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Jawline Beard Vs. Neckline Beard: The Key Differences

Beards are in style, but there are so many different types of beards out there that you may wonder which one is the best one for you. Two of the common beard types is the jawline beard and the neckline beard. In this article, we’ll highlight the key differences between the jawline beard and neckline beard.


Jawline Beard

jawline beard

One of the major differences between a jawline beard and a neckline beard is that you will have an easier time achieving a jawline beard. There are no real edges that you have to fight with to achieve this beard style since you can just follow your own natural jawline.

The jawline beard also highlights your chin, which you may not want to do with a weaker chin. It can also highlight your cheekbones. This type of beard is also more difficult to maintain, especially at the beginning.

You’ll need to take care when maintaining this beard type, taking the time to clean up the jawline without making it too thin.


Neckline Beard

neckline beard

The neckline beard is the perfect beard for hiding your chin. It can be difficult to manage as it is growing in, but you should be sure to leave it alone as it grows on the neck.

Eventually, as it grows in, you can shave it to get the shape that you are looking for. There is a little challenge when it comes to working with a jawline beard, but it can be more than worth it when you grow it. You may even find that you prefer it to the jawline beard.

When talking about the neckline beard, this is one of the more common beard types. Without proper grooming, this beard type can easily look untamed. The neckline beard is where the top of the neckline is the outline of the beard. These tend to be thicker beards than jawline beards.


Jawline Beard vs. Neckline Beard

If you still have any confusion, here is a jawline vs neckline comparison table showing the differences between jawline beard and neckline beard.

Jawline Beard

Neckline Beard

Easier to grow More challenging to grow
Highlights chin/Cheekbones Conceals chin
Uses natural Jawline for grooming Requires some work to figure out the best lines
Requires frequent and careful grooming Neck hair can be irritating
Thinner beard Fuller beard


Personal Preference

While the shape of your face does have an impact on the type of beard that you choose, it all comes down to personal preference as well. You want something that makes you feel confident while highlighting the facial features you feel good about.

Your face shape is something that you should consider when deciding on a beard shape. Here is a closer look at the different face shapes and the best beard options for each.

If you have a round face, you may want to stick to a beard that is longer. This means that you will want to keep the sides of your beard short while letting the area around your chin and underneath grow in. This will elongate your face.

Fuller sides on a beard is a better choice for those who have rectangular or oblong faces.

A long and narrow beard is the best option for people who have square faces because you want to make your face look longer without making it look wider.

Triangular faces could benefit from a jawline beard, something that is thinner but gives an oval appearance to your face.

Diamond-shaped faces also benefit from beards with short sides and fuller beards around the chin. This means that for most face shapes, the best option is going to be the neckline beard.


Creating the Neckline

You need to find your body’s natural neckline to properly create the neckline. Start at your earlobes, then follow the curve under your jawline. The neckline is found right above Adam’s apple.

Follow along with the area where the neck meets your jawline, and this is where you will create the line. Once you shave this area, you need to move along to shaving near your ears.

You will want to round off the area of your beard around your chin. By rounding these off, you will create a cleaner and more natural look.

This is the simplest guide to follow when you are starting your beard, though there are various other methods that can help you to achieve the perfect beard for your needs.


Some Beard Grooming Tips

Whether you have a jawline beard or a neckline beard, you want to make sure that you take care of your beard. You spent a lot of time perfecting your beard as it grew in, you want to make sure that your beard always looks fantastic.

In addition to regular trimming to keep the lines tight and the beard neat looking, there are various other things that you need to know. If you are a barber reading this post, check out these professional hair clippers and trimmers for barbers.

If you have a longer neckline beard, you will want to use the right products to keep your beard looking amazing. For instance, a beard oil can be a really important product because it helps your beard to stay healthy looking. Wash your beard regularly to keep it strong and looking great. You should also have the right items to take care of your beard, such as a beard and mustache comb or a beard brush.


jawline beard vs. neckline beard


jawline beard vs. neckline beard


difference between jawline beard and neckline beard


difference between jawline beard and neckline beard


difference between jawline beard and neckline beard

While these are both very stylish options when done well, there are some key differences to consider before committing to a beard style.

A jawline beard tends to highlight your chin and cheekbones more than a neckline beard, so if these are areas that you are self-conscious about then you will want to avoid a jawline beard.

Between your facial structure and the ease to grow and maintain, following these tips will ensure the best-looking beard.