Balbo Beard: How to Grow, Trim and Maintain

Balbo beard style consists of a three-section mustache, chin beard, and a soul patch under your lower lip. However, the mustache and the beard do not connect. The beauty of this type of beard is that it’s really easy to maintain and clean.

What Is Balbo Beard?

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It’s impossible not to be awed by the imagination of the person who came up with the Balbo beard style. It’s so easy yet so fashionable!

The Balbo combines three different styles: goatee, chinstrap and handlebar mustache. It can be quite challenging to create a Balbo on your own, so usually, only professionals are bold enough to try it.

This beard style allows you to outline the chin, making it the best choice for men with square or round face types. It can also be called a variation of the goatee + mustache style, with the difference being the absence of a connection between these two parts.

Typically, the chin part of this beard style looks like an upside-down T. The mustache is not compulsory. The Balbo looks a lot like an anchor but seems much thicker and softer, as there are no sharp angles and thin lines.

If you’re bold enough to try it, here are the steps to creating one of the most stylish beards out there:

  1. You can switch to the Balbo from either a full or Hollywoodian beard.
  2. First, you need to shave the hair off your cheeks and leave it around your mouth and on the chin.
  3. Use a trimmer to make the outline of the future Balbo beard. Leave a 2-3 cm area below your lip, which will smoothly transition into the chin zone.
  4. Continue making the outline of the beard by moving closer to the center and removing the hair between the ends of your mouth and the chin. You will be getting an elongated beard form that will remind you of a chinstrap. Don’t forget to leave a rectangular zone beneath your lip, which should slightly widen toward the bottom.
  5. Use the trimmer to style the mustache. Even out the lower part and style the top part to be the same width as your mouth. In the end, you will get a mustache strip that is about 5 – 10 mm wide. The ends of your mustache should look like a handlebar.
  6. Use a razor to remove all the stray hair, being careful not to touch the beard.

Keeping the Balbo neat is easy. All you need to do is remove stray hair on a regular basis, and don’t forget to curl your mustache!


This beard style was first worn by Italo Balbo, a Mussolini associate during World War II. I think you can now figure out where the name Balbo came from. Balbo was the primary inventor of this exceptional style, and many men are now growing this unique beard style.


ROUND face shape

The Balbo beard always consists of 2 or 3 sections on a man’s face. The three sections include the mustache, the hair on the chin, and the soul patch under the lower lip. The Balbo beard shape looks more or less like an upside-down T. This style is suitable for individuals with a round face, as it helps balance the face of the guy embracing it.


Before considering having a Balbo beard, you must grow your beard for at least 4 weeks. There are other kinds of beards that would not allow you to shave this style. This style is fit for individuals with hair on their chin, soul patch, as well as a mustache.

Moreover, you need to leave your beard to grow long enough to be able to shape it well. Without saying much, let me inform you how to grow a Balbo beard.

  1. As I said before, let your beard grow for at least 4 weeks.
  2. Always clean your beard on a daily basis.
  3. Always comb your beard on a daily basis to prevent it from curling.
  4. Define the necessary contours that will enable you to trim your beard to the Balbo beard shape. You can use several tools to trim your beards, such as an electric trimming machine, a razor, and many more.


  1. When trimming your beard, you need to start from the ears and shear your beard inwards so that you can achieve balance on either side of your face. You need to carry out the process step by step.
  2. As you trim your beard, ensure that you leave a gap of ¼ inch between the goatee and the mustache. This break is the Balbo’s characteristic factor.
  3. Manicure the leftover facial hair with an adjustable trimmer. Make sure that you clip the entire hair until it is even and very short.
  4. It’s also important to trim your soul patch downwards and make sure that it meets with the hair on your chin or goatee. Additionally, trim your goatee well.
  5. The Balbo beard is usually very short.


  • Take care of your beard for 4 weeks before trimming it.
  • Before trimming your beard, ensure that you comb it well to enhance evenness.
  • Use the right equipment when trimming.


There are several approaches that you can use to maintain your beard, but the simplest ones are to clean and comb your beard on a daily basis and apply hair food jelly to make it soft and straight.

Here’re some more tips for maintaining your balbo beard.

  • Clean and moisturize your beard regularly.
  • Comb your beard daily to keep it looking neat.
  • Trim your beard regularly to maintain the Balbo shape.
  • Use a razor or trimmer to keep the edges of your beard defined.
  • Apply beard balm or wax to help style and shape your beard.
  • Be patient and consistent in your beard care routine.

Best Balbo Beard Styles


balbo beard for oval face


full balbo beard


balbo beard style for curly hair


balbo beard for black men


balbo beard style


short white balbo beard


goatee style balbo beard


thick balbo beard


blonnde balbo beard


curly balbo beard

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