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3 Amazing Dutch Beard Styles to Try

The Dutch Beard which is mostly known as the Old Dutch beard is a full beard style. It is a blend of Lumberjack and Garibaldi beard. Dutch beard is recorded as one of the oldest beard styles in the history of beard styles. This is more of an old-school beard style without a mustache. Hope that you have already imagined the look. If not, watch it below.


The Look of a Proper Dutch Beard

Dutch Beard Styles


It is a full-fledged beard that gets connected with the sideburns. And, the beard is flared at the bottom. Make sure, there is no place for a mustache as Dutchmen were not allowed to have one in the then time. Let the beard grow, shave the mustache off and trim the long beard in a way so that the bottom part looks squared off. That’s the simple recipe of a Dutch beard.


Top Dutch Beard Styles to Get Inspired

Dutch beard style is similar to other full beard styles. The difference is mainly in the mustache and the bottom portion of the beard. One thing is sure to be followed. There will be no mustache and another distinctive feature of Dutch beard is the bottom part will look a bit flyered. If anyone maintains these two thumb rules, It’s very easy to have stunning dutch beards.


#1. Classic Old Dutch

classic dutch beard

This is an example of a classy old Dutch beard. No fancy styling is required. Let the beard grow to a decent length and trim it to make it look well-groomed. Get rid of the mustache to have this good-looking Dutch beard.


#2. Glam of Henna Dye

henna dyed dutch beard

There is no prohibition regarding using a color dye for hair. You can beautify the old Dutch beard using the charm of henna dye. The reddish color of the beard will add a new dimension to the beard style.

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#3. Subtle Lining

subtle lined dutch beard style

If anyone wants to blend modern beard style with this old-school Dutch beard, he should pick this design. At first, help you beard take the shape of a Dutch beard. Then check the neckline, cheek line, jaw and line them up with perfection. You can also shave the soul patch to add style to the old Dutch look.


Some beard style is significant in terms of historical importance. Old Dutch beard is something like that. The Dutchmen from the old-time used to have a full beard omitting the mustache. And, the old style is still alive in the beards of the living Dutchmen.