Thin Beards: Top Celebrity-Inspired Thin Beard Styles to Try (2024)

Every man can have different styling taste. They follow different trends in every aspect of their look. Men also love to style their beard in various ways. But men with less facial hair can’t go for all the beard styles out there.

If you are one of those men who have a thin beard, don’t feel bad. You can style your beard too! The styles need not to be like those men with full thick healthy looking beard, rather style the thin beard that’ll suit you.

In this article, you will get some beard style ideas with a thin beard and can choose one for the charming look.


What Is a Thin Beard?

What Is a Thin Beard?

A thin beard is facial hair that does not grow in full or even. Thin beards also typically do not grow long due to slow growth patterns. Many factors go into the causes of a thin beard, but thin facial hair is fairly common among men of all ages.

No person is similar in everything due to their genes. They have different hair, face shape, skin color, etc. That’s why, when it comes to beard style, different men choose different style according to their face shape and the thickness of hair.

Along with these, beard growth also depends on your everyday eating habits and of course on the hormonal factors. To get a healthy beard you have to follow the proper nutrient diet. You can also try the minoxidil to grow a thick and healthy beard.

The men, who have a thin beard, neither can grow a full beard because of the thinness of hair nor can they grow a long beard because of the slower growth. So, the best solution is to choose a short beard style for the smart look.

Thin beards are often characterized by traditionally negative traits, such as the following:

  • Patchy growth
  • Thin hair
  • Short length
  • Bald spots


Thin Beard Causes

When it comes to having a thin beard, there are typically a few leading causes:

  • Genetics
  • Ethnicity
  • Age
  • Alopecia areata
  • Birthmarks

The most prominent on the above list is genetics. Not only do your genes from your parents determine what color, texture, and thickness your hair is, but they can also cause you to experience hereditary hair loss later on in life.

Other factors, such as age and medical conditions, can contribute to the thinness of your facial hair.

In short, some people just have the genes for thicker beards while others do not. 


Different Beard Style Ideas for Thin Beard

You may not be thrilled to have a thin beard, but there are plenty of ways to style a thin beard for a thicker look—other than a clean shave.

Whatever thin beard style you choose, it’s necessary to look confident and to feel comfortable. Some beard styles with thin beard are discussed below from where you can choose the one which is suitable for you.


thin goatee beard

A goatee traditionally uses a tiny portion of facial hair, which is ideal for those who struggle to grow a lot of it.

Most goatees use only the hair on the chin and not the hair on the cheeks. Some men prefer to style their goatee on their chin alone, while others incorporate the mustache as well. You can grow your goatee long or keep it short, which gives this style an excellent range of options.


Anchor Beard

anchor beard

If you’ve ever seen the Avengers movies, you likely know the exact beard style we’re talking about. The famous Tony Stark himself rocks an anchor beard, which features a well-trimmed mustache and a soul patch that connects to chin hair and a chin strap along the jawline.

Overall, the beard mimics the shape of an anchor; hence, its appropriate name.


Contour Short Beard

Contour Short Beard

Contoured short beards can offer an immaculate, chic look for men with thin beards. This style uses the technique of contouring, which is popular among hairstyles as well. It allows the beard to grow anywhere on the face and finishes it off with clean lines and appealing fades.

Most contour short beards follow the jawline and can include a mustache and connections up to the sideburns for a full look.


Simple Stubble

thin stubble beard

Most men (and plenty of women) will agree that you can’t go wrong with a nice 5-o’clock shadow. For men with thin facial hair, sometimes that’s the best option. A nice stubble on the cheeks, chin, and upper lip can provide a sexy, rugged look for a touch of maturity.


Mutton Chops

Mutton chops can be a good choice for the thin bearded guys where the region of the chin is shaved. The sideburn can be connected with the mustache. As the name says, the cheek hair length looks like a cutlet.


Short Boxed Beard

It is one of the most popular styles which has been used by many celebrities. People with short length beard can use this short boxed style.

The entire line of the jaw from the chops is connected with the U shaped mustache with detail below the mouth up to the chin and the neck should be shaved.


Get inspired by the celebrities with the thin beard

You can see celebrities appear with different thin beard styles on various tv shows. You can copy them.

David Beckham beard
David Beckham short beard with his thin facial hair

English football player David Beckham was seen in different styles with his thin beard, but mostly short styles.


The American actor Ian Somerhalder has an expressive thin beard with a well-marked jaw.  Singer Adam Levine and Junior Lima who likes short style also have a thin beard.

Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder thin beard style


Actor Elijah Wood also likes very short style and uses short boxed style.

Elijah Wood beard
Elijah Wood thin beard style


How to Add Volume to Your Thin Beard

Having thin beard hair doesn’t mean you can’t grow your beard longer, but the longer thin hairs get, the more wispy and out of control they can appear.

You can try various solutions to give your beard a little more volume, such as beard fillers, beard oil, and sticking to shorter beard styles.


How to Make Thin Beards Appear Fuller

How to Make Thin Beards Appear Fuller

One way to try to make your beard appear fuller is to try beard hair dye. Darker hair looks thicker and fuller, and having one consistent color across all the hairs can make your beard look far more solid.

You can also try:

  • Castor oil
  • Beard balms
  • Shaved neckline/cheek line
  • Trimming hair to the same length

All of the above can give the illusion that your beard is thicker than it truly is, giving it a fuller appearance.


Pros and Cons to a Thin Beard

Thin beards may have their downsides, but they’re not all bad. Check out some of these pros and cons to having a thin beard.


  • Less maintenance
  • Plenty of style options
  • Less dandruff and ingrown hairs


  • Less fullness
  • More chance of patchiness
  • Could be a sign of hair loss


Best Products to Prevent Beard Thinning

Below are just a few of the top products for preventing beard thinning:

  • Men’s Rogaine
  • Maxx Beard
  • Beard Grow XL
  • Beard Flux XL
  • Iron Beard

While these products cannot fight genetics, they can help improve thickness and slow down hair loss and thinning.


FAQs on Thin Beard

Plenty of men have questions when it comes to growing facial hair, so we’ve provided a helpful list of FAQs to answer some common concerns about thinned and thinning beards.

Why Do Some Guys Have Patchy, Thin Beards While Others Have Thick and Healthy Beards?

Every man is different in terms of facial hair, and there are a couple of different factors that come into play. The most prevalent force that determines whether a man’s beard is thick or thin is genetics.

Additionally, some ethnicities generate thicker, fuller beards as well, such as those of Mediterranean descent.

Furthermore, various health conditions can play into the thickness or thinness of a man’s beard. A thinning beard could be a sign of alopecia areata, which causes hair to fall out in patches.

And finally, age can impact your beard’s growth, too. To circle back, genetics will likely determine when your beard becomes fully developed.

Most men start to see facial hair develop during puberty, but it can continue to form in terms of thickness and coarseness from the ages of 18 to 30.

Likewise, older men may start to notice thinning as their beard follicles grow smaller.


Why Does a Beard Look Thinner as It Grows Longer?

As thin hair gets longer, the wispy texture tends to look more and more exaggerated. Rather than making your facial hair appear more full, growing a thin beard long really emphasizes the fineness of the strands.

For that reason, many men with thin beards stick to shorter styles to mask the thin appearance of their facial hair.


How Long Should a Thin Beard Be?

As we just mentioned in the previous question, growing a thin beard out does not make it look fuller. In fact, it usually tends to make the beard look worse, highlighting the thin hairs that make up your beard.

For that reason, we recommend keeping your beard well-kept and shaved close to your face. It will give you a cleaner appearance and eliminate the possibility of your beard looking like fine scalp hair.


Why Does My Beard Look so Thin?

Your beard may appear thin for several reasons. For most men, genetics are to blame. You may not have the genes that are ideal for growing a thick beard.

In addition to genetics, you may also not be using the best styling methods for your thin beard, which can emphasize the problem.


Will a Thin Beard Fill out over Time?

It’s certainly possible that your thin beard will fill out over time, especially if you are young. As we mentioned earlier, a man’s beard can continue to develop as he ages and may not reach full maturity until the age of 30.

That being said, if you’re under the age of 30, there may still be a chance for your thin beard to become more full and coarse. However, much of this will still depend on genetics.


Will My Beard Become Thinner with Aging?

Hair thinning is very common with aging. While many people associate thin hair on the head with old age, growing old can also cause your beard to thin out.

As your body gets older, your hair follicles become smaller. Smaller hair follicles produce thinner hairs, which are higher risk for the attachment of DHT.

When DHT, a sex hormone that contributes to the development of body hair, attaches to a hair, it can inhibit the flow of nutrients and lead to hair loss and overall thinness.


Will Shaving Help You Get Rid of a Thin Beard and Grow a Thicker Beard?

No. It is a myth that shaving your facial hair makes it grow back thicker or denser. Your beard will grow back with the same kind of hair as before you shaved.


What Are Beard Fillers?

Beard fillers are products, usually pencils, made from wax that contain color pigments. Users can apply these fillers to patchy portions of their facial hair to make their beards appear more full.

You can also use powders to cover up the patchiness in beards.


Will Using Minoxidil Help My Thin Beard Become Thicker?

While results will vary from person to person, Minoxidil can stimulate hair growth and speed up the growth of your beard. It can also make your facial hair thicker, and the product is safe and FDA-approved.


Why Is My Beard Thicker on One Side and Thinner on the Other?

Just like the rest of your body isn’t perfectly symmetrical, neither is the hair on your face. Each hair follicle acts differently than the next, so it’s perfectly possible for your beard to grow thicker on one side than the other.

Again, the answer comes down to genetics.

You may also see differences in how your beard grows due to things like sleeping positions, injuries, birthmarks, sunlight, and stress.


If you have a thin beard and still want to grow a beard just go for it. Anyone can get a stylish bearded look with the thin beard styles. It is not only about the above thin bearded looks. In case you are confused, consult a professional barber for help.


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