a unique style that requires more maintenance than straight or wavy beards but can give you a bold, statement-making look.

7. Coarse Beard

coarse beard

A coarse beard is thick and rough, sometimes making the beard look fuller and more substantial. It requires more beard care than other beard types.

8. Fine Beard

fine beard

A fine beard is thin and soft, often giving the beard a more delicate and less dense appearance. This type of beard often requires gentle care to maintain the soft texture and keep it healthy.

9. Scruffy Beard

scruffy beard

A scruffy beard looks messy and disheveled. It has uneven growth and hair growing in different directions. This low-maintenance style offers a rugged, masculine appearance.

10. Patchy Beard

patchy beard

A patchy beard has areas of uneven growth, with some sections appearing thinner or less dense. 

11. Dry and Brittle Beard

dry and brittle beard

A dry and brittle beard is a type of facial hair that lacks proper hydration and conditioning. This results in rough, brittle strands that are difficult to manage and prone to breakage.

12. Full Beard

full beard

A full beard is a type of beard that covers the entire lower part of the face and can vary in length. The full beard is a bold style that demands commitment and patience to grow. It can be styled in multiple ways, like round or square shapes, fitting your personal preference.

13. Rounded Beard

rounded beard

A rounded beard is a style that follows the natural curve of the face, offering a softer, more balanced appearance. It is a great choice for men who want a natural, relaxed look.

14. Squared Beard

square beard

A squared beard is a type of facial hair where the beard is trimmed to a defined shape that appears square in profile view. This is achieved by trimming the beard hair straight along the jawline and then trimming the hair on the chin area to a shorter length, creating a squared appearance.

15. Boxed Beard

boxed beard

A boxed beard is a style where the mustache and beard join together, covering the cheeks, chin, and jawline with clean, sharp lines. This beard type can be found in short, medium, or long styles. 

16. Chin Beard

chin beard

This beard type covers the chin area. A common style that features a chin beard is Goatee. It is a great choice for men who want a subtle, low-key look. A chin beard can be paired with a variety of hairstyles and can be trimmed to maintain a neat, tidy appearance.

Types of Beard Styles According to Unique Beard Shape

There are many variations of beard shape. For example, a chin beard can be a van dyke, goatee, or anchor beard depending on its shape. Here are the types according to their unique shape.

17. Stubble

stubble beard

Stubble is a short facial hair style that gives a rugged, masculine look with minimal grooming. It is usually achieved by not shaving for a few days, resulting in a length of about 1 to 3 mm. Stubble can be low-maintenance, but regular trimming is necessary to keep it looking neat and well-kept.

18. Goatee

goatee beard

A goatee is a small beard that covers the chin, often combined with a mustache. It can come in various styles, such as a pure goatee (chin beard only) or a full goatee (connected to the mustache). Goatees are versatile and can suit different face shapes, but they require regular grooming to maintain their shape.

19. Van Dyke

van dyke beard

A Van Dyke beard consists of a mustache and a separate chin beard, usually a goatee or soul patch. Named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, this beard style exudes an artistic and sophisticated vibe. 

20. Chin Strap Beard

chin strap beard

A chinstrap beard is a thin line of hair that runs along the jawline from ear to ear, often without a mustache. This beard style emphasizes the jawline and can give the illusion of a stronger, more defined facial structure. 

21. Circle Beard

circle beard

The circle beard, also known as the “door knocker,” combines a rounded goatee and a mustache, creating a continuous circular shape. This beard style is excellent for those with a square or oval face, as it softens the angular features.

22. Mutton Chops

mutton chops beard

Mutton chops is a type of beard characterized by thick sideburns that extend down the cheeks, often connecting with a mustache but leaving the chin clean-shaven. They can be worn in various lengths and thicknesses, depending on personal preference. 

23. Balbo Beard

balbo beard

A Balbo beard is a distinct style featuring a mustache, a soul patch, and a separate chin beard. This beard style is versatile and can suit various face shapes. 

24. Garibaldi Beard

garibaldi beard

The Garibaldi beard is a full, rounded type of beard with a slightly trimmed mustache. This beard style offers a natural, rugged look and can suit different face shapes.

25. Hollywoodian

hollywoodian stubble beard

The Hollywoodian is a beard that covers the chin and lower cheeks, disconnected from the sideburns, and often paired with a mustache. This beard style exudes a classic, vintage charm and is suitable for various face shapes.

26. Verdi Beard

verdi beard

The Verdi beard is a full beard with a rounded bottom and a mustache styled separately from the beard. Named after the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi, this beard style projects a cultured and sophisticated appearance. 

27. Ducktail Beard

ducktail beard

A ducktail beard is a full beard that tapers to a point at the chin, resembling the tail of a duck. This beard style is suitable for various face shapes and can provide a refined, distinguished appearance. 

28. Yeard


A Yeard is a full beard type that has been growing for one year without any significant trimming or shaping. This beard style can result in a long, flowing appearance, showcasing the natural growth of facial hair. Although the Yeard requires minimal shaping. 

29. Professional Beard

corporate beard

A professional or corporate beard is a well-groomed, full beard that is kept relatively short and neat, suitable for professional environments. This beard style is appropriate for various face shapes and can enhance a mature, sophisticated appearance.

30. Lumberjack Beard

lumberjack beard

A lumberjack beard is a long, full beard that is often grown in colder climates, and associated with outdoor workers like lumberjacks. This beard style can provide warmth and protection from the elements, as well as a rugged, masculine appearance. 

31. Bandholz Beard

bandholz beard

A Bandholz beard is a long, full beard that tapers to a point, often accompanied by a mustache. Named after beard enthusiast Eric Bandholz, this beard style is suitable for various face shapes and can provide a bold, striking appearance. 

32. Soul Patch

soul patch beard

A soul patch is a small patch of hair that grows just below the lower lip, and above the chin. It can be worn alone or in combination with other beard styles, such as a mustache or goatee. Soul patches require minimal grooming and can add a unique touch to one’s facial hair.

33. Old Dutch Beard

Old dutch beard

An Old Dutch beard is a full, wide beard that covers the cheeks and chin but lacks a mustache. This type of beard can provide a robust, distinguished appearance that is suitable for various face shapes. 

34. Anchor Beard

anchor beard

This beard type combines a pointed chin beard with a mustache, resembling the shape of an anchor. The beard extends along the jawline, connecting to the chin beard while leaving the cheeks clean-shaven. Many celebrities like Tony Stark, Johnny Depp have rocked the anchor beard.

35. Viking Beard

viking beard

The Viking beard is a long, full beard inspired by the rugged look of Viking warriors. It is allowed to grow naturally and may feature braids and beads. To achieve the look, you need to grow your beard out for several months or longer, avoid shaping it too much, and use beard oil or balm to keep it healthy. It’s a great choice for men who want a bold, masculine look.

36. Zappa Beard

zappa beard

The Zappa beard is named after the musician Frank Zappa and features a wide soul patch combined with a thick mustache. This unique beard type can provide a creative, artistic appearance and is suitable for various face shapes. 

37. French Beard

french fork beard style

Beard types that were rocked by the French people for centuries are known as French beard styles. A common french beard type is the French fork beard style which is a full beard with a split or fork at the chin. This beard style can be worn with various face shapes and requires regular grooming and shaping to maintain the distinct forked shape.

38. Chin Curtain

chin curtain beard

A chin curtain is a beard style that covers the jawline and chin, leaving the cheeks and upper lip clean-shaven. Also known as a Lincoln beard, this style can provide a dignified, distinguished appearance and is suitable for various face shapes. 

39. Napoleon Beard

napoleon beard

A Napoleon beard is a distinct beard style that features a goatee combined with a handlebar mustache. This beard style exudes a regal, sophisticated appearance and is suitable for various face shapes. 

40. Shenandoah Beard

shenandoah beard

Shenandoah beard also known as the Amish beard is a type of beard style that allows the beard to grow naturally and cover the chin and lower cheeks while keeping the mustache shaved.

41. Klingon Beard

klingon beard

Are you a die-hard Star Trek fan looking to channel your inner Klingon warrior? Look no further than the Klingon beard, a bold and distinctive style that features a long, thick beard often braided into warrior-worthy patterns. This fierce and fearless look is sure to turn heads and show off your love for the Star Trek universe.

42. Kalamazoo Beard

kalamazoo beard

For the refined gentleman looking to make a statement, the Kalamazoo beard is a perfect choice. This full beard is expertly groomed to a sharp point at the chin, creating a sophisticated and stylish appearance. 

43. Shaggy Beard

long shaggy beard

The shaggy beard is a type of facial hair that is full and unkempt, with long and irregular growth patterns. It is a rugged and carefree look that is perfect for men who want a relaxed and natural appearance. The shaggy beard requires minimal maintenance. This style is a great choice for men who want to embrace their inner free spirit and show off their adventurous side. 

44. Tapered Beard

tapered beard

The tapered beard is a type of facial hair that features hair that is gradually trimmed shorter as it reaches the neck. This style is achieved by growing out the beard and then trimming the sides and neck to create a gradual fade effect.

45. Russian Beard

russian beard

It’s inspired by the traditional beards of Russian tsars. Russian beard features a long, full beard and a downward-curled mustache. 

46. Hipster Beard

hipster beard

The hipster beard is a modern take on the classic full beard, featuring a long, bushy beard that is typically styled with a mustache and sideburns. This style has become popular with the hipster subculture and is often paired with trendy clothing and accessories. 

47. Thin Beard

thin beard

The thin beard is a low-maintenance style that features a thin strip of hair along the jawline and chin. This style is great for men who want a subtle, low-key look and is easy to maintain with regular trimming. The thin beard can be paired with a variety of hairstyles and clothing styles, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

48. Pointed Beard

pointed beard

It is a great choice for men who want a unique and eye-catching beard style. The pointed beard is a unique style that features a sharp, pointed tip at the bottom of the beard. 

49. The Royale Beard

royale beard

The royale beard is a classic style that features a mustache that is styled to curve upwards at the ends, creating a royal and distinguished appearance. 

50. Shadow Beard

shadow beard

A shadow beard is a type of facial hair that features a light layer of stubble across the face, creating a subtle shadow effect. The shadow beard is a low-maintenance style that features a light layer of stubble across the face. The shadow beard can be paired with a variety of hairstyles and clothing styles, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Style NameLengthType
Mutton ChopsShortPatchy
Balbo BeardShortStraight
Garibaldi BeardLongWavy
Verdi BeardMediumWavy
Ducktail BeardLongStraight
Corporate BeardShortStraight
Lumberjack BeardLongCoarse
Bandholz BeardLongScruffy
Soul PatchShortPatchy
Old Dutch BeardLongStraight
Anchor BeardMediumWavy
Viking BeardLongStraight
Zappa BeardShortWavy
French BeardLong/ShortWavy/Straight/Curvy
Chin CurtainLongStraight
Napoleon BeardShortBoxed
Shenandoah BeardMediumWavy
Klingon BeardShortPointed
Kalamazoo BeardLongCoarse
Shaggy BeardMedium/LongScruffy
Tapered BeardShort/MediumStraight/Wavy
Russian BeardLongStraight
Hipster BeardShortScruffy
Thin BeardShortFine
Pointed BeardMediumPointed
Royale BeardMediumWavy
Shadow BeardShortScruffy


How to Choose Your Beard Type

Selecting the type of beard that will match your face perfectly is essential for making a statement. Here are some factors to consider when choosing your beard type:

1. Face Shape

The type of beard style that suits you is mostly dependent on your face shape. A well-chosen beard type can help accentuate your features and balance your face. Here are some general guidelines for different face shapes:

  • Round: Opt for a beard that adds length and reduces width, such as a goatee or a Van Dyke.
  • Square: Choose a beard that softens the jawline, like a circle beard or a full beard with rounded edges.
  • Oblong: Aim for a beard that adds width and reduces length, like a full beard with shorter sides and a fuller bottom.
  • Triangular: Try a beard that balances your narrow chin and broad forehead, like a full beard or a Balbo.

2. Personal Style

Your personal style is a reflection of your personality and preferences. Choose a beard type that complements your overall appearance and makes you feel confident. If you prefer a more sophisticated look, a well-groomed beard like the Verdi might be the right choice. If you’re into a more rugged aesthetic, a Bandholz or Garibaldi beard may suit you better.

3. Professional Image

Your workplace may have grooming standards or dress codes that you need to adhere to. Ensure that your chosen beard type aligns with these requirements and doesn’t negatively impact your professional image.

4. Maintenance and Grooming Preferences

Different beard types require varying levels of maintenance and grooming. Consider how much time and effort you’re willing to commit to maintaining your beard. If you prefer a low-maintenance option, a stubble or goatee might be best. If you’re willing to invest more time and effort, a full beard or a unique style like the Balbo may be more suitable.

So, You have explored all different beard types. You can also combine two different types of beard to create a unique beard style like a goatee with chin strap etc.  

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