21 Sensational Short Boxed Beards [2022]

Boxed beards are a fantastic style if you are looking for a nice neat beard style. They are short and well-groomed so they are perfect for young professional men. You should keep your boxed beard style trimmed if you want to make the most of the look.


Different Boxed Beard Styles

Use a beard trimmer to keep your style to a uniform length. Set the trimmer head to your desired length and then make sure that you go over your beard every morning. This is slightly harder to do if you choose a fade style. Use tweezers and a razor to keep the edges of your style looking crisp and sharp.

#1: Angular Boxed Style

Angular Boxed beard Style for men

Trimming sharp angles into your hair will help to give your style a really manly look. Your hair should predominantly be following your jawline with a sharp angle close to your ears.

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#2: Salt and Pepper Style

Pepper Style boxed beard

Grow older gracefully by letting some of your gray hairs show through. When you have a short boxed beard style, a few gray hairs help to give your beard a softer dusky color.


#3: Stubbly Boxed Style

Stubbly Boxed Style beard cut

Stubble-length hair looks really rugged and manly. For a “devil-may-care” look, you can grow hair up over your lower cheeks. To maintain the boxed beard look, you need to maintain crisp and clear lines.


#4: Box Fade Style

Box Fade Style beard for young boy

Fade areas of your boxed beard style to help to highlight certain sections of your face. A thick moustache will draw attention to your lips. Thicker hair along your Chinstrap area will help to give your jawbone a stronger look.

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#5: Elongated Look


You can elongate your face by using intelligent beard styling. To give yourself a longer face, you can change the angle of your hairline. A steeper angle will make your face look longer.


#6: Minimalist Boxed Beard


For a minimalist look, you should keep your hair growth centered on the chinstrap section of your face. Carefully trim your beard every morning to ensure that the style continues to look sharp and clean.


#7: Thick Boxed Style

 Thick Boxed Style beard

A thick boxed beard style is perfect if you want to cultivate an intense look. A darker color is ideal for this style because it gives a really full-on flavor.


More Short Boxed Beard Style Examples


Your beard style can transform who you are.  Choose a modern boxed beard to create an amazingly trendy look. If you want to try out a more overt beard style, check out a few of our other lists.