37 Sexiest Beard Styles – Super Attractive Bearded Men

A sexy beard can go a long way in uplifting your overall appeal many times. Men nowadays are coming up with bolder and more impressive beard styles than ever as there is a massive beard trend around the corner waiting to appear.

Beards come in many sizes, shapes, and styles so there is at least one perfect beard for every man out there. This season go all out with stylish new fashion trends and beard styles.


Attractive Men With Sexy Beard Styles

If you want to update your look with an attractive beard and want it to be a huge success then here are the top 37 sexy beard styles we like. It’s a fact that the below sexy bearded men will look attractive even without a beard but underestimate these hot beard styles! Pick one of these beards according to your facial structure and how you want to present yourself.

1. Red Short-boxed Beard

red beard style for men

A short-boxed beard is a great pick for those who don’t want to grow a long and traditional beard. This beard is short and squared around cheeks. A red beard is surely going to get attention but wouldn’t require that much of maintenance from you as a long one.


2. Goatee Beard with Light Stubble

beard without mustache

A goatee without a mustache becomes very noticeable on the face. You don’t even have to grow the hair too long to bring it to the front. Get rid of the mustache altogether and give some support to your goatee with light stubble around it. 


3. Extended Goatee with Mustache

beard style for men

If you have a rectangular face, you can’t go wrong with an extended goatee. Grow it a few days beyond the heavy stubble phase to achieve this style and pair up with a mustache. Let the patchy hair that connect your mustache to the beard grow too.


4. Patchy Heavy Stubble Beard with Thin Mustache

patchy beard style for men

Enhance your pointy face structure with this short beard that has a clean cheek line. The beard may look patchy, but the curliness and darkness of the hair combine to provide great facial coverage. The thin mustache looks great with the sharply lined beard. 


5. Rap Industry Standard Beard with Thin Soul Patch

beardstyle for black men

Show your love for rap and hip hop with this rap industry standard beard, which is a very sharply lined and narrow chin strap. You’d usually want to keep a mustache that’s just as thin and narrow to be consistent with the style. A thin stripe-like soul patch is optional–you can pick another shape or get rid of it if you want. 


6. Pencil Thin Beard with a Stripe Soul Patch

pencil thin beard

This one may seem similar to a rap industry chin strap, but the mustache is missing in this style. The beard remains thin throughout but has slightly more grown hair near the chin. The stripe connecting the soul patch with the beard really stands out in this one. 


7. Chin Stubble Beard with Long Sideburns

chin beard style

You’ll probably want to go with this style if you have an oval face. The beard is a typical goatee created from heavy stubble, so it doesn’t hang from the chin at all. The sideburns are narrow and long to be consistent with the shaved head. 


8. The Viking Beard

viking beard

The Viking Beard was pioneered by the fierce Scandinavian warriors of the late 8th to 11th centuries. Naturally, since the Vikings were also well-known for their violence, this look is commonly associated with strength, toughness, and manliness. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, rest assured, that you will not be disappointed. The cheek line is defined but the rest of the beard is grown to its full capacity. Some stray hair can be trimmed using beard trimming scissors.


9. The Grey Beard

grey beard

A grey beard is an amazing look regardless of how old you are. The mustache is given more emphasis along with over-grown beard around the face. Notice that it is still well-kept, and is regularly taken care of using beard oils, shampoos and wax. This style is definitely bordering on the beardstache style given the prominence of the mustache.


10. Amish Beard

amish beard

A perfect style for you if you’re a religious person. Plenty of cultures do not allow growing a moustache, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grow a beard. That’s where this style comes in. The cheek line is also really low and goes well below the bottom lips on both sides of the face, and connected to the sideburns. The sideburns are also kept shorter than the rest of the beard that’s shaped really well along the jawline.


11. Beard Style for Bald Head

beardstyle for bald head

A goatee with a disconnected soul patch and mustache is one of the best styles out there for bald men. The goatee is around 2 inches long and while the mustache is well trimmed the ends of it come all the way over the corners of the mouth.


12. Black Men Beard

black men beard

This is the perfect beard for a black man. It’s a mix between a variation of the French cut and the Hollywoodian. Notice that the cheek area is kept clean while the French cut is connected to a fading sideburn along the jawline. This could look amazing on those with a patchy beard as well.


13. The Van Dyke Beard

van dyke beard

A Van Dyke is a style of facial hair named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyke. A Van Dyke specifically consists of any growth of both a mustache and goatee limited to the chin with all hair on the cheeks and neck shaved. Even though this style has many different variations, a non-curled one mustache with a soul-patch like in this picture is one of the most popular versions. This look is best for those with a patchy beard.


14. The Mutton Chops Beard

mutton chops beard

Old-timer beards are making a come back, and one of the most popular styles among them is the mutton chops. The chin area and lower lip area is kept clean shaved. While a cheek and neck line are defined, the sideburns are extended all the way along. This is a good look if you’re older than 30 as it adds more age to your face and for those who can grow a beard without any patches.


15. The Blonde Beard

blonde beard

A full, blonde beard is definitely a courageous look, but for those who have it naturally are incredibly lucky. A prominent mustache with mustache wax applied to it for styling can go a long way with this style. The chin area is kept wide while rest of the beard is carefully trimmed to not allow any stray hair to stick out, and the cheek line is nicely done to keep it looking clean.


16. The Natural Full Beard

colored beard

Even though a natural full beard is not trimmed often, notice how clean this style still looks. A nicely defined cheek line is one of the most important aspects to it along with a wide moustache. This style does require a lot of attention to care for the beard, though, with regular application of beard shampoo, oil, and wax to keep it clean and looking healthy. 


17. The Arabic Beard Style

Arabic Beard Style for Men

This sexy beard is particularly for young men as it has a very short length and comes with some sharp edges. The overall look is quite appealing and you can look well-groomed with this short yet sexy beard. The fine lines and the sharp mustache add more charm to this beard style.


18. The Bandholz

sexy beard styles for men

This is one of the most popular Asian beard styles, which can be an absolute win-win for everyone, no matter the face cut or shape. The beard is let to grow in all directions and is finely angled whereas the mustache is full too. The beard and mustache, however, remain separate and make this style more dramatic.


19. Box-shaped Beard

A box-shaped beard is perfect for men with elongated faces as it adds a feel of broadness to your face. You need to give your beard some time to let it grow long enough to be cut in an equal length. This gives your face an intense and sharp look which grasps every one attention.


20. The Broad Jawline

beard style with broad jawline

For men who have a fuller face, this beard style is a great option. It makes their faces looked sharper and more angled as the major focus here is on the jawline. This way the face looks thinner and there is an instant personality boost.


21. The Chinstrap

guy with chinstrap beard

This is an old yet ever classy sexy beard style, which keeps making it to the list of top beard styles every now and then. The chinstrap runs along the side of the face, beginning from one corner and ending at the other one. This one is particularly stylish and adds a sharpness to your features.


22. Circle Beard

The circle beard is an elegant and youthful beard style which is great for middle-aged men. It is much like a goatee, but is fuller and has a mustache which distinguishes it from goatee. This is a subtle way to look younger than your age.


23. The Defined Stubble Sideburns

The sideburns add intensity and charm to your personality when you keep them in shape. It needs frequent shaving to stay sharp but is well worth the effort that you put in. This makes you look bolder and more confident, so it is a great option.


24. Improvised Sexy Beard Style

An attractive beard style for men who want something unique and have the courage to show it off. The edgy texture of beard is very stylish and the addition of multiple hairlines in the chin makes it even more appealing.


25. Sexy Medium Length Full Beard

This medium beard style is sharper at the chin which adds a rough appeal to you. The extended old goatee goes well for men of all ages, so anyone can have it.


26. The Full Beard

guy with full beard

A sexy bearded man with the full beard, the style that’s never out of fashion no matter what your age or personality. You can rock a cool full beard with all kinds of facial shapes and features. The fun part is that you can pair it up with any stylish hairstyle.


27. Hipster Beard

This beard is a perfect blend of rough aura and elegance as you can make it sophisticated by brushing down your hair. It can help you look carefree and laidback if you style your hair in that way.


28. Long Bushy Beard

A long bushy beard requires you to grow your beard in its natural way. Style it up in any way, you are all set to impress people with your rugged and rough appearance. It does not need you to put on any products to make it stay put, so it is a win-win thing for you.


29. The Short Goatee With A Disconnected Mustache

This short goatee with a mustache is attractive and undeniably sexy as it gives your face an elongated and sharper look. The way it accentuates the facial features is ultimately stylish and desirable. This sexy beard is even more impressive if you dye your hair and beard with same hair color.


30. The Tight Beard

The above one is our favorite for those who want to have an awesome well-balanced hair plus beard style. This sexy beard makes them look composed and fashionable all the time as it needs little effort for maintenance.


31. Medium Stubble

sexy stubble beard style

A stubble is always hot and attractive, but when it is allowed to grow slightly it becomes irresistible. It is just dark enough to look more stylish and attractive than newly grown facial hair.


32. The Natural Outline

beard with natural outline

This is a natural rough beard style, which needs continuous trimming. The sideburns are left in their rawest form and the growth of beard is kept natural too. There are no sharp ends or cuts, which add more character to this beard style.


33. Medium Stubble With A Handlebar Mustache

Handlebar mustache suits many beard styles as it can have individual charm, as well as a combined appeal. You can have your mustache pointed upwards to look more stylish and trendy. This goes perfectly with a stubble beard as well a mere outline of facial hair. It is one of the sexiest beard styles to try.


34. Professional Beard

Who said that a beard is meant only for artists and fashion models? The corporate world heroes can own a nicely done beard as well, because why not? They just need to trim their beard regularly and have their hair cut short. The resulting look will be so professional that you wouldn’t want to shave it off for a long, long time. This is a must try beard if you are looking for some sexy beard styles.


35. Shaggy & Sexy Beard

Who doesn’t love Shaggy from Scooby Doo? This beard style is inspired by him. The beard is allowed to grow longer with a rough and wild look, but even after all this ruggedness, there is an underlying charm and impressive touch to this sexy beard style.


36. Stubble Beard + Mustache + Shaved Lines

stubble beard with mustache

The shaved lines are all about giving an edgy and sharp look to your face. This brings out your eyes and other features more and the general appearance is quite sleek and practical.


37. Tapered Beard

guy with tapered beard

A tapered beard lets your jawline and chin get more pronounced, so you should go for it if you like a sharper look. The beard, however, stays natural and impressive with the light tapering. You can just go for light trimming as well.

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