Balbo Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain Like A PRO

Let’s talk about Balbo beard! Balbo Beard style consists of three section mustache, chin bears as well as a soul patch under your lower lips. However, the two, mustache and bears do not twain. The beauty about this kind of bears is that it’s really easy to maintain as well as clean.



This beard style was first done by Italo Balbo, a Mussolini assailant during the Second World War. I think you can now figure out where the name Balbo came from. This guy was the primary inventor of this exceptional style. A number of men are now growing this exceptional beard style.

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The balbo beard is always in 2 or 3 section of a man’s face. The three sections entail the mustache, the hair on the chin, and finally the soul patch under the lower lips. The balbo beard shaves looks more or less like an overturned T. This Kind of style is suitable for individuals with round face. The style helps in balancing the face of the guy embracing it.ROUND face shape



Before thinking of having balbo beards, you must grow your beards for at least 4 weeks. There other kinds of beard that would not allow you shave this style. This style is fit for individuals with hair on their chin, soul patch as well as mustache. Moreover, you need to leave your beards to grow longer enough so as to be able to shape them well.  Without saying much, let me inform you on how to grow Balbo beards

  1. As I said before, let your beards grow for at least 4 week.
  2. Always clean your beards on a daily basis.
  3. Always comb your beards on a daily basis to repress chances of curling.
  4. Define the necessary contours that will enable trim your beards to Balbo beards shape. There are several equipments that you can use to trim your beards for instance electric trimming machine, razor and many more.

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  1. When trimming your beards, you need to start from the ears. Shear your beards inwards; so that you can be able to achieve a balance on either side of your face. You need to carry out the process step by step.
  2. As you are trimming your beards ensure that you leave make a gap of ¼ an inch between the goatee as well as the mustache. This break is the Balbo’s characteristic factor.
  3. Manicure the leftover facial hair with an adjustable trimmer. Make sure that you clip the entire hair until it is even as well as very short.
  4. More important trim your souls patch downwards and make sure that it meets with the hair on your chin or goatee. Additionally, trim your goatee well.
  5. The Balbo beards are usually very short; therefore, make it pretty cool.



  •  You need to take care of your beards for 4 weeks so that you can trim them.
  •  Before trimming your beards, ensure that you comb them well to enhance evenness.
  •  Use the right equipment when trimming.



There are several approaches that you might use to maintain your beautiful; however, the simplest ones are Clean and comb your beards on a daily basis. Apply hair food jelly to make them soft and straight.