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How to Shape Your Beard Jawline: 5 Styling Ideas

Jawline beard is one of the hottest fashions in the world of masculine men. Most of the Hollywood celebrities are going for beards and their jawlines become more pronounced then why don’t you give them a try? Well, if you have decided to give bearded jawline a try then here is a complete guide on such beard styles.


How to Determine Your Jawline

ways to determine jawline

Determining jawline is integral as it helps you understand the type of beard you should aim for. It also explains how long or thick you must grow your beard to be and at what angles does it need a sharp trimming or fading. So, here are some basic jawline types to help you determine which one is yours.

  • If your jawline is semi-circular but has a slight tapering which elongates your face overall then you have an ovular jawline. It looks great with a beard as it puts the whole face in a well-balanced proportion.
  • The rounded jawline is the one which has the same width from cheekbone to cheekbone as between the two ends of your chin.
  • If you have a square face then your jawline will be broad and more angular. This is a great jawline type to have a beard on since you can play with different styles on such jawline.
  • Your jawline is triangular if it is broad and has a slight tapering accentuating the chin and making it look sharper.

Look through these and compare each of them with your face then you will be able to determine the perfect beard for your jawline.


How to Trim and Shape Beard Jawline

ways to trim and shape beard jawline

Beards are cool and all, but if you do not take good care of them, you will start losing their effective charm. So, it is important to keep trimming and shaping your beard jawline to look sharp and well put together all the time. Here is how you can shape beard jawline to look at your level best.

  • To trim your beard, first, you need to determine the beard length that you want to keep. Imagine a virtual line running along your jawline which has a beard and then determine the points up till which you want to trim the beard.
  • Brush your beard to have it untangled and smoothened for a better trimming.
  • Now take a pair of scissors and trim the beard while making sure that you cut small sections to be able to remedy the situation promptly if you happen to make a mistake.
  • Now buzz off all the stray hair from your beard and fade the edges to get a sharp and more defined shape of the beard at the jawline.


Tips to Get Stronger Jawline

guy with stronger jawline

Well, if you have a strong jawline then you are quite lucky, but if you do not then there is nothing to worry about. Here are some easy tips to follow which are sure to help you get a stronger jawline.

  • Smile more often as it is a natural exercise for your facial muscles, straining and relieving them.
  • Try to exercise your jawline by clenching it for 10 seconds and then releasing it for 5 seconds. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times and you will be able to get a chiseled jawline.
  • Try the fish face exercise for which you have to suck in the sides of your cheeks and then try to smile.
  • Wear high collared shirts to help your jawline look more sharp and stronger.


Watch The Following Video to Learn More about How to Get a Stronger Jawline



Beard Styles to Highlight Your Jawline

1. Thin Jawline Outline

guy with thin jawline beard

This chin strap beard outlines your jawline in a simple stylish way as it makes your jawline even more pronounced. Even if you want to have a round beard jawline it will seem angular with this cool beard style.


2. Light Faded Beard

faded jawline beard

This light faded beard is all that you need to up your style game this season. The beard is slightly longer at the chin making the whole look even more charming.


3. Short Beard with Faded Sideburns

jawline beard with faded sideburns

This short beard is great for all face shapes as the sideburns keep on fading as they reach the ears and give a sleek look.


4. Pencil Thin Beard

popular jawline beard styles

This pencil thin beard runs along the jawline and has a thicker patch of hair at the chin making it more stylish.


5. Jawline Beard with Mustache

jawline beard with mustache

This jawline beard is for those guys who love looking sleek and intimidating. You can rock this one at all occasions in all situations.


FAQs on Jawline Beard

Q. Which beard style is best for weak jawline?

Ans: For weak jawline, there are a lot of options but growing a full beard is the best one. It hides your jawline perfectly and if you add some angles and a little fading to the neckline then it will look great. A goatee is a good option for weak jawlines too.


Q. Should I grow a beard if I have strong jawline?

Ans: Yes, you should since a beard makes your strong jawline appear even stronger. It will also show how tasteful you are!


Jawline Vs. Neckline: Know the Differences


So, if you are looking for a nice way to have a beard jawline then this is where you begin. Try these beard styles and see how much more fashionable and masculine you look!