Viking Beard: How to Grow + Top 10 Styles

Currently, the beard has become a symbol of dashing masculine look. From among the various types of beard styles, one can choose the stylish Viking beard which is a blend of rustic and characteristic beard. Though it is not well suited for everyone, those who consider themselves as stylish and brave can give a try this among our list of the Viking beard styles.

viking beard how to style and best styles

Many people don’t have an idea about Viking beard and how to style it. If you are one of them, the following tips will help you to style the perfect Viking beard.


What Is The Viking Beard?

viking beard

Many centuries ago, this Viking beard is used by the traders, barbarians, exploiters of the Nordic people who were responsible for many invasions in North America and Europe. At that time, Viking beard had a very unique style with battle clothes. As they lived in the cold region, this beard was useful to protect the face.

In this century, Viking beard is used by the men who want to have a traditional look like the Nordic people had in the past.


History of Viking Beard

The Vikings came from Scandinavia and were known for their explorations of Europe between the 8th and 11th century. They may have even traveled as far as North America, thanks to their amazing seafaring abilities.

However; all of the time that they spent on their boats meant that they did not have much opportunity for grooming and personal care. Their beards were often matted and full of dirt. Although big bushy beards are still acceptable, if you do decide to wear a Viking beard, you should make sure that you wash it regularly!


How To Grow A Viking Beard

To achieve the perfect Viking beard style, patience is important because you have to follow a process which can seem hectic for many. Go through the below steps to achieve your desired Viking beard.


Pick Your Viking Beard Style

Although all the Viking beard styles are full and long, there are a little different in the format and modeling. Such as, if you want more rustic look, choose the Old Dutch style which is more square. Meanwhile, to form a kind of beak in the chin region, ducktail style which is angular can be chosen. Beard styles that leaves little or much space on chicks are also some available options for you.


Let The Beard Grow

Without any interruptions, you should start to grow the beard after selecting the Viking beard style. Avoid rubbing the beard regularly expecting faster beard growth, rather let it grow naturally. Keep patience and don’t trim the tips and change the pattern. It will take 6 to 12 weeks on average to grow a beard well enough to get the desired Viking beard style.


Take Proper Nutritious Healthy Foods

Healthy growth of beard depends much more on your food habit. With proper nutrients, diet, and vitamins – the facial hair will grow faster and you’ll be able to have a strong beard. Avoid taking more fat and sugar which can make your hair weak.

Red meat is a source of creatinine, the multivitamin will supply your body the necessary nutrients and magnesium chloride will help to improve your skin. After the recommendation of a physician, you can have this supplementary food for the healthy beard.


Take Good Care Of Your Viking Beard

Though Viking beard is a rustic style and men didn’t care about taking care of it in the past, nowadays, it’s recommended for you to take special care of the beard. So many quality beard products available to help your beard look clean and shiny.


How to Take Care of Your Viking Beard


Take Care of The Skin Underneath The Beard

Your face may become more oily or dry because of the beard for which pimples or peeling can appear respectively. So, it is important to give the skin adequate hydration and clean it regularly. In this way, you will get a healthy skin.


Use Beard Oil

To keep your facial skin moisturized, use specific beard oils which contain natural products. According to the manufacturer recommendation, apply the oil in your facial hair to prevent the hair strands from becoming dry and get smoothie look.


Trim The Beard If Needed

The facial hair growth can be uneven and in result can create an unattractive appearance. To reduce this problem, trim the beard regularly to align your hair strands or cut it with scissors if needed. For the cheek and neck hair, you can use a good razor or electric razors. Or, you can simply visit a barber to get the excess hair strands trimmed. You can also check the best beard trimmers we recommend here.


Best Viking Beard Styles

Vikings are known for their wild style and outdoorsy nature. The Vikings have seen a resurgence in recent years since a number of big-budget TV shows have portrayed them. Viking-inspired beards tend to be big, bushy and wild. If you want to score some man points, you should try out one of our Viking beard styles.

#1: Very Viking


The Very Viking look is perfect because it includes all of the most common “Viking” features; it’s big, it’s bushy and it is wild. Just like the real Vikings were when they were running riot!


#2: Practical Viking


This is a practical style for any warrior type. The trimmed Viking style beard will not get in the way during physical activity. The hair is also tied up in a neat stylised ponytail to keep it out of the way.


#3: Tapered Point


For a no-nonsense Viking style beard, choose one of these pointed taper type beards. The hair gets gradually narrower as it tapers to a point. It is a no-fuss style for someone who wants an outdoorsy look.


#4: Dark and Intense


A dark and intense look can be achieved by thick, monochrome facial hair. For the most intense look, keep the beard carefully shaped, so that it looks like an intense block of color.


#5: Viking Beard with Slicked Back Hair


Although Vikings are known for their wild style, you can shake things up a bit by matching a Viking beard with a slicked back hairstyle. To slick back your hair, use gel and then run a comb backwards through it.


More Viking Beard Styles

Viking beard styles are great for people who want a rugged and manly look. However; if you want a style that is not as big or bushy, you should take a look at some of the other lists that we have created for your enjoyment.

viking beard style 2

viking beard style

viking beard style

style a viking beard

If you really want to have a Viking beard, then have patience until the beard reaches the proper height. And after that, follow the tips for the whole process to maintain the beard and ensure a traditional look you really wished for!


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